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3.14: Cal Coach Mike Montgomery Reacts to NCAA Bid



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Fri, 22 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

On CSN Bay Area dot com. After -- everybody I'm Dave Feldman hope your brackets are still intact this is your morning minute all why didn't. There thank -- twelve saves and held on to be fifth seed UNLV and San Jose Perez. Cal wins 6461. Behind in nineteen point nine rebound performance from junior guard Allen -- Mike Montgomery's squad won't play forcing Syracuse in the third round in San Jose on Saturday. A lot of sand save -- loses a heartbreaker to succeed in Memphis in the mid west made it back to indelible nobody had a chance to get the -- the wind. With a three point attempt at the buzzer. But he shot moves along and his career ends on the three for thirteen shooting performance. The -- season comes to a close and Auburn Hills, Michigan. I'm news alert out of Santa Clara former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver and kick returner Ted Ginn junior. Will sign a one year deal with the Carolina Panthers -- 27 he has six touchdown returns three on punt returns. Entry on kickoffs in his six NFL season. Little spring training for in the a's beat the reds and nine. Thursday's starter Brett Anderson got knocked around allowing six earned on eight hits and gave up 21 ball but he did have five strikeouts. Derek Norris added a homer and a pair of RBI. The Giants all of the Rockies haven't Bourn Matt Cain went five innings gave up. Four earned on seven hits he struck out eight out of France was two for three with a walk but a couple of runs this -- average is now up to 350 -- A reminder you can catch the Warriors hosting the Washington Wizards Saturday on Comcast sports net Bay Area our coverage begins at 7 PM. This has been a morning minute I'm Dave felt. That was the windy this morning minute I CSN Bay Area dot com.

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