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12.10: Heisman Trophy Presentation -- Andrew Luck



  1. Charles Woodson1:43, 1:58, 2:15
  2. Peyton Manning1:23, 1:42, 2:01
  3. Wes Welker0:57, 1:13
  4. Denver Broncos2:02
  5. Chris Clark0:22, 0:40
  6. Tracy Porter0:59, 1:03, 1:15
  7. LaMarr Houston0:19, 0:34
  8. Ryan Clady0:27
  9. Raiders0:08, 0:18, 0:33
  10. Heisman Trophy1:47
Sun, 22 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Scott bay -- Raiders insider for CSN California here at sports authority field at mile high with your game -- addition of three matchups to watch let's start with number three and it deals with the Raiders defensive end LaMarr Houston. Who will be going up against Chris Clark a new starter -- only made six starts in his entire career and that's because Ryan Clady was put on injured reserve. With a foot injury now if there's any matchup that truly favors the Raiders this is it because LaMarr Houston right now is the most efficient. Pass rushing for three defensive end Chris Clark. May not know what's coming to him because last year's tape shows a slower version of Houston back and he was 300 pounds. -- -- guys to eighty he's lean mean and still just as strong he's been getting to the quarterback quite often. Matchup number two. Deals with wide receiver Wes Welker and slot corner Tracy Porter these guys know each other well and have matched up several times -- Tracy Porter knows. Exactly what he's getting into when he told me that this is the most difficult challenge. Other of his season so far and may be the most difficult challenge. Of all sixteen weeks because Wes Welker is so sneaky Tracy Porter actually called it slippery because. Not only does he read defense well he he knows those hot reads and he's on the exact same page as quarterback Peyton Manning. But he only needs a small amount. Of room to get open make catches and make big plays -- Tracy Porter told me he's gonna have to be on his -- game -- -- Use leverage and don't be afraid to be physical with this guy because if you give him an inch he's gonna take a mile. Matchup number one heels with quarterback Peyton Manning and free safety Charles Woodson. Guys have known each other from most fifteen years dating back to the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Back in 1998 and the NFL draft and both of them were taken within the top ten picks now this is the key matchup especially with Taiwan branch out with an ankle injury because. Charles Woodson is gonna have to run that defense as well as Peyton Manning runs the Denver Broncos offense this -- so sneaky he changes plays at the line of scrimmage and you need a -- Really cerebral presence on the defense to be able to keep up with everything that Peyton Manning is doing. Because he's like a coach on the field and let's be honest Charles Woodson can have that same type of presence we also need to play physically well and the key for the Raiders here. Is coaxing -- meaning it's a mistakes making him think that there and one look when they're really blitzing something totally different. That's what you get him to make mistakes that's how you get him to throw costly interceptions and that's -- you can turn this game around in the raiders' favor.

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  15. The coaches it is just to compete and try to get better every day and that's from the do. Who. You know you you want to Heisman justice courses. And people would expect be a starter in the NFL had problems. Injuries. Is it tough to keep going. Yet

  16. from Richmond to Richmond spiders they want this guy named Berry redden. The other half of the room. They won the Heisman Trophy winner from USC's I think they made the right Marcus Allen go Marcus Allen and definitely good they go is good talking

  17. But that's all over notre we'll He's gone act. First time in franchise history 330 scores and I had small area our Heisman you know final all your line and have now they're in Logan out thirtieth. In others three lethal scorers and got spirit

  18. net to cynical guy and Foreman is nice in score one night and then. You know about what he's been playing great too and Heisman sorts goals as long as they continued Al define. Five wins against Dallas this year all three goal margins as you look back

  19. I we've all decided not to there. Robert what was harder for you. Was it going through an entire season and winning the Heisman or preparing for that big day that first night of the draft to the NFL. You know our season is always a lot harder than turning

  20. the road you're always on the phone man this morning you're here at the morning skate as we showed video review and Steve Heisman talk can you talk about the old Candidate days hurries back when you're consummate the deal. By the time you a lot. Both