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10.15: Warriors GM Larry Riley



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Tue, 7 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

If you wanna look for something for game two of the Golden State Warriors San Antonio series. Look for Stephan curry and Tony Parker and how they respond to matchups. Each team had a successful match up for curry and Parker and we'll see always team adjusts. For the Warriors -- Leonard took curry out of the game in the second half. And in overtime and curry had big difficulties scoring and getting around the bigger longer and more athletic Hawaii letter. Mark Jackson is gonna have to figure out a way to get curry on track. With the game on the line. -- for the Warriors Klay Thompson had a lot of success against Tony Parker he gives Parker problems with his life. And he's able to keep Parker front of them the entire game on Monday night changed when Klay Thompson fouled out late and allow Tony Parker to get going. But Gregg Popovich is gonna have to figure out a way to get Parker -- and when Klay Thompson is defending him. Obviously the Warriors blew a sixteen point lead with four minutes ago and that was very discouraging. What you're looking for some positive signs look no further than the Warriors for rookie players. The Warriors are getting contributions from 41 year players in the second round of an NBA playoff series that is impressive. Harrison Barnes continues to be a very comfortable and confident performer down the stretch of games. And he had a multitude of big shots for Golden State on Monday night. -- my dream taken a bigger bigger role for this team. Fast this is really played big important minutes and defending Tim Duncan. And lastly can't base more. Who was almost the hero of the game blocking and Tony Parker layup or wanted -- what could have been the game winning bucket on the other second overtime. The Warriors first year players. Very good sign for Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut was once again effective for Golden State in the playoffs. The problem was that coach Mark Jackson didn't have them on the court for long stretches in the second half. So why is that well two reasons Mark Jackson doesn't like using Andrew Bogut when the opposing team is playing without -- setter. And the Spurs played without center for large portions of that second half. Secondly Gregg Popovich employed -- of focus strategy sending Bogut to the lines several times in the first half. And Bogut didn't have success from the free throw line going just two for six it's obvious the Warriors are a better team with -- Andrew Bogut on the floor. Mark Jackson's got to figure out a way to happen there during important points in games what was so troubling about the Golden State Warriors blowing a sixteen point. It's me against the San Antonio Spurs in game one. Is that the same thing happened in game six against Denver but the Warriors were lucky enough to come away with a win. So what's happened down the stretch games. Well one of the issues is that the Warriors are having trouble getting into their offense and executing in the half court when they're there. They're also turned the ball over way too much late in games those Burton is gonna fall in Jarrett Jack and Stephan curry. Each of those guys has to do a better job. Well getting the Warriors in their offense settling the team down and executing and a half court. It's an area where the Golden State Warriors as a team have to improve. If they're gonna win this series.

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