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6.16: College World Series -- California arrives



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Mon, 17 Jun 2013|

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Let's find out what's training go to Yahoo! Sports icon each and every day make -- a part of your daily habits to see what's going on the world of sports and more we've done it here. On Yahoo! Sports talk live because each and every day. We like to jet on down -- Sunnyvale and talk to our good friend Melanie Collins who joins is here right now on the what's going on bigger I agree with you any NHL big fan of the -- that you know that we we love watching that stuff -- -- comparison let's start with this I know Yahoo! Sports in the 49ers. Some exciting don't know when you guys what's happening there. So they've announced that ten year partnership between Yahoo!. The 49ers and Levi stadiums every time Colin cap for -- on the touchdown passes you're gonna hear the Yahoo! yodel. A lot of yeah. Interesting. But there's also a 22000 square -- Yahoo! fantasy football lounge. And that that this is big game day flicker experience so your photos can be shared the Jumbotron. And a great partnership gonna be really big for all three partner. If I use your name can I get a little lounge that's all I wanna know I want to get in I'd love to know me -- day. No my game and I -- I doubt that -- let's go to college football here Notre Dame they're always trying to recruit against the big boys and get a good job last year they're coach Brian Kelly. We saw his play analyst recently yeah. And what you look what that was -- what they practiced what he listens to. Yeah this is supposedly when he listens you remade the fun spot by the way a little bit suspect to me let's just on -- -- keep picking them. And at some of the Suns looked like he recruited an eighteen year old yeah. Pacific I mean didn't you our motto is on marathon Justin there's like -- JD Bruno -- is the I was your man there won't let me. I don't know that -- what's on your -- us. We -- players yet. All right now let's see. I do love Swedish house mafia I love Vampire Weekend right now their new album -- all that out indeed -- -- all the stuff that. -- alt -- Indianapolis -- not -- you to not -- created and some John Paul the second -- in the Latin that's what I -- to Alaska time. It has been in the original plan though is it that way get a we go up let's move to a more college football this and I. Alabama recruits. Naming hi -- are how he's choosing his his school. This is pretty kid named Eric -- he's a wide receiver from Cincinnati and he used a baby soon announce his college choice take a look at a video. Officially committed two days. How few at bats adorable that secretive because soccer channel and -- but still a super cute doesn't like little babies and with the the big fan waving around when -- island sea and everyone's on the same team -- that's very -- good for him to do it any way it's indeed some of the other ways we've seen. Thought very much it doesn't compete this college World Series -- -- higher education student athletes. And we've got spelling problems. Of the college World Series -- Yeah as for the dugout they felt the college World Series with three owls. And any other interesting thing -- these teacher it's a network for the Mississippi State it. Rebels they printed rebels on a teacher I mean they're not -- are you look alike they are you have the same colors really. That's not right now did you see it that. Get that college World Series on top of the dugout with three -- that is news challenge for me man that's in his belly they would not make it in this telling me. Now I -- all right Melanie Collins -- gets you each and every day right here Yahoo! Sports -- fly back tomorrow take -- --

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  1. 6.14: Cal baseball coach Dave Esquer

    had turned our whole mindset. How we approach the college World Series and it worked out for us we needed a little luck ..... is tourists and just hoping that experience the college World Series we've got to go play good ball games and win it

  2. 6.18: Bears in Omaha -- Final day of practice

    Hit the ballpark in Omaha with the Cal Bears as they prepare for their first game of the College World Series on Sunday.

  3. 5.30: Cal, Stanford, USF, Fresno St. baseball earn NCAA bids

    Get up to speed on the local teams that have a shot to win the College World Series .

  4. 6.17: Bears in Omaha -- Welcoming committee

    The Cal Bears baseball team is welcomed by the 'Little Bears' after arriving for the College World Series in Oamaha, Nebraska.

  1. it doesn't compete this college World Series higher education student ..... spelling problems. Of the college World Series Yeah as for the dugout they felt the college World Series with three owls. And any

  2. Mississippi St sweeps Virginia 6-5


    Mon, 10 Jun 2013

    Virginia will not make it to Omaha for the College World Series this season, falling at the hands of MIssissippi State on their home field.

  3. not much better return I was on second we were young in the dugout and Terry scored the game winning run in the college World Series Cinderella stuff we just had a good about moment and he came through.

  4. to get kids sign in and Tom LSU is zone. Most cherished time baseball us you know I could ever have one of the college World Series . I in my life. You know it's right there in my backyard and that Russo has asked the ten campus if I was a

  5. rejoin the team off the disabled list. In Kansas City tonight and a final cal defeated shoot 53 in the women's college World Series on Thursday. The golden Bears will play Oklahoma later today. In the second game of their run that doesn't

  6. why are teams. Are so well prepared to get to the college World Series no matter where you finish in the conference or ..... Course schori Stanford product or on the 1987 college World Series team what is that like for you every time you take

  7. 6.24: 1-on-1 with Cal's Matt Flemmer


    Sat, 25 Jun 2011

    to actually go very far. And so that helped us a lot real good he's he's with his team did accomplishment college World Series for the first time since 1990 even explain. The trip to new ballpark crowds as being there with. teammates possibly

  8. 6.24: Morning Minute


    Fri, 24 Jun 2011

    They attended cal Bears storybook season came to an end on Thursday losing to number one ranked Virginia 81 of the college World Series Cal's third Dixon Anderson took the loss. Failing to get past the third inning for the third time in five starts

  9. Day five of the college World Series and another off day for the golden Bears. regroup ..... California. Looks to survive and advance at the college World Series . In Omaha Roxy Bernstein Comcast sports net.

  10. 6.22: 1-on-1 with Cal C Chadd Krist


    Thu, 23 Jun 2011

    right let's talk a little college World Series via Skype we are now joined ..... with the experience of the college World Series how things going for you ..... played him once already in the college World Series and they beat you when you

  11. kind of played baseball and going up and play this so. It's a that's option you're dead Rick was out of the college World Series champions back in 1976 at the University of Arizona have an of of high school shortstop were you must've been

  12. 6.22: Morning Minute


    Wed, 22 Jun 2011

    news for Calvin not so much for the Giants the Bears topped Texas and to keep their improbable run alive in the college World Series . They will play another elimination game Thursday against Virginia. On the big league guys. Giants visit Minnesota

  13. Cal coach Daid Esquer talks to his team after the Golden Bears stayed alive in the College World Series .

  14. The cal Bears have the worst record of the eight teams left in the college World Series but they don't have stats for hard you remember that remember that already Aggies next they suffered a walk off loss to last

  15. Virginia Cavaliers. In the college World Series and they're taking us along ..... ago coincided with the last college World Series appearance. California ..... number one Virginia. At the college World Series pricey for an easy for Comcast

  16. CSN KNTV News Segments


    Fri, 17 Jun 2011

    been a dream season for cal simply making it to the college World Series . Great job jamming at a up Giants and highlights ..... some other teams were down eight teams. In the college World Series including last year's champions South Carolina

  17. Head coach David Esquer brings you to Cal practice as they prepare for their first College World Series game.

  18. covered it oversaw dot com coliseum. If the battle of the day and how baseball is just one game away from the college World Series we have exclusive coverage of how positive. Think you all the action and tell them how to read them.

  19. minute we'll Begin with news from the campus of cal Berkeley the golden Bears baseball team has advanced to the college World Series and Omaha Nebraska. They defeated Dallas Baptist two games to none in the super regionals to how the World Series

  20. regionals. The first game the best two of three series will take place this Saturday for the right to advance to the college World Series in Omaha. Mean time and Stanford. Stanford syndrome. Cardinals started their super regional on Friday against