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7.25: Lane Kiffin's Hiring Process Ruffles Feathers

Thu, 3 Oct 2013|

Lane Kiffin was fired from USC (reportedly in an airport parking lot). So is Chip Kelly entertaining a possible return to the college ranks?

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  1. 1.12: Jim Wogan on Lane Kiffin

    for the time. Given the fact that Lane Kiffin came and with thunder and and a ..... going on southern cal made move on Lane Kiffin . And Damon this is a complete blind ..... word to Tennessee fans at least Kiffin . Made of one minute statement

  2. 10.13: USC/CAL postgame -- Lane Kiffin

    Kiffin says it was a good win for his football team before trying to clear the bad air with Al Davis, saying the NFL lost a legend and that he cherished his time with Mr. Davis.

  3. 1.13: Barry Tompkins on USC's hire

    first your initial reaction to Lane Kiffin replacing Pete Carroll. Are you ..... that most everybody knows about Lane Kiffin to things really wonder is he can ..... think that I don't think we're Lane Kiffin does or did Ernie have any bearing

  1. Chip Kelly 'not entertaining' USC job


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    Lane Kiffin was fired from USC (reportedly in an airport parking lot). So is Chip Kelly entertaining a possible return to the college ranks?

  2. Enemy Intel: Cowboys


    Thu, 27 Jun 2013

    Tony Romo has a new contract. DeMarco Murray is healthy. The defense is transitioning to a 4-3 under new coordinator Monte Kiffin . But will the Cowboys be better?

  3. to succeed in school. And sports. Robert Trent Lott from Livermore high school has been playing volleyball for the past four years they Kendall would the young talent when it Kiffin thinking clearly. Out of right I presented a problem.

  4. s it's you and attempt. Well first of all and about USC we did have a ton of I was. You know norms house version Lane Kiffin Turkey in. So we had great coaching there great offensive mind and then Carson. You know I was fortunate Carson had

  5. as it is. Did that and you know is. You know played a lot of it is one thing you know But. I didn't there. Posey and a Kiffin here rely on your group of players and is mother's. He sighed about it. In. do together we negligence. And here there

  6. 12.14: Chronicle Live -- Gary Cavalli


    Wed, 14 Dec 2011

    finished terribly runs look at. Fired and we know about the Rick Neuheisel side of the equation after losing the I don't Kiffin USC fifty to nothing he got fired to this this whole game at historic in once sense. It has to interim coach is that sidelined

  7. strong personality so you're not going to take anything away for a He when you're leading you know he's the head Coach Kiffin and they're going to be you know. Shows anyway so it's going to be a long term so. This isn't valued it very. Showcase

  8. 2.17: WAS/SJS -- game highlights


    Fri, 18 Feb 2011

    quiet hello backhand then that put the start that's why I have been the start on the power play. I. Getting even with the Kiffin gets credited with the ball left his twentieth at fifteen minute the Sharks go up five do. Late third period Nicklaus thought

  9. in this you know was gonna make raider fans kind of wins a little bit when you look back at what. What happened Lane Kiffin Lane Kiffin came in body was gonna have a lot of autonomy body's inability or things his way or shame on lane for thinking

  10. scratching their heads so. Autonomy. I'm not in the believe it until I see it you know because it again if we look back Lane Kiffin . Was promised autonomy and shame on him for believing that the I'll call. Have you gotten any indication of a contract

  11. very well received their cable being the guy that stuck around with this team that they content. A coming out of the Lane Kiffin firing as well as Hugh Jackson coming in this season and we heard from Shane that they can't really. Afford another

  12. 10.5: USC/STAN Pregame- Jim Harbaugh


    Tue, 5 Oct 2010

    and it that much different than that your obviously a different coach and an interesting let them hit about this but doubling Kiffin . A couple of football friendly and there's kind of an intriguing matchup they're from the silent. Yeah it and coach

  13. 9.13: Quentin Groves, RAW


    Mon, 13 Sep 2010

    Johnson was the puck was beaten us. Twos and threes are okay we can give the big. Yeah if you put if you know because that we we Kiffin bought football's do you have about him sometime today. yardage. Okay. That's what he does probable probable. Two

  14. how rice or potatoes your guy's going to be a what I ask you about your book coming up about Notre Dame football and George Kiffin knew Rodney coming up. In a moment but I wanna get both of your thoughts about what's going on. With the National Football

  15. 7.16: Stephen Curry on Chronicle Live


    Fri, 16 Jul 2010

    sale went down and now looking forward soon remain in the coming weeks. Do you know anything about the new owners Joe Lane Kiffin Peter Guber. Mandalay entertainment executive and Joe lake they Menlo Park investments. Professional a couple of guys

  16. Raiders drafted Chad about. Around seven overweight at a San Diego State Lane Kiffin didn't blame a lot of know they've got good catch fifty passes in sixteen starts Lester got hurt. They're in training camp

  17. which series did tonight get a chance the go ahead. In the same inning which rays came back and scored five make it six draft Kiffin is try to get five runs but. They they Hayes who knows and again you you go ahead made it's a different story Dallas Braden

  18. 2.4: Rich Gannon with Greg Papa


    Thu, 4 Feb 2010

    through five that day they took three back now a lot was made rich and Jon Gruden. Prepared at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Monte Kiffin defense for you we saw NFL films actually. You John Glenn's second slot most changed Lagos say that a throw that pomp and

  19. 1.30: CHA/SAC Postgame- Paul Westphal


    Sun, 31 Jan 2010

    having hard time getting in the game likely. mainly he's been a victim mode. Too many to many players in the backcourt when Kiffin has come back but. He he's he's been terrific in his in his times. When the games out of hand and then he's he's stayed

  20. 1.20: SAC/ATL Postgame- Paul Westphal


    Wed, 20 Jan 2010

    that much tell you the truth. You take encouragement from the fact it's everything. Well I expect that my I still think Kiffin is. Yeah it is probably a few few games away from really being sharp. But. So those little those guys are are hard to hold