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3.9: Cal Pro Day -- Cameron Jordan



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Wed, 17 Aug 2011|

The Cal football coach sits down with Jim Kozimor at AT&T Park and talks about the upcoming season.


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We say welcome back to chronicle live ball rate and a lot can continue on the Giants stories we got this for you to cal Bears will play with 111 season at AT&T park on Tuesday. They got their first practice in on the field afterwards I'd sit down with -- head -- -- tempered for this -- conversation and asked him what adjustments the Bears -- have. Who made playing home games at AT&T. You know I don't see that many really tell the truth. You know as long and it's a great venue and play our fans are going to be here. We had a great experience here and beat Miami a couple of years ago so. I don't really see and you know maybe the infield and get used to that movement. Besides that I think pollution corrosive talk about the club he's got a chance to these guys for a while now what do they look like you can prepare for that 111 season. I'm very impressed very pleased with the progress. We're getting better every day I think that chemistry is great with the team and and the leadership -- surfacing and so I really feel. I really feel positive about what's going on. Stuff more to do. Let them guys are eager and working hard and you guys have some very quality skill position players I know you're very excited about your wide receivers in particular -- Just tell us a little bit about the skilled guys and what you expect from him this year. For really just to make plays you know just no one has to do on their own. Everybody just has to do their job and that's that's really the key you know -- offensive line have to block. Tight ends up the block and catch. Running backs block catch run secure the football quarterback made good decisions receivers blocking catching ball and secure the football field. You know those things -- on offense are really key you know you're never going to be a perfect game. We need to understand that there's going to be adversity and bounce back. You've got to feel good about sacks. Progress with the four I. So I'm anxious in his home let's add to that does that mean quarterback. -- -- very good quarterback coach but he's got different skills -- another skill set of being very active and able to be -- how do you work with that now with his skills that. -- really it's it's about being smart you know one of the great things is not ever play happens like become more the visibility of course down makes them. Manufacturers who aren't -- and make some first downs and things like that I think is going to be very. And when He scrambles and keep his eyes downfield well. Those very accurately on the wrong and so I think it brings a dimension that we haven't had. For years you guys and so quality running back position and oftentimes you have a couple of guys that you can rely on positive backfield dumping guys for this team. I think right now you see is doing a good job and that's a long. Nice job and he's backed up as of now. And so now really the next week and a half we really need to evaluate who's going to be three and four. Maybe five. And find out if it's for the two men immediately McNamee whatever is. But there's some talent there maximum -- and so. I think you learn anything every game get better and we're gonna need the next two weeks -- people turned. Defensively might have a few challenges after such a great year last year. It's it's a compliment -- a lot of guys graduating from the NFL and also playing on Sundays how do you make up for the losses of some of the guys and giving us. I think I think we have some guys are gonna feel -- quite nicely. You know when you look at our linebacker -- sure you lost Mohammed the last time -- in the secondary and Cameron Jordan. Ernie was to whichever guy memories step up inside. In the secondary shot into this is right at -- There and a host of linebackers with the DJ hall Michael Kendrick very solid linebacker roles and I think one more year in his defensive schemes and help us a lot. I think Clancy has those corners much more comfortable on the second year. And thank you can have a lot of confidence when. Third phase of the game a special teams and you've got to pre season all American as a -- how does that help with field position for you guys in the job brining her well that's where you make your biggest going. Infield positions and special teams and Franzen all American Palmer. He can change field position. Easily. And so you know sometimes you just have to make sure He has enough kicks his coverage you know we get down there. And that'll -- partially wrong and so. He's always been solid look for a big year from him this year. And -- kicking game of course with the Georgia to make he'll be in our kicker. -- it was kickoffs and field goals has really developed and matured. Quite a bit as a kicker and has been a lot of games and has a lot of experience and very confident going in and as soon as you prepare for this year where does that stand as far as play calling how involved -- UV in the and down by downplay call this team. I'll be much more involved. With the play calling here. I was gonna do it as a staff. Go to law checked him much tees are back consultant guys who have been together bull he's -- check myself -- a lot of years together. So called together I'll call a lot of home. But it's going to be as -- is that given band together does that make you more comfortable maybe a little bit more fun if you're absolutely. I'm really enjoying it you know we. We all have to sit around and talk about how we invented this or why we run this. Everybody's on the same page really into going eleven different for the pac ten it's the pac twelve now how does it change the dynamic of the conference. I have to wait and see you know playing the same team as far as I'm concerned you know one and our our conference were that. We have a place you don't play him in the ballgame two years ago so we know what they're about to make Colorado last year when we play them again this year so. Again there's always thought you know we didn't bring some. Some -- programming here that we're going to be up on the wrong competitive and you'll have to bring your a game if if you're gonna win. -- tempered thanks for your time good luck this season for cal football thanks for joining us -- -- thank you.

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