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3.16: Bears Look Ahead to Louisviille

Thu, 3 Oct 2013|

At the opening of an interview Rick Pitino was doing with Toucher & Rich to hype his new book, Fred Toucher tells Pitino, "You stink. You ruined the Celtics," and hangs up the phone.

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  1. Warriors Central -- Get to know Mark Jackson

    And to have been in but I put myself in positions playing full all time great coaches Bob whole coaches. Told my coach Rick Pitino . Long would that in many others I stole from them in puddles out of the game before games and practices. Really

  2. 3.15: The Cal Bears prepare for their first-round opponent, the Louisville Cardinals

    focus has to be. We do man position NBA Louisville I mean is going to be tough. No like message before you know coach Rick Pitino is a great coach you know he's he's been a game for a long time so I know he's going to be prepared to. You

  3. 6.10: Warriors -- Mark Jackson press conference

    So it true Warriors. Great question. I'll say it. Rick Pitino is the best coach ever played for. He's a future all ..... the university Louisville's basketball team. What Rick Pitino did was instill in me. That I was a great player. He

  4. 6.10: Chronicle Live -- Mark Jackson Interview

    Jerry Sloan fed Riley Larry Brown you mentioned Rick Pitino today coach pitino will be going. In the hall of fame we all know ..... something that can be used as a weapon but I singled out Rick Pitino because ultimately I think like that draft is somewhere

  1. Toucher to Pitino : 'You stink.' And . . . click!


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    At the opening of an interview Rick Pitino was doing with Toucher & Rich to hype his new book, Fred Toucher tells Pitino , "You stink. You ruined the Celtics," and hangs up the phone.

  2. McCarty on C's job: 'Couldn't get any better than this'


    Thu, 22 Aug 2013

    Walter McCarty, still a Celtics fan favorite, joins new coach Brad Stevens staff as an assistant and says working under Rick Pitino has prepared him for the job.

  3. take your time and just let it all come out we have some people some questions that we wanted for you on Twitter. And Fred pitino he got sick at. YS TL Yahoo! Sports talk like wanted to know. What type of coach Mike Singletary was for you was he the best

  4. left there are some different. I that so Fred is see that you nobody you know it's. If not for Freddie you know he was with pitino fifty years I was with the Raiders so. Who else doesn't mean eventually introduce themselves. I'm glad that he. Accept

  5. McCarty: Pitino's legacy in Boston could've been different


    Wed, 10 Apr 2013

    Walter McCarty talks about Rick Pitino 's time in Boston.

  6. Ordway: Pitino wouldn't have won in Boston


    Tue, 9 Apr 2013

    Mike Felger and Glenn Ordway discuss Rick Pitino 's latest NCAA championship and his terrible time with the Boston Celtics.

  7. Louisville takes down Michigan for NCAA Title


    Tue, 9 Apr 2013

    Rick Pitino capped the greatest week of his life with the prize he wanted most of all.

  8. Louisville takes NCAA title with comeback win over Michigan


    Tue, 9 Apr 2013

    Michigan led Louisville 35-23 at one point in the first half, but Rick Pitino 's Cardinals outscored the Wolverines 45-38 in the second half to win the NCAA Tournament.

  9. first ever practice as an NBA head coach you've found a quiet place all by himself. And he called it Jeff Van Gundy Rick Pitino Louis haren is got and his wife I Mark Jackson about that earlier on the floor. Mark Jackson tonight's chronicle conversation

  10. The Lunch Box: Episode 4


    Wed, 31 Aug 2011

    Atlanta CSN and speaking of Twitter skated today how between how they go. Anthony Morrow of the Jersey nets at Blatche played pitino He too needed it's got a baby boom in NYC and New Jersey area everybody's tweeting. There's survival games all of including

  11. 6.6: Garry St. Jean


    Mon, 6 Jun 2011

    his days at saint John's with. Chris smaller than what we congress that got the great success they had their with Rick Pitino had. He's rookie of the year He was always a student of the game. One of the great point guards in terms of assist

  12. 11.17: NYK/SAC Game Highlights


    Thu, 18 Nov 2010

    driving less happen at kings got a big lead at 109 and had about five at the break third quarter kings trailing by ten Donte pitino ordered Nick's latest cut to seven the loose liken it on the fourth quarter. New York out seven Omare Stottlemyre with the

  13. Earlier this guy's got tired you know and now I think you have is internal because of that and once again if you follow Memphis pitino forced turnover that led to them to Italy and create turnovers and steals. And so they'd they'd do a good job of getting

  14. 9.23: SFG/CHC Postgame- Juan Uribe


    Thu, 23 Sep 2010

    Yeah. It's. Nothing you could create and you don't feel good you know we can hope for this team. Yeah pitino could it be should today as she do if they simply didn't feature good two million. And he's tool you know paying me. I don

  15. 8.24: Q&A with Giants Cody Ross


    Wed, 25 Aug 2010

    was leaving my team that played the past five years but. On the other side of I was really happy because I was come into it. Pitino 's contending in the very very good ball club and has really good pitching and you know hitters and yeah I was just. Some

  16. OK okay. I'm didn't yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah no world economy like that the didn't come here and yeah targeted pitino may not happen I don't know they. yeah. And we seem like now it's well. Yeah. It. Oh yeah. And yeah. Yeah. Maybe

  17. which I I think. I some at bats and I saw recently and a double down and Fresno and he's. He's he's facing pretty good pitino and end taken advantage of by his bat control to get hits win otherwise he might strikeout or pop up in need. You know he he