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12.27: Meyer expects to be leading Gators in '10



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  2. Oakland days3:21
  3. Urban Meyer2:19, 2:33, 3:06
  4. Josh Donaldson3:23, 3:29
  5. Major League pitcher1:31
  6. female athletes4:05
  7. brain tumor2:38
  8. cancer patient2:36
Tue, 9 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I time pressed to figure out what's trending Yahoo! Sports go to Yahoo! Sports right now and you know the NFL season. Police training camps are a couple weeks away. You've got to start thinking about your fantasy rosters that's -- go to Yahoo! Sports they're already. Let you know who the guys artist or keep an eye on I know I keep my eye on that did you ever day what's true anyway Melanie Collins came ready to roll what's happening it. Bomb on us. Well I just can't keep my eyes off the body issue of PI NRA magazine. Yeah I'll -- is there a new look good coming can't predict that we should be taken a peak yet. Yeah he's not close about Vanilla while love may yet quite -- a a large amount of time to do in this series ESPN the body issue I'm looking great I find this so incredible the mechanics. But these athletes show at their muscles in these photos and Colin cabinet has one of the covers and I'd you can see he's covered -- -- But he says that cat -- actually began when he would kiss the word days. On his biceps so kind of entry is interesting story behind the Texas. Yes it is very good to know that he see as good values in the city that he wants to make sure he has faith would you ever -- the body issue. Oh geez I don't I think you're getting a lot of trouble that I'd love to hear it if I -- that kind of not -- yes -- love the good for you have a good feel we would all watch. Are all right and just talk about another body that. Anna Benson who of people like now remember that she was she is married to Chris mentioned Benson a Major League pitcher of the Pirates and now she's got a little bit cuckoo who hasn't -- She's got a -- Cougars -- she was also on baseball lives ING barged into your -- husband's home on Monday and was arrested at. When she entered a bulletproof vest and -- with a gun and a -- but time for 30000 dollars. You might remember her from her past -- days that I can check up at what they're looking guy and yeah I. But a little bit of a different look she's sporting these days here's your mug shot shot from Monday's arrest pool in the back. A little bit more like a little down now. She's trying to give me a smile televisions -- green. Chipper well I yeah -- god but they have three children got a that I feel very sorry for this time yeah I agree with you on that but thanks for the FA general. -- I had forgotten I need to jog my memory on this. Oh let's move this along because Urban Meyer. Did something pretty interesting and I know the Ohio State Michigan rivalry has taken on a new meaning hasn't. Yes so if you've ever been part of -- Big -- -- you know anything about the travel you really appreciate the story try my favorite thing I thought today Urban Meyer visited this -- Graham or read in the hospital as a twelve year old cancer patient. Who -- his brain tumor in Michigan. I he has since been beaten they cancer out of the short term but there's a chance to come back but that's pretty awesome he's the biggest Ohio State fan I guess on the planet as you can see. And just this up this final chemo treatment so. Good news for gray areas. Great early on isn't Starr is great news and a great say you know -- -- way to go kid you name him up here your tumor. Michigan because you're gonna beat Michigan. What a great story good for Urban Meyer but they're especially good for the -- now let's go to baseball again I wanna flip it back because the NL all star team and I'll be all star teams have been named. Hello Larry King is weighing -- -- who should be on the team. Hello yes this match. Does a great actually isn't he everything about Oakland days that third baseman Josh Donaldson was snubbed from the all star roster so he took to Twitter. And roads how in the world is Josh Donaldson not on the tail and all star team. That is a joke. I Donaldson has since three tweet that kind of show the love that which is nice actually Detroit Tigers manager Jim Whalen is that he also believes he was snubbed. He said it. This kid is an all star this year actually apologize for the fact they didn't make the roster so I certainly got as beyond them. I hope he gets name but I don't want anyone to get hurt maybe selling -- -- -- I don't wanna play in Gaza gets in play get back to the body issue but we want to see in the body issue they haven't seen an audience he's Davone back up. David Beckham in the body yeah I think that I have. I admire female athletes for their blood activity on the field I am not a sexist like you are just wanted to see -- -- -- figures of mail -- I'd prefer watching meltdowns in the grace all right great job as always not a god thank my fans soon -- that's true ending --

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  5. hitters you know coming instead the American League ballpark. I haven't I'm nothing that we're still doing his thing Eric Meyer unknown under pitched. Over the makes mistakes and don't the amount of all of its course and runs and we're hammering

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    honest. Still longhorn atrocities. That chick filet. Interaction. You had lived here you go over the years we'll. Urban Meyer improve A little bit more when he was in college my first year out there Florida. That snow and down and visited coach

  7. drama really wanna do. A lot of bad things to you but it's not gonna happen because I'm gonna bite I'm gonna definitely Meyer kept numbers are left for tomorrow if that give it start to negligent. Good luck this vacant Detroit dive there an area they

  8. to them how they got classless. Man happy and get anxious over here. Costly you when you. Well here's to a yes or Russ Meyer . Our fields are celebrations are that they should be spontaneous. Not not planned out and there comes through it. Have three

  9. probably one of the crazies athletes out there he won that thing. As well almost every every person almost skiers exclusive Urban Meyer won it one year. Have won that superstars competition right so that they keep you some idea but in general. Yes I think

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  11. be very interested in that it happened I did see frog yesterday easy as he's running out to get he's an example and all Meyer he's still doing a lot of business I'm sure were going to have. Lots more to report. In the near future are adolescents

  12. whole career you know told about it not so well when. Okay one all right and roommates. What works I'm happy to be that. Meyer had a fun time. That a group right. You know it's no just woeful. Yes it to be a blessing you know especially. You know

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    is already being done right now we're where is the study just study group Serbian held up in the locker room right now FL Meyer basically in their picture taken up the lefties and that's going to be a tough tough task obviously. Visiting the White House

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    the fact that after last year that guys it this formula works. can work. Well. When you. Do it enough times. Come from me Meyer . You know win. Only a ball game your confidence grows that you can do it. Victory. Realize this argument and it's. A

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    the game tempers it seeded punches shocker there. Had gone panel wouldn't ejected from the game was shot cornerback Eric Meyer heard on the plane was about it at the end of the game seconds ago. Mark Green. Find James grow. Out of that goes two point

  16. Losers bracket yeah and the winners get the terrorist. And welcomes. about retirement. I did this past spring training yes Meyer remembered that. What you silent. World Series championship in. hamsters and a went. A war of attrition. Is being won by

  17. Murton this you. He's lightning and knowing. There is always fighting together so please the gears and we. You know Brendon Meyer . Yeah collegiate. Technically hard does definitely. If you want to staking out there. now confided that he yeah there are

  18. starters Anderson and always. Going to be an interesting thing. On his moment in the and that's when play. Connection sure Meyer . Like I was on the grounds. Out. The success that. I mean he's music director and in the locker in his and I think that

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    why basically telling your audience to change the station. When I don't remember but dot dot dot you don't remember Bob Meyer ought to have my right. My audience remain an audience okay now is a couple of good ended. Go to the restroom again. You

  20. Hungry enough. Working what games going to be there is that bats and that being immunized is this out of got a guy like and this Meyer did that happen trying to create classroom that's what winning. Lastly public and that's screwed that very tough team they