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11.17: Raiders Press Conference -- Tom Cable



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Thu, 25 Nov 2010|

" I expressed how bad I wanted to be back."


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Robbery have congratulations on a brand new two year deal were you surprised it was able to get them so they. You know I'm not surprised I was glad mine and you coming in into. You know I express a better -- to back him an organizational and -- actual. Editors are -- and -- quickly so. I was over that was the case it was. Before the season you are so grateful to the Giants organization her as you said you -- taking a chance on you. The fact -- were able to come out for yourself -- so valuable to this team and and get rewarded for how much different you. Positive for me professionally this year as official there is a question in my career. Remain optimistic to sweep it. Having said that it doesn't matter at the end of its to about the World Series. And they'll come back and have a chance to do this. Again for the next two years hopefully and maybe a third or so off. There's no question this team has a chance to do it and -- the pitching this. -- -- this year. And you have a great pitching staff you go along way regardless what happens offensively and we played great defense got two runs when you. I guess everything young pitcher said -- go way. With the chemistry in this clubhouse and just average I think kind of fell together it just seemed almost. You know destiny magical whatever you wanted to say how you go about trying to replicate at -- and repeat season. Yeah. Steroids do last year really mean. A moderate change we're missing I always have. Never take this into. Two series in the clubhouse I'll take very seriously. On the field with our run in the clubhouse I've always been kind of -- loose guy and keep that you -- you any change would be necessary for that. We had a successful clubhouse last year's first team chemistry goes in and out when you like you're not I think that. Really helps you win ball games and we don't really have the most talented lineup the world we had everybody united I think of course a year that. Really showed I think that's why this the city got so involved in this club my point it was a winning one World Series but. You guys have a sense of all these guys are older group of guys -- chance guys. Guys -- nobody wanted to come together. Especially on the offensive side and just regular people playing baseball like we not the only scenarios Posey and -- holes so everybody else is basically the solar Dusan I think everybody can relate to that. It's it's certainly this time of the area you can give thanks around Thanksgiving and I know you you even when Allen and Simpson commuted -- -- Brings in churches as some people out there mean how important is that for you to. To be involved in the community especially with the San Francisco as you mentioned you. -- -- -- -- -- Well let's move us going to more of next year. You know obviously I'm fortunate to be worth his contract if you come back here. Only something community as far as I'm single parents I was I was -- my -- myself. My sister and this year is my dad Dennis Erickson she raises both ourselves on watching us off talk again I think that -- -- -- -- right here in the Bay Area. We are fortunate thank you so much and congratulations my thanks.

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    Only something community as far as I'm single parents I was I was my myself. My sister and this year is my dad Dennis Erickson she raises both ourselves on watching us off talk again I think that right here in the Bay Area. We are fortunate

  1. did. They know that's just how it is he likes the likes to do that and that kind of intimidate the other teams. You know Erickson RC they want they did well and I don't know that's just how it is and we just gonna their composure. I guess they see

  2. and tutored at Harvard singled to center in the Johnson scored. Elliot three to catch about adding on in the fifth Nicole Erickson smacks down the line and that that's double next batters oh. Drives him home with a single scores from second part of that

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  5. you're trying to find brotherhood. You know me I'm usually. I told myself just in Chicago I said. me sometimes those Erickson and Howard about. Mechanics during the game especially. notes and you know try not to get too. Too much going on until you

  6. That. And look or. He was the offense didn't directly because tomorrow. It was a after finishing checks and so much Erickson . Who went to close on knows what he's returns. Yeah for sure in a hospital in August cost us. The team down there. Looking

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    toward challengers help this team. Didn't get called up it was a good hockey circles since the fall. Did first period Louis Erickson on the doorstep and perhaps this the Bears lost. Yeah apple that human equality had a tough night I just wanted to see people

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    our plan and a pretty good defense in Minnesota so. You know that's what that's what we need to do get turnovers it's Erickson we got to hustle ball. You know pick on Friday had several today and then in the scrimmage of the glove on elevenths it him

  16. NFL all pro turned publicist Lavar Arrington is now represented the eleventh pick of the draft defensive end Aaron Maybin. Erickson says quote this Crabtree kid is splitting people in this predicament I just think people's hands are tied into the gap gets