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Thu, 22 Nov 2012|

One of the most revered players in the Cardinal's history returns to Stanford basketball; this time as coach.


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Before there was Dancing With The Stars. There was Mark Madsen dancing amidst the stars following back to back Lakers championships. But it was moves like this that made Madson one of the most revered players in Stanford history. The quintessential power forward he Howard the cardinal to the 1998 final four. This past off season embracing the theory that knowledge is power Johnny Dawkins added the mad dog to his coaching staff. -- -- -- combat combat that can convert them and I think -- showed -- we come from him stuff we're with the idea of the last four years a lot of different things from. When my last NBA games could you not on the the city and in financial modeling classes here for business school. But it's great you're back coaching here at Stanford every time I won't report it you're excited to work with. The guys in our program. The excitement is mutual and culpable spend five minutes of the Stanford practice you'll understand. After. Good job energy in anything in sport and -- business in life I think it. -- helped to make up for a lot of other things that you may not have much of our players coming out they're such great passion and energy. And enthusiasm that rubs off on me any time when one of us got cut down you know nothing a lot of energy you know he speaks in -- -- or. Look at -- he told us to. You know who's come out and get a pat English was coming into infinity and I drove pretty -- -- to pass and he drew blood -- had. -- It appears that these guys are -- that. They're so strong and so. I've bettered the paddock because I don't give pat out of the I would be walking out of it Jim proved -- my tail between my legs. Energy passion championship pedigree -- -- -- a poster child for some of the most sought after intangibles in sports. And he gets Stanford having earned both his undergraduate degree and more recently his NBA here on the farm. But let's not forget this guy was also one heck of a post player and has plenty of x.s and o.s knowledge to. Drop on the Cardinals bit. You know at all it's easier -- he's you know he's been playing for college and the pros. So he knows what's what to expect from the defensive guys and he's learned different moves different techniques that he can pass on he's very explaining things away where. You'll feel a little because nobody's porcelain in that second longest post in the midwest understand and he can actually delicately you. -- -- where you want to be better. -- -- Yeah that's why we talk about. Great musicians put it 101000 hours into the game preparation that I've put a lot more -- just -- -- -- -- about the -- And I've loved it I've loved it and so it it's fun that drop back and say hey this is what Kevin Garnett did -- -- The thicker -- where did this is how Kobe Bryant poked it out. Because I think it's literally. 2000. And yet with all that experience and success at every level of the game. Madson is still better known for his bookie than his baskets even among guys who were in elementary school at the time. They've got enthusiasm could have -- had a word from you tell us that. Is -- -- -- new -- been a bit of enthusiasm great effort we will more guest book. Again I do wanna do at some point here is the national championship and that's something that percentage hasn't happened tonight -- -- -- So if we win that national championship I would them and expect all the got completely different and coach doc I'm convinced him. -- Stanford's got race Comcast sports net.

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