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The Lo Down: Time to show resilience



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Mon, 5 Nov 2012|

Lorenzo Neal doesn't believe the Raiders' season is over following their loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday.


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Well welcome back -- alone are finally magazine that they have finally -- -- no I know the people -- they need to know lower down maybe we got. Chris out as Lorenzo Neal and the Raiders that demoralizing loss in this room in the season form now now. This team's got to show some resilient what I watched his game to pass -- got the ball 61 times and had an opportunity to win the game what I didn't like when -- -- Carson Palmer. Back to -- the ball. You knew you had act and he threw the ball sometimes -- -- irresponsible situations when you look at that the plate right before in game over two minutes let. You have a chance that he can -- -- and get on the field didn't Phil always to tie it up 21 overtime at our sport touchdown to keep the ball added. Martins and to win the game and I just thought the kind of too little too aggressive with too much time on clock and cost blues' problems. We have the Ravens coming up in the -- -- a pretty tough road where you see them going these next three games immediately I you know right now they got to focus on Baltimore Ravens here's the deal it was kid named Martin today in his Woody did mark from Stockton California went to Saint Mary's high school went to Boise got that 3131. Pick in the draft this is what he did that 67 yard touchdown and 45 or attempt at -- seventy yard touchdown. 200 -- 180 yards right there -- things that would two more -- for 200 yards and hit over 250 yards. Rushing but he hit points five carries he had over 21 so when I look at this. SE Mark Ingram will last week against Minnesota but here's the thing the Raiders got -- -- look we got another guy by the name Ray Rice who gets the ball at the back field who's just as good -- I -- the -- down and I don't think that Joseph Flacco loses Mobil is this quarterback you saw on Freeman. This Freeman guys mobile. He wore the Raiders down early in the first half so that the Eagles defense alive and they begin to struggle in that second half and that's why did we in the run the ball a lot better so I don't think Flacco pass attack mobility that this Freeman had so look for the -- try to -- when the Baltimore and go ahead and get still this win. They don't have the ageless wonder which is 52 Ray Lewis. He's the long run that defense right now and their hurt right now they're given up some points so Raiders have to don't turn the ball over in the formed on Baltimore and try to still win. Try still went public with not age oh re writes that Martin. This week in and box might be having question slowdown is the hash tag lowdown on Twitter. And we will answer some of your questions.

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