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YSTL: Poole believes Warriors still have 'kinks' to work out



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Mon, 28 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Just get -- -- -- minds clear through we had a noon on Wednesday. This is your opportunity so I'm looking forward to it. I'm not mistaken I think I lost the last two home -- Absolute authority stone benefit this. We're excited about. Best player hit some road rules. Won't -- the main thing for me from day one in training camp was. In we've got to training camp healthy and come back. Now it's about building on what he was able to do last year and he's up for the challenge and reliever. They like each other they really really like each other well good team chemistry isn't always necessary to have a winning team it -- -- out and the weird that it. You don't believe me just awesome event here on the parade with mark. He is one of sports Ainge told the things that teams need to get along the way. -- was very important because we do that because we don't really have any and he beat top players. It's very underrated yet when you have the locker -- usually it's. -- seven -- that team chemistry is this just. He's not a college basketball and sports. Know you've got to have everything. You can -- Whether or not you needed not to -- up for debate what cannot be argued the Warriors have a great team chemistry. Any punches. I can't tell you how much happier makes it's going to work every single day weather -- practice let's take it out after practice or sort -- the games. Having that chemistry within the team. Nobody has personal agendas nobody's worried about how -- -- about its all about how they can contribute to help team win that's what we got the most covered teams specialize enough that well. They get along great -- now -- say is it makes my job easier but it's. It came along with the job. All schools that ball you tell me off yell at me out perfect throughout this affect you you're going whose job. So it can be done well we respect one another. We enjoy one another. We embrace one another and we have one goal one of them. So it's it's fulfilling the -- on the court and off the Warriors appeared to be one big happy family. I've loved watching. There's still a couple of -- was a -- -- not able to forward to be wrong but just the chemistry that we have an off the corner on him. Have success of guys brought. The -- from Seattle we all like playing each other. You know. We are -- -- -- he knows he can do. And win the Warriors on the birdied Comcast. -- joined now -- Warriors insider money pool of money we just her and it seemed they seemed like each other that tends to be a good thing would you agree with that and how important is team chemistry and -- at all any NBA bad chemistry can destroy a team. Mean if you don't have -- don't like each other you don't respect each other if there is no mutual. Admiration going on a locker room you have a problem this thing last year you saw guys that really pull for each other. From one through twelve sports players and best players everybody on the team really was good for the game and it's for the victory -- saw it and it's tough -- really made a difference for them because. They were good but they were maybe better because we play for each other. And there was thought about selfishness and you just. Piled on CSN Bay Area dot com your top ten questions for -- the Warriors heading into the season. And at one of the things you talked about number one in fact. Was the idea that and everyone knows the way your sound and they know what they can do it right so do you think the Warriors can handle that challenge a plane with a target on their back well I. I think it's going to be rough in the beginning because they're not accustomed to it this is the team that's reasoning -- the league's -- and all of a sudden -- -- the best and -- people know what they are what they do so. To me when I watch what they what they do in practice and in receiving games I see your team are still trying to work out some kinks and I think over the long haul they'll figure it out. And being detained motor sport but right now at this. We get a little rough. All right well only time will tell thank you so much money -- our Warriors insider for joining us.

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