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Amy G's Giants Xclusive: Aaron Rowand



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Thu, 3 Sep 2009|

"The Gamer," Aaron Rowand sat down with Amy G to discuss Giants baseball, his "ham" 4-year-old son and much more on this edition of Amy G's Giants Xclusive.


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We'll welcome to another addition -- Amy -- Jane exclusive thanks for joining us on CS and Bay Area dot com keep telling -- this guy right here. The key there -- -- -- -- Amy thank you so much for taking time out on the Sunday. And as we sit here today you guys have a chance to pull even with the Rockies in game three in this series and you -- this. Spot before in a playoff race and talk about how exciting it is very nice guys are playing with purpose your plane for something vs other seasons -- at this point in my not. Beyond -- 'cause he's in need it actually have a shot. You know I've been looking up in my career with the exits with the exception of last year and maybe one other you're at Chicago to be in the situation every year. You know that both years in Philadelphia we -- came down the wire we won one year the next few reload the other year we lost by again have so. Chicago's always coming down the wire and at this what it's about this is what you put all the hard work in in the offseason for. You know all the games he's played at this point. And you can really get a sense of not only within the clubhouse. And on the field but the fans and everybody that comment and at this time of the year. Have that excitement about about the possibility of the postseason. And you've been a huge proponent -- this pitching staff that's on this team and you've always mentioned throughout the year. That there when is the biggest strengths on this team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tim Lincecum in particular something you find yourself watching him it's almost hard to concert on what you need to do his year credit you know watching the -- do his thing with like. To be behind such a strong pitching pitching staff. Well it's it's a blessing immunized and you get to play defense you know play center field you know look I love going to try to catch balls. You know throw yourself around out there and make plays -- for the pitchers that you have on the mound for your team that. You know you get out there and you start Watson some of these guys start to go to work on people and he got to remind yourself that -- you know he might hit the ball tentative because Gary you find yourself being a fan been watching him just move the ball running right at the one of the best seats in the house out there directly behind -- Watson moved the ball in and out on guys. And keep guys off balance so. You know if they can be challenging at times he's got to constantly remind yourself to be prepared and be ready to get good breaks on balls. You're involved in one of the most memorable moments from this season and in -- history with Jonathan Sanchez's. No hitter he caught that ball there and and it is basically saving it tells about that moment for you owning a hot excited you are after the game. It's actually have participated and watched the miracle at his place here AT&T park that night. Yeah it was does Austin. That many people you know it's always better to be on the side of the no hitter that was the good side not the bad side but. You know being able to watch him do his thing that entire night was was unbelievable and you know we had we got to the ninth inning and with one out and he hit the ball to center field and he -- them ahead backus are running towards offense and figured if I had to go up over the fence to catch them gonna try you know. I told. Told Freddie and -- Byrd told grandiose are you we got to lay out for anything out here. Because. In the Carolinas. If if it gets by find that the possibility of making a catch to say something special was you really need. And you really don't realize what actually happened until after the fact and and everybody got a little teary eyed look who's focused and you know just felt so so happy for sanity do drug that. That's tough guy in the game -- is Aaron got teary -- you well -- You know. Didn't Johnny says he's had -- so many ups and downs already in his career and and to have his -- here to watch him pitch. And -- be here for that special moment is it's one of those things that you never gonna forget and then you're glad you're part of it really felt -- All the pieces of the puzzle there. That night that dad and the emotion and where Johnson lives in. You know is starting rotation having gone to the bullpen in its struggles and it was pretty awesome. Still it's not about you and your reputation as a grinder a gamer one -- you've earned -- is Steve taking quite a few shots on your body this guy. Is you know he is all night you magnate yeah do you think you've been hit more times this season and any other season at play. You know what actually know. Getting. I think the couple years doesn't Philadelphia -- around 20/20 three both years there. Let you know when you get hit and a lot of times just glancing blow or something that seems like every single one that I got hit this year's squared me up pretty good zone. Probably one of the more painful seasons as far as experience which -- Neat well what's that amount of -- you've had at any one time do you think on your body and then they've been bad ones. -- I don't know. Well it's not always just get hit you know you -- yourself around on the field running into the censored diving for balls in a get. He had bumps and bruises over the course of the season. I don't really bother must account to count on -- But I just there there's part of the game Ganassi is in -- helped the rate still out with that being here in San Francisco. You know. -- this city it's really fun and family friendly and I think you Vanilla take advantage of it sometimes with your family and -- said the -- a XE. -- Duck Tour to tell us how that would. Us finally took the kids. On the Duck Tour with. With some -- of family friends and stuff and we went out in the bay around the other side of in the McCovey code. Did into the water -- and got out and came by the field and the announcer was trying to tell was telling everybody in the doctor. About AT&T park in about the Giants and everything else. My son is four. Yelled out my daddy works there and and guys like what does he do. You know. So -- or something you know so we all got kind of a kick out of him and the driver kind of got together to laugh and after the fact and you know it was just look for the game and I. And Saints and mine now -- your four year old more than they know Eric is he gets flooding airtime that -- like the camera he's ahead he's he's definitely not -- do -- break -- seeing -- go out and do the stuff in front of the camera likes being. It's very photogenic I guess is that I have to say is that my own he is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. It with that lastly for you I'm just curious about this side of things because not many players get asked about. This family's idea here we are we're approaching the last day of August they don't call the dog days connecting you guys are tired he beat up. And for a lot of years who have had feelings here all summer they've left -- back home and the kids started school so. That's an added element that people don't realize -- -- now going home alone and you that a deal with the emotional. Break and the kids in your wife -- -- that. Oh man -- TV. You know it's difficult when you. When you have your family around in -- you have that support system with you for the entire season and when the kids have to start school. May get up and go and they have to go back home so. You know you spend a lot of nights of late you know watching TV just kind of tough to wind down after game anyway when it ends at 1030 so. You know you just try to keep busy. A lot on the phone. You know text messaging and everything else -- a text messages from my kids all the time. Les miles phone so you know it's it's it's need to -- look communicate with them now because they're old enough to do that. The same time you really miss not having -- Round and well September is almost here and I mean Syrian Parsons are on their way thinks he's so much air Enron CS and Bay Area dot com. For any Miki giant exclusive.

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