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12.10: Pete Carroll on the Emerald Bowl



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Wed, 14 Dec 2011|

Cavalli joins Greg Papa on the set of Chronicle Live to break down the upcoming Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl at AT&T Park.


Machine Generated Transcript

Had a lot to preview the emerald bowl turned up. Kraft fight hunger bowl -- back to chronicle live period talk about the start time first of all is the first time you've gone a New Year's Eve day isn't it. It has surely been on every day between Christmas and new year we been on a couple of years -- at night. We think this is a good time for -- 'cause it's -- Saturday you know the traditional day Ferrara college football and with a 1230 start time no matter when you wanna start partying for. You see you be at the stadium at 4 o'clock. Illinois going to be your first Big Ten team to come out and play now they started off great they're good defense and say they were six -- -- but they finished terribly runs look at. Fired and we know about the Rick Neuheisel side of the equation after losing the I don't Kiffin USC fifty to nothing he got fired to this this whole game -- at historic in once sense. It has to interim coach is that -- sidelined because the respective head coaches have been fired I know as one of my friends but it really six safely every coach is an interim coach you know every. They're getting ready fire they're gonna move up but you know we are pretty unique in this sense and I think both these teams have been sort of Jekyll -- this year and they've both played very well at times on I was six you know ranked in the top fifteen. First after the season and had a really bad second half of the season. And UCLA it was like inconsistent week by week during the year and he played great. Against -- I was then if they came in the Rose Bowl and also beat. At Arizona State back and -- estate was gone very well it played very well on the championship game of the pac twelve. Against Oregon despite all the distractions so yeah we hope that the the good Illinois shows up to play that good UCLA and if they do have a great game. Eric just big picture about the the bowl game. In history and aunts and such you've had some big crowds I know what UCLA. Was here a couple of years -- on the sidelines for that in the 2006 matchup of against Florida State. Will you sell. Game out and it will Wear our ticket sales right now. Well great you know we we've been fortunate the software the last 530. Right now yeah I'm not really sure this one's gonna get to -- sell out you know we you know a lot of Big Ten fans in the Bay Area a lot of alumni of both Illinois and northwestern so I think we're going to be fine. When pat Gallagher Jon marks -- star of the game ten years ago a lot of people -- -- that's Noah. A bowl game in the Bay Area that while the competition from pro teams you know that we do very well. Here we are ten years later we're still here we've had five sellouts and he had several high street games in -- history so I think we're doing quite well. Just AT&T park as a football venue we -- -- play. Their home games this year while memorial stadium gets renovated as a work for football I mean once a year for your bowl. It's a good thing is could work as it is a football venue I think so you know we're kind of trends that are visible in Yankee Stadium now does this game last year Wrigley Field but. You know we've we -- the football field along the left field third base side. And then he put temporary bleachers that right field right center and as -- nation -- it feel to it and everybody's close to the action so I think it works very well. Our friends the Giants to a great job opens that the game on in you know we're very proud of the of the -- -- we had an opening this year Greg -- army didn't qualify. He had nine conference's contacted us about potentially filling that spot play in our bowl game. Every once comes -- sisco and we have a great reputation for taking care of the teams. And thirdly I think -- -- -- with the cause you know were were not just the bowl game anymore were trying to fight hunger United States in between what. Crap does nationally in what we do locally were really trying to make a difference. Second year the Kraft fight hunger bowl this -- been going on for a decade the older. Memorable -- happy new year happy holidays to you a check yet New Year's Eve day 1230 kickoff -- go to the city afterwards and new years. But to have either cracker slot.

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