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Seth Curry talks about growing up in 'NBA lifestlye'



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Wed, 11 Sep 2013|

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You've grown up in the NBA lifestyle a lot of people might say all what do I have to learn about the game and how does that help you make an adjustment he that you grew up knowing what the NBA was all about -- -- out of my whole life. And -- I'm gonna. It's a Monday and things like -- that the pair movement by the from the situation but I am I am kind of have a leg up on that last step -- the -- -- passing is so. Yes this is -- -- -- event is and then hung in the fourth slot to a person you're staying -- steps house known as you prepare for the season is there. He had to do ensures what's what's going on and on a few days on house those conditions in there Watson well and he's babysitting really charging -- a little bit down -- -- -- -- around all really when I got home before for him enough I mean are you more shot here because. And don't watch reform. When golden who's in the form. RIC -- three for three here they're gonna almost surely this is I got this off your own Twitter account which is act asked dot com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Really get this up because you've got a great shot he got a quick release your brother has the quick release on him but it all started -- that. That is right there also are without not analyzed these three who got the best who's got the best release coming right there. I'll let -- pretty good things then. The prettiest jump shots and NBA right now my dad is I love the quickest and winning games so. Who is very militant sat him. I was trying to on the level and what they -- in India I would agree your father had he quickest release of anyone. Did he give you any tips finished EDT chattering did you kind of had to come naturally there's few tips and is this a lot of time and only at Oregon so when they always do distance and there with the things Oregon. And happy he was able to get this could -- it's all right now we mentioned with the Duke coach -- big influence on you like to you know we as a celebrity crush. Iron I heard about it did you hear about that Johnson Dionte to talk about Tom a lot -- really Hoya. What's up but the craziness with coach K and the odds are a lot of out of I -- you know whom the Nazis is the way. This is something every day does he gave street cred when he's out recruiting now that he's down with me I'm saying that he does he does are you shot 81% free throw Tommy -- what's most of the remainder of cool primary 68 in a row before sixty. You mean give -- one walk -- through -- -- for all the team challenge here. Take command there you have all right we arrogant enough food -- you just can shoot it while we're going to want. Are we got we got some more stuff now let me know that I'm.

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