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12.17: SJSU introduces Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

Thu, 27 Dec 2012|

San Jose State closed their memorable 2012 season with a Military Bowl victory, honoring Mike MacIntyre's work in transforming the program.

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  1. MacIntyre excited for new opportunity

    Former San Jose State head football coach Mike Macintyre

  2. Morning Minute: Warriors keep rolling; 49ers punish Jacobs

    about his lack of playing time. Especially the cost him 167000. Dollars in base pay but he's feeling. Football coach Mike MacIntyre is leaving San Jose state to accept a five year deal with the Colorado. McEntire is largely credited toward turning

  3. 10.18: Morning Minute

    look up later today and Comcast sports net Bay Area a whole gets things started at 5 PM San state head football coach Mike MacIntyre joins Greg to talk about the spartans. In over Hawaii and it's always tune into sports net central at 6 PM

  4. 2.3: Where do I Sign?

    out of mount San Antonio college in. reigning Southern California association player of the year all told. Duke coach Mike MacIntyre has placed seven players aged 21 freshmen and six transcript. We got here there was only one commitment. So as

  1. that 3722. Saratoga. Advantage too worried making right now MacIntyre wishing it in transition. the ball that he does very well ..... years and on the road again with that he gets a hand on it. MacIntyre tracks down loose ball taking it back the other way drawing

  2. San Jose State tops Bowling Green in Military Bowl


    Thu, 27 Dec 2012

    San Jose State closed their memorable 2012 season with a Military Bowl victory, honoring Mike MacIntyre 's work in transforming the program.

  3. No. 24 Spartans eye 11th win in Military Bowl


    Thu, 27 Dec 2012

    The No. 24-ranked Spartans have a chance to make school history with a win in their first bowl game since 2006, and send out head coach Mike MacIntyre with a win.

  4. SJSU players react to MacIntyre's departure


    Tue, 18 Dec 2012

    With Mike MacIntyre already introduced as Colorado's next coach, his former Spartan players were left wondering what's next for their program.

  5. MacIntyre smells tire fire, bolts San Jose for Colorado


    Tue, 18 Dec 2012

    Mike MacIntyre came to San Jose, yanked the program to its feet in three years, and as is often the case in the world of college football coaching, got a better deal at a bigger place.

  6. MacIntyre leaving San Jose State for Colorado


    Tue, 18 Dec 2012

    After three seasons as the head coach at San Jose State, Mike MacIntyre is leaving the program to assume the same position at Colorado, CSNBayArea.com has learned.

  7. Two SJSU football players suspended for season


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    Senior running back David Freeman and redshirt freshman wide receiver Chris Kearney have been suspended for the rest of the season due to a violation of team policy, head coach Mike MacIntyre said Wednesday.

  8. SJSU accepts invitation to Military Bowl


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    San Jose State football head coach Mike MacIntyre has a chance to lead the Spartans to their first even 11-win season. SJSU is Military Bowl-bound.

  9. guy whose teams have put up a lot of points this year Mike MacIntyre down at San Jose state who is rumored to be a strong ..... than every other candidate for them to go that way. Mike MacIntyre frankly is probably going to get a better job any year

  10. Warriors right after that. In strikes again quarterback Jay MacIntyre ruling out to the right firing writes know that Warriors later ..... for the Mariners that would answer those second quarter and MacIntyre will drop back again scrambles a this is the Brandon Alexander

  11. throw inviting David Cruz camp who makes a terrific catch and hand. Exiled leading to a short TD run 26 valley valley is MacIntyre goes back to throwing goes deep to see them sit. were 276 Warriors than though he has rallied late in the half. to Brandon

  12. 10.30: CLE/SF postgame -- Joe Staley


    Sun, 30 Oct 2011

    there and the history of extending the last offensive catchers such as Chris and he was may give up when yards he now Chris MacIntyre for the franchise record. Perception. For a link from an offensive line except country and. While wish Moriarty and apparently

  13. Mike Macintyre talks about the Spartans win and their ability to run the ball at the end of the game.

  14. 9.3: SJSU/Stanford highlights


    Sun, 4 Sep 2011

    t get any better bonus Martin's first quarter winding down families they turned it over. Stanford recovered coach Mike MacIntyre is not happy at all a lot makes the spartans paying for the shotgun would find. Back. Stan for the thirteen yard

  15. Earlier today I stopped by San Jose State's challenge Mike MacIntyre first topic was. How exciting it is really get things going way out of going us getting started previous answer. Yes where our

  16. executive vice president of marketing business operations. And money yeah. Senior advisor for communications. And Brian MacIntyre . Two. on the ground as well tomorrow. So that we can assist. It will lose to a who'll support possible. It demonstrates

  17. 2.3: 1-on-1 with Mike MacIntyre


    Thu, 3 Feb 2011

    about Joseph gray the young quarterback from god and a LA way Dorsey High School welcome back to chronicle bring it Mike MacIntyre busy today three yesterday coach you guys do. Hotel like we did really well we fill a lot of needs and we were looking

  18. where that the Bill Walsh unveiled the leaves the Angus backfield of a guy MacIntyre and the next year Dickey came back with. Refrigerator Perry and another. Guy MacIntyre is also has said through the years. That he should have received some of

  19. very well. You know I mean it's around you gotta remember. Not a whole big guy and back started here. With the cute guy MacIntyre . And that's that's really where Chicago got it from. while. I disagree wanted to get a big body and there.

  20. All right tonight ignite comical ivory ran out first yes Takeo Spikes any thoughts. On the physically afraid. Mike MacIntyre . I don't know well enough to be physically for it but I'm he watched. Matt Mets like I can beat him. And Killian