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6.16: Barry Tompkins on Pac-10 Expansion



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  2. San Diego Padres0:50
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  4. Tim Lincecum0:09
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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

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Big twelve almost the same record here on a twelve against -- third -- little low warrior -- From Stoltz. But Tim Lincecum has a day to remember respective federal park tomorrow for the first time since his July 13. No -- -- -- some fond memories and it takes the mound and the last time is on the mound he was getting mobbed by his teammates Buster Posey. Hug him from behind will never forget that so yeah I mean. He's had a lot of success against any of fighters in his career lifetime baseball decision that -- 21 ERA and this year he's 21. But the point 79 and not giving up any of Toronto helped that. Those numbers out quite a bit self. You know I've pitched very well on his last start matched zeros -- -- auto repairs on the Diamondbacks got himself to win -- 110 series come awfully solid out and I expect another good one out of tomorrow. He just pitched well against the San Diego Padres he has throughout his career. And even more so this year to a wanna. When they saw Borneo Ravens are minus may have been Cabrera deadly ground ball a lot sole target and Carlos Quentin or minus like. Chicks at their best players right now he's an -- back after an -- I don't know we'll see how -- wanted to be known for tomorrow Norma.

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    Marcus Morris was the 2011 Big 12 player of the year award winner with Kansas.

  2. Lincecum back at Petco after historic outing

    Big twelve almost the same record here on a twelve against third little low warrior From Stoltz. But Tim Lincecum has a day to remember respective

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    that boat it is good at putting extra effort to save this one. And from curry unbelievable. Watched his hustle and from the big twelve points in the first half Edwards back to back. lead back victory and he's more Bogut behind the back this time Jarrett

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    into this league with Kobe on the bench. Checks back and immediately right back didn't go with Dwight Howard for the LA big twelve nothing on their own leaderboard. Bryant working on the rookie Harrison Barnes. That's tough to guard anybody he nails

  1. Report: Roc Nation tied to Pac-12 star


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports was linked Wednesday to a prominent Pac-12 star, though no NCAA bylaws were reportedly violated.

  2. as she shows up for what's and you know I don't like surprises I love home. Food and era and win again a surprise in the NCAA it's usually a bad surprise to give me some fate hangs good group. city I flopped I like inspiring stories hit from James

  3. Can you talk about what happened with the with the last one in particular. Just cut which is you games and then you know parliament. So. Moments. He's describe what your frustration level is not only with your performance that is what's what's going on with the team. It's very very and now I'm I'm

  4. Cal handled by Oregon State 49-17


    Sat, 19 Oct 2013

    The NCAA leader in passing yards, Sean Mannion, continued his stellar play, throwing for 481 yards and four touchdowns in the Beavers 49-17 win over Cal.

  5. NCAA upholds Bennett's five-game suspension


    Mon, 14 Oct 2013

    Saint Mary's coach Randy Bennett must serve a five-game suspension as the NCAA has upheld penalties against the program for recruiting violations.

  6. SF Rebels -- From the ground up


    Sat, 21 Sep 2013

    842000. Dollars was an athletic scholarships we've been about all of program. Over sixty to rubble have gone on a play NCAA division one sport three have gone on play professionally including Raiders Taiwan Jones. Went being allies about the most that

  7. and Costa rallied within Berkeley for this high scoring game. night. And the Bears were trying to make a statement against fourth ranked Ohio State. But with back QB Kenny guy in for injured starter Braxton Miller throwing three on his four touchdowns within the first six minutes on the game. We'll

  8. There's a buzz in Berkeley a huge matchup tomorrow for the Bears against the number fourteen in the country Ohio State's Sonny dykes and as explosive offense it's been really impressive so far eighth in the country yards per game. But he's more concerned with stopping the big boy. And it's kind of

  9. Kevin Hogan took the pac twelve by storm in 2012 winning all find his starts including the Rose Bowl. And completing 72% of his passes along the way. But gone our primary target spurts to a low low and too well Hogan's new heroes. Relative unknowns rector could to Whitfield and The at the same as

  10. You're the Stanford Cardinal your vote in the fourth best team in the Your facility is right across the street from Palo Alto high school whoever better than you but you A little longer an improvement the cardinal with a by the first week open the season September 7 when San Jose state visits the

  11. perform. Think I'm sure helps you know let's see alleviate some of the workload. That's always been on a McFadden Childress NCAA . Absolutely I mean. I'm here I'm here to help anybody's head that needs. He would and the Mets are four play homage

  12. Hard to believe good football resumes in a matter of weeks or northern California cal hosting northwestern on the last night of August followed by Stanford and San Jose state opened up their season on the farm the following. Saturday evening. All the talk about the Bay Area brain trust of college

  13. Twelve teams convene each July with one thing in common hope springs eternal. At Stanford success has seemed eternal with three straight BCS bowl games incredibly expectations for this season. Are as high as they've ever been but internally the mantra remains the same stay the course. We always

  14. Report: Biogenesis linked to NBA, NCAA , others


    Thu, 25 Jul 2013

    The whistleblower who came forward to give the Miami New Times information that blew up Biogenesis into a scandal, told ESPN that there are NBA players who used the clinic.

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    Thu, 18 Jul 2013

    right I know what's happening if we look at the Ed O'Bannon case which is just the news media today and end you know the NCAA . And the fact that they're pulling out from the day. Look at the number of gamers in the world tens of millions of people

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    Thu, 18 Jul 2013

    After an eventful first week of the NCAA live basketball recruiting period, coaches and players are at it again this week. Preview it here from CSN.

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    Tue, 16 Jul 2013

    Chip Kelly doesn't expect his first professional training camp to be much different than his camps at the NCAA level: fast and active.

  18. Schedule: July live recruiting period begins Wednesday


    Wed, 10 Jul 2013

    The first NCAA live recruiting period gets underway on Wednesday, beginning at 5 p.m. Daniel Martin has a primer for you, with schedules, times, and what to watch for.

  19. Live Period Recruiting: What does Maryland need now?


    Mon, 8 Jul 2013

    Mark Turgeon and his staff already have three commitments from the Class of 2014. Heading into the NCAA live recruiting period, what do they need now?

  20. Hernandez removed from EA Sports video games


    Mon, 8 Jul 2013

    Aaron Hernandez has been removed from EA Sports video games NCAA Football 14 and Madden 25.