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12.4: Jim Harbaugh being courted by Kansas



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Tue, 3 Apr 2012|

Damon Andrews has your Morning Minute for April 3rd, 2012.


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Time -- with the way. On this and Bay Area dot com. Good morning everyone -- -- here with your morning minute you know everyone knows the Giants have one of the best pitching staffs in all of baseball yesterday they locked up a major part. Of that staff. Yesterday's Giants signed starting pitcher Matt Cain to a five year extension worth a 112 and a half million dollars is also at 21 million dollar. Vesting option or seven and happening dollar buyout -- says. It feels good to get the deal out of the way. And -- poorly this will be. To know that. You're you're we got everything settled I mean that's I think that's -- but it I mean us there's nothing better than knowing we're going into the season. Excited about what's gonna happen and we're looking forward to to get in the season started. Well after the big news with -- and I still had a game to play game one of the favorites exhibition series against the -- here so guard led the way for Oakland going. One for three with a home run into -- Melky Cabrera went there before for the Giants hitting a homer and drove in two Giants win game one. Fortitude and national title game in college basketball the Kentucky Wildcats won their eighth national title in school history. As they beat the Kansas Jayhawks 67 at 59 head coach Jack got apparent what his first national title as a head coach. Chris and Anthony Davis when the final four most outstanding player for the wildcats leading man with six points and sixteen rebounds and six blocks. And five assists. The Sox enter tonight's game against the Dallas stars and eighth place San Jose beat Dallas three zip on Saturday but coach Todd McLellan says he expects stars to play a lot better. This time around. There will be a different team they're playing at home -- playing in front of the -- the big play back to back here they won't have a problem. Truly gets healthy bodies back so. -- -- -- game on our hands and we did here. Well biggest game of the season tonight fourteen to -- to catch all the action. We'll Comcast sports net California pregame live -- -- at 5 -- puck drops. Maybe after 530 Bobble by Sharks posted. That was the windy. Bay Area dot com.

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    They're ranked jayhawks and Sam money going for ..... in the second hand 4730 Kansas we won't let me Gutierrez ..... was as close as they get Kansas lead back to eighth. Josh ..... jayhawk lead back to ten Kansas up fourteen. Tyrell free

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    gonna win at all I think kansas ' it's hard to pick ..... Obviously I have to pick Kansas as my family living out their working for the jayhawks and you know radar tracks ..... that you don't the jayhawks He talked about the ..... Other smart pick is is Kansas Jayhawks one of the best court

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    but didn't somebody the Allen the course in Kansas not Allen fieldhouse or Dean Smith as you know is a backup guard there for the Kansas Jayhawks . That's phenomenal Kansas Jayhawks rock strong knowledge where you right now it

  4. Morning Minute: Giants sign Cain to historic deal; Sharks face biggest game of the year

    game in college basketball the Kentucky Wildcats won their eighth national title in school history. As they beat the Kansas Jayhawks 67 at 59 head coach Jack got apparent what his first national title as a head coach. Chris and Anthony Davis when

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    this is gonna takes more time. Made a couple of slant throws Jude and areas more on Sunday that hideous interception of the Kansas City just don't forget eliminate tied Darren McFadden scored two touchdowns in the game he ran right over of hollow on the

  2. you know that was something that we wanted to come into the game when he was running and throwing the football on. You know Kansas does a great job in this offense. And Have the bye week aside are getting a little break from Vernon Davis what he raced you

  3. seems overwhelmed by. Who he's going up against and what kind of defense he's actually playing he was inserted against the Kansas City Chiefs two weeks ago. And five against the basically the best passers in the entire NFL. But Woodley is a veteran he

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  5. him to be able. To get out there employee you restarted and then the San Diego game forcing. He'll play Lawton and in the Kansas City game so he's gotten some experience which which will help him come Sunday. I'll say this I mean you know. It in the

  6. the injuries that they've had with have a tough game against Kansas City. Being able to let that go get a little time off but get ..... let's talk more about prior and he sort of brushed aside the Kansas City game because of the offensive line issues well chronicled

  7. that gave up ten sacks. And fourteen quarterback hits to the Kansas City Chiefs that was the exact same five guys lining up with ..... steady point that you need to keep up with the the likes of the Kansas City Chiefs. Or even the Pittsburgh Steelers that they're

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    weekend, so Pryor and offensive coordinator Greg Olson are going to hunker down and study while most other Raiders are away. Pryor planned on taking a few days off during this stretch, but Sunday's loss to Kansas City changed things.

  11. throwing motion but that idea has been scrapped because told me. On Wednesday that he planned on doing that based upon him beating Kansas City Chiefs and him taking a couple days away from this facility away from this coaching staff. get away but also to get better

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    ALAMEDA – Raiders free safety Charles Woodson wasn't too happy with his defense following Sunday's 24-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. While the offense couldn't move or score and was the main reason why the game fell apart, the veteran said

  13. hours to truly digested disappointing result at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. Now Terrelle Pryor took full responsibility for ..... affected the Raiders offense during. Sunday's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and that's because. They had no healthy they

  14. I Raiders coming off a loss 44 to seven in Kansas City in this game the numbers tell the story not as good. Penalties ..... visit salaries of the Raiders Raiders come up short against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. More solid start when the first have

  15. as good as he could play. Or is good as he has played last week against San Diego. Didn't play as well this week against Kansas City mean it it's. That's part of the growth of a young player. You know in and so now the key is learn from it does he

  16. Raiders of that about 24 hours to digest their loss to Kansas City Scott you had the same amount of time when you look back at the game what sticks out she's the most. And that's second

  17. game that it wasn't a factor the great even night. Eleven penalties so looking like that to clean up any injury announcing on the and the mind. The bye week couldn't have come at a better time in Kansas City down Comcast sports net.

  18. everybody's got to race here in the Comcast sports net studios with your morning minute we need. The Raiders have balanced in Kansas City 24/7. The Chiefs got six and oh on the season Terrelle Pryor tough day sacked ten times and threw three interceptions

  19. Hey guys Arrowhead Stadium the greater suffering a tough loss to Kansas City. And Scott after the game Terrelle Pryor he took full responsibility for this loss but it appeared to put this loss solely

  20. Yeah I mean it was a no no and and we started to get into a rhythm at all early. You know just continue to put ourselves in holes first second down. You know got to be better off for second down And play defense like that. We lost them only doing it for a long long day. That on. Anything and