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Pryor: '100% I believe in myself'



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Thu, 27 Dec 2012|

Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor talks about his relationship with Carson Palmer and the possibility he could start in San Diego.


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Is she you don't just victory snapped older possibly info remove it it. Defense there we expected to and so that in a committed their play obviously enough through maybe took off and bought some time it. You know my mom was recent you know. But I'm past that against the Panthers you know I didn't go with each other so. The best I could. We didn't screen. We perfected like Reid we thought we would. The run -- and then pass it. Obvious though I wanted to play more but that's the -- with the summer games and those in the game but for the game. You know that's career. Yeah and the one in Carolina on the throwback from cars and you broke that tackle of the key to which was. Pretty impressive ranking yet again managing to really eat the next time you ran neck and fifty nagging one -- -- getting with you have to that I was impressed you broke that initial tackle. You know God's blessed me with you know. Strongly -- strong body so. That's that's usually you have been doing my whole career is in high school or college in mcdonalds or to change here either. But you know. It's just trying to make a play for the team is best chance to win and do my -- and that's among all over the team and had to make Clinton did yeah. -- Are you ready if they make this call Carson cannot start this game on Sunday with the injury and they're gonna choose between you and Matt liner if they choose you. You know you can't go for four plays in three plays -- that said and you gotta run the team Indiana twelve play drive Q do you run this team for the duration of an entire NFL. Considerably after completing. Passes and her -- consecutive ten passes and let's get through my keys and a 100% I believe in myself and I think the guys in the room and huddle shared snaps with the match I think the guys believe them in there too. -- -- -- in give them upbeat and stuff I think they believe me too and I'm pretty sure. Am already. I think Sunday when it comes this yesterday answer comes tomorrow -- whenever coach -- His choices. Well at the world see. You made 35 starts for the Ohio State University. One of the biggest programs in the nation. Are you one of those guys that when the light goes on you go -- and you're you're trying to practice throughout the week but when they snap and they play for real and we see the real Terrelle Pryor. Yes -- I believe. When I have grips even Ridnour counties have trips and Ginn is pretty good rips decent grip so. This he's not this is she earned. To lead the team and be leaders -- them in there so. No excuses. Go play about playing three feet. No turnovers the main thing where I've been preached about -- turner version. You know stuck in the months ago so they're just talk about. Talked to coach Tressel Jim Tressel and the first thing he says is after us in they have possibilities starting said. If you do no turnovers in you know us that's through October and the turnovers don't. Don't force anything it is their ticket. Just make a play in. That's the -- Devoe. Yeah you said great feet and I do what I ask you about your footwork cannot running with the ball we know you are gifted to break the pocket -- run the pull option read you can do that but the footwork. Of that I -- quarterback in the in the under center play and how big of a adjustment is that spending you -- you're in the shotgun a lot of Ohio State you have to be under center on Sunday. Is that. It's it's funny because our house when I'm over gruden for is through camp. Is -- the AFC Bayern whatever fired fired coaches association of America if -- also met. We did -- study 60% of our passes were under under center so. -- -- kind of come I couldn't believe that is true but you know off so comfortable take a snaps under and doing drugs but is. The system them and when that is just a little different in they are cut up the good it is now. If you just give me a formation of our game plan a dictate play. Everything's slowed down from that standpoint and in those reps and and just follow through -- forward proper footwork and look him off the Greg. -- the defense you're is playing with them you can say and you know I've been doing a good job with that this -- extremely. Remember. John does is putting that on the area I talked about the Napa. And my question back was was a 60% when you're under center I assume there were a lot of hand offs when you're. Actually back there to throw the ball although under the -- option read obviously you were you're in the shotgun so. Just just talk about the way you will run this offense may be a differ a little differently than Carson Palmer Matt lighter because your skill set is different than those guys you should be. -- 100% and you and there's and be certain things that were changed in he's my effort I mean. You have to when she quarterbacks now are currently coupled as they come them such as cam. RG three in. Code whoever -- really in his zone read. They're they're doing it well they're using they're athletic ability but also. Have to deal with two. -- what I've been shown this week to run the same stuff that Carson. I've been to -- -- successful so far this week and truly believes then I think the receivers and so I'm gonna believe me -- so. Like I said I've just got to stay on time on my feet again no. I can't take too many -- he's got it limits access. And so I got to stay downtown. Believe in myself which at 220%. And just had the guys know that I'm ready and have them believe me we should really go. We'll find out tomorrow after practice could look into I know you got to play a little bit either way thank you.

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