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3.21: Recap- Cal Falls to Duke 68-53

Sat, 16 Mar 2013|

It wasn't so much a game that the Duke Blue Devils lost as it was a game the Maryland Terrapins won.

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  1. 4.5: The Weekend Riff with Matt and Mychael

    depending on West Virginia. Zero your plan is working so well. Remember you and I you don't like Duke in the one game you don't pick Duke Duke went. We got hurt Stanford's trouble brewing for them big time traveler who's been through it

  2. 11.7: 49ers practice -- Ricky Jean Francois

    whether Zetterberg simply that's Q what are Marcos do. But defense. This month that. More big big games that happen. Duke blue in the currently sitting at times I don't think about it disarmament of the split vote and so. Could you imagine being thin line here but we'll midway point. so beloved Blue Devils Lawton would've felt that we have offseason gotten too often media holdings. With the dedication and knowledge around

  3. 12.16: Mike MacIntyre to coach at SJSU

    football in rebuilding mode so who better to write these spartans And a guy who helped execute the ultimate rebuilding job. Duke multiple reports indicate former blue devils ' defensive coordinator Mike MacIntyre will be the new man in San Jose. MacIntyre recently selected as the 2009 national

  1. be his biggest challenge tomorrow. Maybe even bigger challenge than just the lineup of the Tigers going to be hard for him to Duke is young man yeah I think so I think that if he hasn't prepared is going to be tough. But it he has prepared and maybe he

  2. Highlights: Sharks 4, Canucks 1


    Fri, 4 Oct 2013

    shoots while he's moving back catches the goalies coming out. Kind of catches goalie softer and it's a tough skilled at Duke but if you can do it you can score goals high school bye hurts some physical play leads to a cannot scoring chance in the very

  3. Olympic coach two time coach of the year. Father a husband it grand father. And beyond they super fan won't yes so I. Duke basketball camp out coached told a glorious story which she said quote I really love javy but I'm madly in love with quick fiance

  4. distance and there with the things Oregon. And happy he was able to get this could it's all right now we mentioned with the Duke coach big influence on you like to you know we as a celebrity crush. Iron I heard about it did you hear about that Johnson Dionte

  5. the open up right up things are good. game better this way. You know I think confidence. Built back that we know Robinson Duke quarterback to play and all but the play very good always got to he Davis Cup career. Feel like the line is where you want it

  6. with the well play well and it. Says that area in shallow right field has been a problem spot on your for your defense from Duke does hundred need to be more demonstrative or scooter need to step in who would you when he sees things called. Always have

  7. something about that good. I honestly perform well he's gonna get formulated. Just go and I've done. I'm excited for him I think it is an honor Duke canceled. Do you like what he was let you know. Kind of call up my limited them.

  8. participate in team USA is Las Vegas. Mini camp next month center DeMarcus Cousins also on the team. The will be coached by Duke head coach Mike should just get. Not Olympic fiercest of courage and some other big guns not on this team but not a big deal

  9. Baker's no lower body out. A little bit and get back you don't put people around. He's the man right now and equity total Duke product and people in black and a lot for us. Yet they gauntlet is thrown trading it is just a couple weeks without any that

  10. Duke slayer Maynor joins Wizards team 'on the rise'


    Thu, 11 Jul 2013

    Best known for a game-winner from his college days against Duke , Eric Maynor officially joins a Wizards squad as John Wall's backup and potential on-court partner.

  11. Kansas City with Marty Schottenheimer and a group Tony Dungy Duke power as far as Gene Upshaw goes still. What is his legacy to ..... built and and you look at their team it's it's a team that Duke is filled with consistency is starts with their front on the

  12. NBA free agent watch: Eric Maynor


    Mon, 1 Jul 2013

    Once a national hero for leading VCU past Duke in the NCAA Tournament, Maynor turned into a capable reserve point guard on the NBA level. That might be enough as the Wizards seek John Wall's backup.

  13. Kate Upton's new NBA boyfriend?


    Fri, 21 Jun 2013

    love it because yours is 3:4 in the morning. You're just hanging out there animation styles what happens when he got to Duke man Damon how is that. It's a little weak got a got a good idea I mean you at least you're going that I don't know I wouldn

  14. NBA Draft Capsule: C Mason Plumlee


    Tue, 18 Jun 2013

    Plenty of questions surround Duke center Mason Plumlee's game, but he's likely to be a first-round pick. CSNChicago.com Bulls Insider Aggrey Sam breaks it down in his latest NBA Draft capsule.

  15. NBA Draft Capsule: Mason Plumlee, Duke


    Tue, 18 Jun 2013

    Next up in Aggrey Sam's NBA draft series is Mason Plumlee, a 6-foot-11 center out of Duke .

  16. MLB Wrap: Dodgers, D-Backs duke it out


    Wed, 12 Jun 2013

    Here is a quick wrap of Tuesday's noteworthy games, including an all-out brawl that broke out during the Dodgers-Diamondbacks game.

  17. Plumlee heads next wave of Wizards workouts


    Wed, 12 Jun 2013

    The Wizards interviewed Duke 's Mason Plumlee at last month's combine, but he didn't do any drills with the ball.

  18. Hard time to talk NBA finals here on Yahoo! Sports talk library Duke 957 a game here in the afternoons three until seven also you read an NBA insider CSN Bay Area dot com. When first when the last

  19. NBA Draft Capsule: Duke SG Seth Curry


    Fri, 7 Jun 2013

    Aggrey Sam of CSNChicago.com continues his NBA Draft previews with a look at Duke SG Seth Curry.

  20. NBA Draft Capsule: Duke SG Seth Curry


    Thu, 6 Jun 2013

    Bulls insider Aggrey Sam breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of Duke shooting guard Seth Curry in today's CSNChicago.com's draft capsule.