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12.9: Q&A with Nevada head coach Chris Ault



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Fri, 10 Dec 2010|

Nevada rolls into the Bay Area on six-game win streak.


Machine Generated Transcript

The match coming up -- -- as the attic in the BC Eagles Michelle Smith alongside from the welfare house to a help us conduct the interview congratulations to unit that one victory you've had so many great ones in your long career hall of Famer. I was at the biggest what are your career when you beat Boise State no question about it you know they -- to the atmosphere and all everything that was riding you know they were writing on a whole Lotta things and what we are right for conference championship and a the atmosphere was electric. That crowd was just special one's very special. And and the people up there in -- or just going crazy over your program obviously. 151000. Tickets were sold in just four days in Italy BC any tickets for the game -- -- -- -- -- -- that well we like to thank them all you know but you're right four days 151000 to -- on highway eighty is -- highway eighty outlay you have you've got to -- well but you know. This the first bowl game that we are gonna participate in that are better fans can be able travel to mean. We've been another bowl games but they haven't had that opportunity -- -- 180 miles away now they are excited they're they are really fired. Can't we just talk a little bit about. The brought up to that Boise game because there was a lot of anticipation for that game people look at the schedule I think early for -- state was on the schedule for Boise. But they looked at your game. And said that might be the other one that trips -- -- and what that week with likely into the game for your team. Well as interest in you know the end the great thing about playing Boise State you don't need -- you mean did that we knew we understood -- where they had a target on their back. In their come and our place and we we felt good about that yet we knew they were pretty personnel wise they had better personnel and so -- so forth but. I think the atmosphere that we can in our in our practices it was excellent the temple was -- -- the kids. Had good conference they believe that -- them we could win now again we're down 24/7 and happen. You start checking your hole cards you know and he got to find a way to come back. Kellen Moore obviously a terrific talent he's going to be -- New York for the Heisman presentation along with -- Andrew Luck and and Cam Newton but. I'm wondered about your guy Colin -- predict because he had a tremendous year Ernie said a tremendous career. Only quarterback in college football history to rush for over 4000 yards yards and -- For 9000 yards and he beat Kellen Moore. So my question to you very simply had that. Game occurred in week three and -- the night after Thanksgiving. -- column would have gotten more thought and maybe he'd be showing up in New York for the Heisman. Well you never know over a year you're you're really never know I I just know that they both their you know their co offensive players -- year in our conference in both of them. Take the offense is that they run and they run them extremely well I mean they are they are the captains the managers of the rules office and and -- is very special and our offense and and -- Kellen is very special -- you know it was a it was a great night is a great -- of them stood up and and did very well. I don't wanna ask you about the pistol offense because I have been admiring you from afar for years and we're seeing it not trickle predominantly through what college. High school it's everywhere -- -- a lot. In the professional game this pistol attack and tell me about your thought process you've had three different states as the coach of the wolfpack. In the 70s80s early nineties went -- came back for a couple of years mid ninety's and he came back you know four and go to this pistol attack. Where did this idea come from to put the quarterback and I called a sawed off shotgun he's not a seven yards he's at four yards of back behind Emmitt. At seven yards to adapt that word this idea this pistol formation conference. Well you -- I always. Enjoyed throwing the ball night I didn't enjoy the shot that I didn't like the run game shot in the east to west on in north south. And at the thought process was did you course -- part of the shotgun theory of being back off the lines. To involve your quarterback -- little bit -- still get the ball back to the back in the deeper area. So I did for two reasons one was we want to get the ball deeper to the back into we want our quarterback morn ball -- a play action pass. And the tough thing about it -- and there's no film a look at me we went out in spring of 205 in. Put it on my my staff thought I was nuts -- -- ready to have me committed the honestly because there's nothing to look at there is nothing to say this is how it's gonna work and and in the Nash of the backs and quarterbacks and so. We went out there we went the entire spring we never win and send her one time. And it was ugly at times you don't get as a spring -- -- We looked that we thought you know there's something to this happen this guy off the line in -- -- your back a little bit more than -- I should see him in the draft and everybody has. And so we went in 2005. And we -- we weren't. Championship that you're the first year with and it's just flourish from so so when you watch and even professional football now the Oakland Raiders for decades and everything go to the shotgun. And this year in Denver they went into the pistol and overseeing the Baltimore Ravens to with a lot of teams are. Experimenting at a great college coaches Nick Saban and it spent some time with you when studied. The pistol norm chow and Rick neuheisel from UCLA came to -- that a to study what has that make you feel all these guys are trying to copy what would you basically. Invented what well it's it's great -- really is and it's a lot of fun you know in in the beauty beautiful thing of the pistol formation. Is you can adopt any offense to you if you're a power guy you can run -- -- Saban they rented at Alabama this year right around the offices on the outside zone LSU did three years ago in their championship and so he can do different things with a we run the entire pistol offense that is our scheme but people are taking information. Doing the things that they think can help their offense with. I told me about coach better SS second heroes have instituted a Jonas Lester he was here for the game and played. USC very good defense attainment thing -- they're very good football team they're well coached and a you know it's one of those great traditional names in college football world were honored to have the opportunity to play against him -- And that defense especially there's no question about it they're they're number one in the country against the Russian and eighty yards a game and they do some great things on this side of the ball conviction to see if the pistol could fire against coach fans in the DC. Eagles' defense results reflect the nature for the first out of credit. Heard so much about -- congratulations on your success of the program thing you can appreciate as.