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Fri, 27 Apr 2012|

Dave Benz has your Wendy's Morning Minute for Friday, April 27.


Machine Generated Transcript

Time now who who -- more than me. He has been the area dot com. Better CSN Bay Area dot com I'm Dave translate Comcast sports net studios -- your morning minute for Friday April 27. The 49ers made their selection in the NFL draft last night number thirty overall they came as a surprise to many. Former Illinois wide receiver AJ Jenkins the 64190. Pounder. Made first team all Big Ten honors last season by catching ninety passes for 12176. Yards and eight scores. The scouts like his quickness off the -- ability to separate and willingness to go across the middle. Not to mention that boarding time so what did the 49ers brass seems Jenkins. Talent. Character. Smart you know Smart guy. Just. The kind of person is -- only a lot of -- are going to. And -- make up. And you look at -- to realign some guys are strictly actions some guys can sit in the slot some guys are strictly -- We feel that we can this is a multi line guy a guy they can line up at any of those three spots and have success in our system. Sort of creates a lot of versatility within the position group. Of course the Raiders did not have a first round pick on the dime as the Giants avoided a sweep at the hands of the reds morning at 65 of these series finale Angel put gone play the role of hero what they -- read Ron go ahead homer in the ninth. As the Giants stay above 500 moving to ten and not on the season by the way Pablo Sandoval extended his hitting streak. Did nineteen games that is a new team record to start the season. Bobby Lopez gets the win sent Seattle to see out his second save afterwards -- -- talked about his big hit. Plumbing and Marcelo is a guy you know is very tough you know you can't you can get to -- against him you know. Is very successful -- -- -- -- last night his took me out with a horrible -- -- -- also where they was gonna throw back again in. You know I just put -- this -- owners got him this is a nice park to hit them in. -- -- -- you know honestly don't know it's not a hit a homer about to start off make some solid contact and my team and has -- an artist whose whose record -- just for the ball in play. The Giants return -- brain nine game homestand it all begins later tonight the -- three game set with the San Diego Padres you can catch all the action right here. -- Comcast sports net bay area of pregame live gets it started. At 6:30 PM that does it for your morning minute have a great Friday everybody. That was the windy this morning minute time CSN Bay Area dot com.

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    draft last night number thirty overall they came as a surprise to many. Former Illinois wide receiver AJ Jenkins the 64190. Pounder. Made first team all Big Ten honors last season by catching ninety passes for 12176. Yards and eight scores

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  2. or Tuesday after street does that give it firemen around that means right now. So on nine is is how boxing until about. The Illini you know this is a beautiful of them it will. An insult. Kind of is doing. Like that so make of it. In and beat up on them

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  4. one that he he does take a little bit of a break. You know again anything that started six games down career. And with the Big Ten game and that he just. Which is a good thing. But he's also got to understand here let's take deep breath come back ready

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  7. favorite players growing up watching him. You know play and never straight change your New Yorkers are facing him in the doesn't Illini you know that. He just he's hitting great he's not there. And it. Really a little bit didn't it. And you know after

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  12. that's still hard as sorted it out there and sometimes you can't see the ball the better the way it. Yeah that's just Illinois and things yourself and every position to read the ball it. You can it better swings even though you definitely can kind of

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    times taking any thing you're not meaning by there and open go as long as he can just like side anymore he's cooked in Illinois used Belfour today and in today I really want you lose used do little. But I always I used. You know he. Do little was probably

  16. visit our class a ball club have signing there. And the next day at gardens which isn't back to pull up I where I live in Illinois today. Action and then September 8 trinity and San Francisco out of books are called green apple. And there's more signings

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  18. I mean I'm not get them. NBA dot com and a little Big Ten . I mean they're lightning rain. Brandon let you know. And look the list present here evening no you know when you and Crawford

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  20. know we'll we'll come out. As a global basis because of the hang on and we thought it was clear that I. And logos of Illinois almost boo boos over there Roloson and all of us open world. The support myself right now because I don't know I don't