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Dave Feldman meets his idol Ron Burgundy on SportsNet Central



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

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Hey -- Hoosier of broadcasting hero your legend your favorite broadcaster of all time I think you would have to be. One Ronald Burgundy really yeah well they've got a very special guest for you real. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. And owner of this glorious holiday Halloween. I've been scouring the into -- all day of sorts of the most glorious cost sports -- customs. And I think I've found them. -- -- How about this you know America are going is a very small but distinguished coach Mike Ditka. How about that. Isn't that something like a lot of -- -- like the best. No we have three time Super Bowl -- Tom Brady and it was a rather lovely mrs. Gisele it's going as a cowardly lion and Dorsey from the wizard because America. You've gone through many hair styles again and I started. Finally. We have some fun Bay Area fellows dressed as the 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. Well done and I think that it good and if they got it down they -- the red and they do and khaki pants -- double that rough early today. -- I have admired your work for years. I have many admires Annika how have you have you admired Dave's work for years there were to central. Months months the fact I thought they can rest there's going to be there.

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  1. timing of it might seem bizarre this so quickly after Jim Harbaugh met with him the prayers activated them. But he was ..... him unless he showed progress. What we do know is it Jim Harbaugh . On Wednesday said that on Smith has shown a great deal

  2. at the halfway point of this season and the bye weeks a year I know you don't spend much time looking back but. Maybe if reflection very happy where this team is right now. Well you gonna say there where exactly are one of me were. You're happy where he had exactly where you would like to be would

  3. Harbaugh : Aldon Smith is showing 'progress'


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    Jim Harbaugh says Aldon Smith has "made quite a bit of progress." Could a Week 10 return be in the cards for the 49ers' sack leader?

  4. Mic'd Up: Jim Harbaugh vs. Jaguars


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers left London with a convincing win over the Jaguars. Listen in on the coach's sideline chatter, courtesy 49ers.com.

  5. Jim Harbaugh was busy today the number interviews for another five point seven the game he said it. That is met and Smith and he's got a

  6. feel it doesn't help their cause Jim Harbaugh subscribes to that period but ..... successful eleven game road trip coach Harbaugh addressed the media any chip premiered ..... offered more deep tales about coach Harbaugh himself when he did the 49ers

  7. Harbaugh met face-to-face with Smith Wednesday afternoon


    Wed, 30 Oct 2013

    Jim Harbaugh revealed that he met face-to-face with Aldon Smith Wednesday afternoon at the 49ers' practice facility in Santa Clara.

  8. And yeah. We. Think it's. Hello or there go realistic don't have a list in front of me right now. We're still asking how you better. They're not. Not at this stage at the halfway mark to start the have any answers. Your questions are going to better. There may proclamations that are profound

  9. pretty good football players. And later today we'll have a special presentation of the 49ers press conference like Jim Harbaugh has to say about his team successful trip to London. went ahead in the violated it all begins at noon on Comcast sports

  10. Harbaugh pleased with 49ers at season's midpoint


    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    The 49ers are riding a five-game winning streak, and Jim Harbaugh on Tuesday praised his offense, defense, and special teams.

  11. the opener then back to back losses first time of the Harbaugh era. To Seattle and Indianapolis they won five in a ..... rediscover the basic fundamentals of the foreigners on Jim Harbaugh . Run the ball defense does some nice time to do it played

  12. 49ers in the second half of season if he shows progress Jim Harbaugh says the 49ers. Of all the Smith they're just take ..... four records lightly. 49ers safety Donte Whitner says Jim Harbaugh and his staff are the most paranoid in the NFL they treat

  13. Jim Harbaugh as decision to go for it on fourth and one on the 49ers opening drive should the team's offensive mindset. Their aggressiveness

  14. Kyle Williams to the point where late in the game it was Anthony Dixon who got that he could return to kick off. Now Jim Harbaugh was asked about that after the game and he declined to say. That Williams had been days he said he's always want

  15. not lost but we Anthony Dixon common to return a kick off later in the game what is their connection I think there is Jim Harbaugh said these wanna see if he gets an out there now Eddie Dixon is a subject of some trade rumors of the foreigners can

  16. A great tradition in its status as the as the venue and who is. It was amazing race experience for our players and me personally. The the beginning of the game when they're playing the two national anthems like you know. I felt like it was at the Olympics it as a youngster wanted to be in the

  17. Wesley walker and what we performer when we did today. Yeah that's what that's what we get that message from from coach Harbaugh . You know he's the most paranoid coach in the National Football League I promise you that you know as a matter who we plan

  18. Harbaugh takes one-day-at-a-time approach with Smith


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    "I think if we start talking about what's going to happen a week, two weeks, a month, down the road is not the best approach" -- Jim Harbaugh

  19. competitive nature before the year was 1981. The quarterback. Jim Harbaugh they're both extremely competitive. Okay. probably ..... great experience. Keller Chris strong ties with Stanford Jim Harbaugh made it easy for Andrew Luck comparisons. Both their

  20. Harbaugh still has that NFL arm


    Sat, 26 Oct 2013

    In an international pep-rally in London on Saturday, 49ers' head coach Jim Harbaugh wasn't afraid to show off his arm cannon.