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5.5: Sharks morning skate -- Logan Couture



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Thu, 5 May 2011|

Couture says it is going to be tough to get that fourth win.


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He -- View I think yeah I think if one builds confidence just a little bit more. You know analysis three overtime wins and serie -- with enough big overtime win in mind and include -- You know it's to win that game they -- that -- -- you on this some scoring trio right now we expect there they're past. And did a desperate team and put that in negative slant routes we moments and missed them prepared for their -- -- with the with the coaching staff I think tonight because I found that our captain someone. You know in every overtime he common -- escape -- and get back and there won't -- them. Tournaments are being very young man like myself here on it's -- it's calming it's confident. This gives myself confidence and for the rest the guys you know they play gentleness. I -- I have been on the team all these Israel. Quit playing and but I see in CSN -- in sports -- analysis instant name that's out there playing and thus thus plants and Ben Howland at the team's hardest team sport. You know for an -- and it's been. Having gone on site and it's not fair what status you step out and play the way he's hit close on some drama department of different success. With him. Just knowing that at how good you guys have felt most the second half this season fair to say that right now equals. That confidence level that that the -- he that you added an appointment so I think and confidence is built for the playoffs so far. Actually played better assess the playoffs have gone on obviously last night wasn't our best effort was still able -- -- -- -- With the win you know it kinda. I invested in these guys. The game going in that fourth -- because they're they're gonna play desperate an -- team and some veteran guys over there is going to be tough to Portland.

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