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11.9: Joe Paterno reacts to his firing outside his home

Fri, 1 Feb 2013|

Former Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams goes 1-on-1 with CSN's Jake Flannigan in the green room to talk about a YouTube videos and a race with Joe Paterno.

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  1. 11.9: Sights and sounds from Penn State after Paterno's firing

    Students take to the streets to protest the firing of Penn State head coach Joe Paterno .

  2. 11.10: Joe Paterno hires defense attorney

    of yet. Which you can now expect to see one. What for the first time more than four decades someone other than Joseph Paterno addressed the media today. And that's not as the head coach of Penn State instead it was defensive coordinator turned

  3. 11.10: Morning Minute

    with your morning minute we get you started with huge news the board of trustees at Penn State has announced that Joseph Paterno is out as the head coach at the Nittany Lions defensive coordinator Tom Bradley has been named the interim head coach the

  4. 7.27: Meet 49ers Rookie Navorro Bowman, RAW

    know get my degree you know wasn't hooks and those would you know my mother always wanted to it was would you know Joe Paterno you know. So is bliss and they want you know when they walked you know investors this so. for to fulfill fulfill this

  1. know goals away but. You know typical play there. You. Deuce through to a sort of problem or could get to him. And when Paterno who is a kind of a statement on things that Brandon small little quite. For sure looked like it was going to be in the seats

  2. we can get our guys to commit. And the up and position efficiency that I think there's going to be you know. Apparently Paterno . As a the weekend for me you're not based on this I think more based changed the culture. Become good defense team and

  3. Smart: 'Our guys did a great job'


    Thu, 14 Mar 2013

    the right passes. One play there in the first where you went down loss of all the guys right backs up and shot. You know Paterno has lost four sexy guys back but it would take care of all you shared a ball and you rebound we are rebounding team so. All

  4. San Jose Sharks. Overtime. When it you know did you expect that become managing. Right Clinton in the end and overtime. Paterno revelers. Yeah definite yet. Yeah Yeah I saw the puck and yes. Putting is still surprising though right in the in the that

  5. Former Bears DT Spice Adams goes 1-on-1 in CSN green room


    Fri, 1 Feb 2013

    Former Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams goes 1-on-1 with CSN's Jake Flannigan in the green room to talk about a YouTube videos and a race with Joe Paterno .

  6. justice from Penn State in just three years. No it was a plus knows who would you know my mother always want to you know Joseph Paterno knows us live from day one you have much agrees. You know I'm actually defend multiple foot you know this goes Monterey

  7. today. I thought our players played extremely hard. Offensively got a great move the ball just wanted to finish things off. Paterno was. Effectiveness. Penalties effectiveness. But. It that's to Atlanta neatly. Did enough in the game this game so

  8. now we never think Izzo is even if you go look turnover. Holiday because you pretty much do those chips out but. Do we get Paterno does does better than that. Sat out the Jets last week from three points allowed this week two of those mean what is next

  9. look at different. just attack hitters a lot better. A lot of terrible hitter counts for for for the better August lately so Paterno pleaded. Maybe a little easier on myself but its and what the country buttoned down and trusting him. And not worry about

  10. you know so like character and we just keep we just keep fighting were relentless. It's. You know it's just awesome. Paterno presidential. When you. Bring give up over a couple singles in the six. It. Are you where he needs. Would have liked him

  11. Sharks' shootout victory sinks Kings


    Fri, 6 Apr 2012

    here in the shootout to spot go for the same spot glove side high. The things hang onto it and jacket upstairs like that it's elevated the plaque. No Paterno . The Sharks win. Here what but time with the month. Play. In. A good night

  12. Smart: 'We're not that far away'


    Fri, 6 Apr 2012

    so we have twelve to have a pet. Managed to get things that are controlled and second what you know when he points I think Paterno was so. You know I thought that the game was a little sloppy we don't. Going into the game we knew we get into the paint

  13. you know a pretty good hockey in you know it's 11 game just obviously we won the shootout but. You know we have been able Paterno considering there you go after in this like out with those players previously driven. Since. Well doctrine we haven't been

  14. 3.1: LAC/SAC postgame -- Keith Smart


    Fri, 2 Mar 2012

    rated team. I thought at the young player he got a little flustered. turtle and always play a play against Chris I think Paterno was kind of maybe it made him. Sit back a little bit get a little frustrated with himself and kind of had his game going another

  15. can replicate them. I think he can and that's a sign of a player who is finishing plays and help pass broken up right. Paterno was we didn't need to get your hands that the got offensive play I do want veteran guy you say. Okay that's that he gets

  16. t take. Yourself. It was a very sharp. again and they. Just an out of Well from. I mean who can we could talk about Paterno was from. Mean thing and who still in the game. There's a lot of things that we messed up change and probably take back

  17. can't happen. And we did it too many times and I told the guys as unacceptable. We are no excuse basketball team. Come Paterno was that I saw him commit tonight had nothing to do it the ankle. And he understands he's he's got to do better. Think

  18. do was show and not address the Penn State's situation captive. Joseph Paterno . What's your feeling on the whole situation with us and asking the university Paterno it's. I'll probably not new in this whole thing because it's saddening

  19. organization so. It's all football they that is this football the but. The terminology different. Terminology that protection Paterno runs the same court down like an aspect has the world Sam's Club. Everybody runs up protection but it great closers but

  20. us of ourselves. Forward appendices and situationally aware of first and fifteen nowhere we had a negative or. Are without Paterno said you know we've seen it promoted ball like that to score points so. These days because there was some of native noticed