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Sat, 23 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Warriors forward. Richard Jefferson joining us here. I'm chronicle live if that is your name's -- -- -- welcome into the show we do appreciate it and let's let's start with this how much do you guys and twelve games left. How much you guys take a look at the standings and it tastes you know daily basis I try to tell guys -- that doesn't matter even if you look at six through six to rate. Right now what's going on with the way Denver's plane when Memphis has played of late by the Clippers have played solid bass what they've been moving down. You know things are gonna -- you don't know one week you can be one team matter which is going to be another so you have to kind of focus on your games and understand the last three games of the season. Is where everything start to shift -- you've been in these runs before you got to play well in the final stretch of the season to get to the playoffs are a lot of guys who haven't been there before. Even at the college level now how can you impart that knowledge you have do you talk to them or you wait for them to come to you. Why it's a little bit of both I was horse and I made the playoffs one year where I was injured I made the playoffs in 82 game of the year. We had to beat Boston in order to get into the playoffs because we had a ton of injuries that year. You just can't tell guys that. Do the same thing that you've done. All year long don't try and work out more don't try what you wanna stay working out but you wanna continue whatever you've done you don't -- all of -- sudden start stressing you don't want to change something -- you know my -- Ten family members come out and visit because you know they wanna watch it play out and the more you have a consistent focus. More you have consistent perform you mention that scenario where you had a winning game 82 to make the playoffs in essence that was a playoff game -- So if you look at this season for this Warriors team that we're seeing young guys' forms green as -- they don't know what they're about to hit but with the playoffs coming. Other playoffs already starting for you guys you have to play with a different mentality because you haven't been to a playoff -- the the in the playoffs have started and not so much. With the mentality of we have to win every single game but more of you have to get better every single night. There is no a win is a win and right now if you go out and you don't play well against a team that's below 500 or team that you're supposed to be if you don't play well against those teams. It was a lost opportunity was a lost opportunity to get better as a team and you have to understand the position that we're in that that 678. Spot. You're gonna play a monster you're gonna play the Spurs you're gonna play the Grizzlies are gonna play the Clippers you're gonna play a high level team and so you're not getting better every day and executing your stuff. If he's gonna make it more difficult down the stretch for a lot of people filed the NBA the Warriors are still surprise this year to be a six seed in the Western Conference hotel twelve games left what's different from last year to this year. I'll help is number one right now how does number one but it's a completely different situation I think coach coach Jackson took over the organization. With no training camp you know not really you know having a chance to work with the rookies -- shortened season tons of injuries and I get here and it's. It was -- you can tell that. One that he had a bigger picture focus. And and that everything was going to be -- right in coming in every guy came in. Am they were working out right after Labor Day. So we are ahead of the curve so if you ask anyone in our locker room and anyone on our coaches that this is not a surprise this is not surprised where we are we knew and we look at the seven and eighteen. From last year and are we better than them -- we feel like we can compete and get to that spot. When it comes in wins and position and we felt like we we were one of those teams you look at the five game homestand coming up but could look pretty good -- you recently had a seven game homestand. Things didn't -- great one for the seven games eagle for three I think that's unacceptable for a team that's trying to make some strides here. So what has to get done in this five game hopefully we were we we. We're not happy with the way we played we you know and and I -- that wind isn't is not always a win sometimes you wanna go out there and play consistent basketball and you know we we hold ourselves to a higher standard and I think other people. I think if you look at coach Jackson pointed out you look at the way we played on the road trip. You know. At the end the day it was go win in New Orleans go win against Houston team that we had beaten yet. And he just kind of roll the dice if the San Antonio Spurs and we went out there we competed the Spurs were a better team that night but we just wanna continue playing the way we played the last we -- so. And and see who we can do on this and so that's. All of that today at Houston. One night at -- and able to get over that hump yet. Cilic of the owners -- that was hugely maybe the biggest one mark Jackson's coaching career to get that little run. What was the difference maker deal why wasn't that you guys it was like a playoff game do you guys that that was and they started a playoff right now that was a playoff game you. If you look at the way they play in the way we play that day they match up well against that they have great guard that penetrate. I'm driving kick a sheet they shot the box too much Alan Parsons finally didn't shoot 70% of three against us so the sense that helped quite a bit but. Winning that game if you look at it. Part of our problem is that we don't have the tiebreaker against any of the teams around us we don't have a tiebreaker against. The Houston Rockets -- even if we finish at the exact same record they immediately -- above us so we have to stay in front of them the rest of the way to continue that six spot so. Had we lost that game. It would have given us the same record and which -- -- you know initially put them in front of us so it was a big win a great when we were excited but we also knew. We can go out there. We did early in the year we beat the Clippers emotional win and we went lost two out of Sacramento kings of the very next night so I think in New Orleans -- as far as us in the way we are playing in the mentality that we wanted to have. I think that win was even bigger we talked a -- we -- -- -- about the Andrew -- factor yet and there's fact -- there is now back. And you guys will play a lot better with them a little less exchanges for two defense giving up about 88 points per game stretch but. Has it been tough to get into a rhythm because Andrew hasn't been on the floor for thirty minutes each and every night some nights as there -- some nights it's not so -- separate. How I would say the rhythm because Andrew is a very unselfish -- it's not like you're putting a guy in here that need to get 25 shots and he wants to block shots he wants to pass the ball. He went to his teammates involved. So so. Putting him. In the lineup and put him on the court. Is not very difficult for us. We know that in order for us to reach that high level that we that we want to get too. He has to be a part that and yes the play at a high level also. It's tough you look at it the injury that he had and trying to come back to -- here he wanted to play he wanted to get out there helpless you know. Yeah I mean pretty much ended his career with an ankle injury so it's tough when you talk about a guy that's seven foot 260. -- to -- seventy pounds you have to make sure that it's moving moving well are you start to get other things that creep in their back east. You know it's you know big props to happen when you talk about the guy. Let's shift gears from the NBA to go to the college game you know little somebody go to Arizona had a heck of a career he has got to an NCAA final. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After in my past smile a lot and I guess they did know he talks a lot of trashy does it it carries over onto the court. You know he just says random stuff to opponents all the time and like with this young -- -- -- -- is a fierce competitor and when you get him talk about Michigan State he gets real intense as it have you ever had -- say hey listen let's pipe down a little bit on the floor follow. On the floor -- had to say eight let it relax relax I gotta check that guy yeah it's relaxing just in this loses a couple of days ago don't tell me relax. Hi I'm like tree in my it's going to be all right -- Andre Muslim my favor rookies I think I've ever had. -- because he's such a great competitor. And it doesn't matter it could be in the card game it can be -- shooting drills -- you know we started shooting together. You know. Is medium whenever we get the opportunity and he's such a good kid and I think he has a bright future in this league how good is the pac twelve right now the turn at five teams don't in Arizona winner. Is that good little run going right here Callaway and organ wonder why. I try to tell people. Our conference prior had a bunch of teams that should be ranked between ten and 25 somewhere in that way I Arizona being one of those teams. But it was very similar to big to Big Ten had fourteen that's -- -- be ranked in the top ten when you're constantly beating each other out. Nobody can really kind of pull away and so I think we got a ton -- we got a ton of teams in the tournament -- we got a ton a ton of middle seeds. And whenever you do that. You teams kind of going to that with a chip on their shoulder and I think how they played great. Having them home game at San Jose definitely you think that yeah I got a good -- there -- -- -- sometimes if you're gonna give them -- -- -- that you got to give them you know home court advantage and I'm probably rather have that I'd rather have a they have a low seed and home -- that I'll take it. But -- That the package has. Has been improved in the last year they had a couple of lean lean years we get a lot of guys leaving early awesome coaching changes. But you know last couple years at tees have been playing great Arizona and we were two years away from the -- we went to lead eight at one at a shot into the final four last year with a ton of freshmen we -- make an Elvis and every -- think it. Oh with a pack is down -- is now. Well we found that out of the top recruiting class very similar to UCLA and now they're slowly start to build those programs that -- right you that you getters don't take it up -- though I. Filling out -- is the easiest thing because it's a credit to predict a I fell out of Arizona all the way there and I try to figure out who they're possibly got to play -- -- -- had a Harvard for everyone looks at me like I'm crazy now all of a sudden here Arizona is in the second round they have a very very tough matchup against Harvard veteran team that's not tough and it is an awful lot of up and -- the bottom I don't. I've lost to some interest in teams and -- life. So I don't ever think anything is a tough matchup you know Harvard has had a big win and they're gonna follow it up against you know when the storied programs in all of college -- while there's a lot cats -- -- them. To get that one win in at a trying to continue it is that it. They're going to be focused good luck to them good luck to you good luck to the Warriors as you get going on at five game homestand Richard Jefferson thanks for coming and it's -- John -- -- -- thanks for having me.

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