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Summer league schedule announced; host draft prospects



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Thu, 20 Jun 2013|

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The Warriors -- there Las Vegas summer league schedule their team was a league best five -- -- last year this year will be a bit different. Each team playing a minimum of five games minute chance decided in the March Madness style tournament and maybe some of these -- on that team. The Warriors working out six players in their pre draft workout that included DGC news. -- -- transfer from talented enough that cal state boards and -- Ian Clark could guard from Belmont. And where they weren't real good real good here. This guy here and -- last night and a player here who do actually like the start awards where you know it's been given them score in the society. And -- like like. This league is -- a lot of that thinking they can -- and -- in the NF. The physical thing not night in night out and also that would not entirely it is working on -- -- him the ball. The Warriors don't have and pick in next week's NBA draft but they could change that by next Thursday GM Bob Myers very interesting quotes on that even mentioned scenario -- first round pick could be acquired. If I won't like how -- mentioned some big names.

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  19. NCAA college basketball national champions. You feel like you had. To win the WCC tournament in order to get to the March Madness tournament now that didn't we last year. we we got they were going to screw services normally wouldn't put it

  20. No matter who you play again there today and do their job. Final question for you how far with the cal Bears going March Madness learned his and going all the way to and I'm hopeful that the that they just got to when Damon's arm I'll tell