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Tue, 27 Nov 2012|

USF basketball star De'End Parker explains how he got his name, why he left UCLA to come back home, and shares his life story.


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Welcome back -- sports net central don't let the name full you DM Parker is far from finished the former local prep stars back in the city. After a year away from the game and is looking to help put USF. And his hometown back on the basketball map Jim Coles -- Moore has the story. So until we get at -- Parker. You know every other year every year I've been really really happy. To understand why Rex Walters is so excited about the end. We have to take you back to the beginning starting with that unique first name. Romo biological mother. He has to have a cedars a lot so alive she's gonna last through this little ball like -- fixed the ball like balance. The group for a -- and noticeably better. Those who have done having kids so that the -- -- the by the Zuma has. -- put up by government. Guillen was the San Francisco player of the year in his senior year at Lincoln high school but he didn't have the -- to attend a four year school. So we took his talents to city college of San Francisco. Where he excelled in the classroom and let the Rams to their first state title in 49 years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The end of what they've done. -- rather go forward from things so I told my fifteen of them exhibited in the huddle a club that heavy knew that -- -- -- there's. And it does it. From there it was off to UCLA. But -- Bruins career came to an end after just two games when he could no longer stomach being away from his ailing mother who was battling cancer. Well mom. I'm -- heart surgery. And she wasn't really doing them well on the millions of -- whether sisters so. I felt you know my kind of pushed it slightly bigger role on you know open a couple of fair weather so. Hello mom and -- go out and go for the moment I realized I got to go back home. The biggest things you need to -- -- you really need to be home. Since his family there's there's there's situations there that you need to get to handle. And I think families of some pretty important thing had five kids in my home flawless biological mother battled drug addiction. -- Johnson took in the end and his two sisters before his second -- -- a lot of kids but I go to the Foster care system don't always make. A rollover through the because I didn't go to college for -- Saw what we looked me in my decision we'll let -- deal with -- I have heard a number of different but I mean there's there's still care for us now for the day. That called caring for his mom. -- knew we had to return to his other love and he was welcome with open arms that USF. He brings a different element than we've ever had we've had 663. Small forward who had that 65 shooting guards hopefully more fans come out and once -- he's very proud of these two. You know. He takes great pride -- so I know I -- people come home loss. And of course no one will be cheering louder for the end of the Hilltop this season that is number one thing to go really well me. While still on when it came a couple of bats -- she's got all the games. If a woman theater here. Good story Jim you know you haven't seen it and not the end he's just getting warmed up the guard is fourth on the West Coast Conference is going. He's averaging twenty point three. Points a game.

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