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11.16: 49ers Central Extra -- Facing Arizona



  1. Lorenzo Neal0:04
  2. Darren Sproles2:18, 2:29
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  4. Drew Brees1:43, 2:42
  5. Baltimore Ravens0:24, 1:09
  6. Cincinnati Bengals1:08
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Fri, 6 Jan 2012|

Lorenzo Neal and Chris Alvarez breakdown this weekend's Wild Card games.


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It's policy that I'm battle it out Chris now president Lorenzo Neal 49ers they get to see the now looking ahead there in the playoffs we haven't seen this -- so to. -- he sees it say. They got a good running in the got a good defense. I don't -- clocks in game managing quarterback but is a team built for a deep run in the playoff. So I think -- or blame when you look at look at team 2000 I have to go back to 2000 was the Baltimore Ravens they had a guy by the name -- gopher. Fresno state. And think about that team couldn't score a lot of points but what they did they played defense and they didn't turn the ball over Trent Dilfer protected the protect the ball they played against a lot of teams that can score points and they went out week in and week out they played the Raiders -- two teams that could score points. Plating exit you know just played against us at Tennessee Titans that we had all kinds of different weapons. But you had a defense that you took away the ball and when you have a good defense and you have -- off the stick and ball control. And way to stop a good defense good offense rather if you keep the ball away from him it looked like you play keep away and that's what the niners can do well. Look for this once and while it. Look for the AFC championship to be the Cincinnati Bengals in the Baltimore Ravens. I'll look forward look for -- niners in Green Bay in the AFC and NFC championship and look for this at Baltimore and nine -- Super Bowl. They'll be great another car bubble for all the marbles -- we want a little bit about the NFC before we look at which I like your prediction that love to see our mobile. That this weekend's games you have the Lions at the Saints and Falcons at the Giants. We were talking we'll let about it before you think that that matters might face the Giants it's means that Lions. Saints. Saints. This week. You know what I look at this I understand Drew Brees in the he would leave them on and the MVP type leave them rugged. These guys can -- the ball all over the place. And I -- but while watch when I watched the DH four lines last time they played against the Saints lost 3117. There -- some huge opportunities that he twisted export. They had an opportunity to go in game had a personal bow certain plays that happened players are being selfish in that. Playing in new ones in the had a on the ropes now and not just that it was the name is sue. The big Fella who's now that is attitude is what you see this council an imprint for this guy now hope he's okay. Think about it suited to play in the game they got a couple of the guys coming back Darren Sproles expect for the Saint Louis and here. I look for that look for the Green Bay look for the for the Detroit lines to play a lot of nickel package what are what's nickel that's five DP. Every time Darren Sproles come in the game look for the linebacker to leave the game and look for for our safety to come in -- match it would get its bolt. Because if you put a linebacker on this guy it's a mismatch and so look for Detroit to try to match intensity I didn't have to Drew Brees would just the front four and linebackers and look for them to -- a lot of nickel and -- to take away the past look for the singled out in a shoot out. But look for Detroit to win a shoot out in the last team with that ball. But you know -- making it clear it up there -- Falcons and -- I think it's going to be a great game -- Falcons -- -- -- -- gonna try to do one -- run the ball because if they can run the ball now they can -- play action with Michael -- play action and go down go -- -- because if you look at the Giants tonight it's -- in the secondary. But the tax can do one thing. They can get that the past so that's why it's imperative that the Giants stop their run. If they stop the run and make this team one dimensional now. The twelve men being in the -- stadium and all that crowd that noise look -- to win this one minute and then nail biter but I like the Giants. Wow I love your bowl predictions that we'll see how it plays out to end -- hopefully more and more editions of the -- out with the 49ers. It's gonna happen this season and now we'll that we have -- next one -- who they're playing. Absolutely will be here all year throughout the Super Bowl but niners he said the horrible the hardball Beriault but not --

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  5. 49ers and jags right let's talk wide receiver and you're actually liking a number two receiver. For the four and three Detroit Lions. Yeah Chris quite. At least the fifth most targeted wide out in fantasy land over the last three weeks garnering 29

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  8. resulted in a short catch long touchdown run by the Tennessee Titans due to the 49ers defense. Well rest assured it looks like both ..... gets Jaguars both left the game due to injuries against the Titans but both were in full pads practicing with the forty guys began

  9. 49ers aren't looking to replace them because they like that he's been reliable. And look what happened to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday the forty there's still very good about having Kyle Williams back there. Being as sure handed as he's been

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  12. The Sharks in Detroit for the first and only time this regular season. Five he released starting ..... Bertuzzi needs to either find the back of the net or it's all over for Detroit and one more time. This is the play that we on the beginning of every

  13. Time now for the win these morning that. This and they area dot com. I everybody's got race here in the Comcast sports net studios with your morning minute it's a good morning for. I Sampras Cisco forty team coming off a good Sundays effort in Tennessee that kind of went 3170. College 267 total

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