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9.2: Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott



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Mon, 21 Oct 2013|

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Time now for the win these morning that. This and they area dot com. I everybody's got race here in the Comcast sports net studios with your morning minute it's a good morning for. I Sampras Cisco forty -- team coming off a good Sundays effort in Tennessee that kind of went 3170. College -- 267 total yards sprinkle with a couple of touchdowns giving him 67 career. Third on the all time franchise list. They're -- up on the niners having law enforcement. Very physical team today it's because. Thanks for real football has a real physical football here ten we respect that and do we're gonna have to. You know players that high -- high Fisichella yeah. The inaugural BCS standings are out Stanford at number six behind Alabama Florida State Oregon Ohio State and Missouri. Karma coming off a big win over UCLA doesn't get any easier on Saturday. Corvallis to take on Morgan State's. And pucks on a Monday we got you covered Sharks and Red Wings always a good time in the motor city pregame live at four. Dropped -- for thirty over Comcast sports net California I'm Scott -- this has been in the morning minute. That was to win.

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  2. convene each July with one thing in common hope springs eternal. At Stanford success has seemed eternal with three straight BCS bowl games incredibly expectations for this season. Are as high as they've ever been but internally the mantra remains the

  3. time greats. There were plenty to choose from earlier today we caught up BC SN NFL analyst Shaun king. pro football talk NN BCS and is doing something great great offseason discussion with their mount Rushmore is for each and every team Shaun king part

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    Former Notre Dame defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore likely would've been a mid-to-late-round draft pick, but an ACL injury suffered in the BCS Championship means he'll likely have to catch on as an undrafted free agent.

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  9. Notre Dame. AJ McCarron threw for 264. Yards and four touchdowns. The Crimson Tide mark the seventh straight SEC team. So the BCS coaches' trophy if that's your morning minute making a great day. That was to win morning minute CSN Bay Area dot com.

  10. Alabama steamrolls Notre Dame in BCS title game


    Mon, 7 Jan 2013

    Alabama scored on its first two possessions, built a 28-0 halftime lead, and cruised to a 42-14 victory over Notre Dame to win their second straight BCS title, and third in the last four years.

  11. Go blue roses and they beat Wisconsin played fourteen. Woody that first road bullet 41 years it's also the first BCS bowl David Stanford had to grind it out gaining a 187 yards the rest of the way. After getting a 159. Yards on the first

  12. have fought back. Overcome a lot of adversity. You look for five years ago when this team. To sit here now the third straight BCS game at great accomplishment I think they're focused on. Winning this game something we were able to do 2000. Yet you know

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    Thu, 20 Dec 2012

    obviously. Hey you know quickness wise he could stay in front of you been out there he's a great You are. He's he's herky BCS every movement of book Boston media angle and he always is a tough cover he's been doing well this year and he's been endured

  14. McEntire is largely credited toward turning around the your program leading the spartans to attendants record. And that BCS bowl berth this season he's got work to do the buffaloes finished this year one and eleven. That will do it for this edition

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    With Stanford's OT victory over Oregon on Saturday night, the BCS was thrown into chaos - sweet, sweet chaos. Ray Ratto explains.

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    SJSU was recognized nationally by appearing in its first ever Bowl Championship Series poll Sunday. On Monday, the spotlight continued to shine on several players on the Spartan football team.

  18. 'The Shakedown' in BCS is coming


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    In college football, "The Shakedown" is coming, and the big will eat the medium-sized and leave the small to fend for themselves.

  19. St. Francis vs. Albany highlights


    Mon, 10 Sep 2012

    Belcher for the crosscourt kill. Let him win game 42511. And take Sebastian for the that was part Kevin Burton. Defending BCS champion coming topic here doing here today. Let's meet the Saint Francis Coming in have visitors you guys took game one talk

  20. football is so close now and the pac twelve yes on the pac ten and and Danica I'd like to say that it. We're gonna make a BCS game this year. I think you shut I think we should I think that the pressure's on what you got to on and it's done now it