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What's trending? On-air disaster, baby hands, doing Twitter right



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  2. Philadelphia Eagles2:18
  3. James Franklin3:38, 3:48, 3:50
  4. Saturday Night Live1:57
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Wed, 14 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

It's time for my favorite part of the program is called what's trending where you go to Yahoo! Sports figure out what all the cool stuff is that's going on -- world of sports and more. And right now all of you fantasy geeks here geared up because you got your draft coming up from AB just add your -- and all the information you right there Yahoo! Sports. You're also got all the information I need right here right now because my best -- knowledge Collins is waving to you at home. Now what's going down you know not I'm sorry I am feeling fabulous and I'm feeling fabulous. Because in our industry their times a week we come under stress and pressure and things happen out of our control -- today it didn't happen to you or me it happened as I. Gotta have good wins right handed so sky sports reporter Nick Collins. With him and all the broadcast at Wembley Stadium before a hot and not sit between England -- Scotland. And it admitted broadcast it took a little bit of a humble take a look at the video. Planning for the is not a nice chip. The community shield going much. I think and I think that you hope never happens here on live television. And that's Barack Obama got to Philadelphia I'm not we shouldn't laugh -- this fort Chaffee was just trying to do his job as someone else didn't do there's no let's listen. I'm -- one up you on this one and I want to take a look at this and this is known as the great lady this when I think beats are British buddy let's -- -- -- one. There. On a -- day. Our own little hole I am -- now how about how -- Oh yeah. -- -- -- Rule -- and she's actually hurt knowing that yeah hard to. That is a different Saturday Night Live event and I think. I don't know how it. -- -- still laugh at this forewoman Melanie you're just rubbing -- in your normal person. I would move on quickly because I just I have to move away from that it's -- always pains me to -- -- -- ladies. Let's talk about NFL offensive lineman Dewayne Johnson he's news -- the Philadelphia Eagles he and his wife god bless and they just have a brand new baby. This baby has an interesting feature doesn't it. Yeah he sure does so -- -- -- -- job and just had a baby he's very day is all. And Dwayne Johnson tweet out photo of this child it can show off his massive hands -- lie at the thought of me. Obama three day old baby and right hands when I first saw it yeah I want for saw that picture that was a little holding him it's not only him. Oh goodness gracious keeping my blame Johnson is 66 but over 300 pounds of so. Maybe he just got it from -- And may -- and big hands you know you know they say big hands big -- big gloves. -- exactly that -- her. Mean I like it you are working together. I miss the let's move to college football because it's huge SEC college football season about ready to start there's one Vanderbilt fans felony that is in a real conundrum evidently they've got to work on opening game day. Preventable so what's gonna happen here. Conundrum I love that word for this fans found out he had to work on this season opener when Vanderbilt takes on all met. So he took to Twitter take a look at fifth Twitter exchange here right now what would you do you have your boss told you that you had to work at night at Vanderbilt opener against Ole miss. Just gotten. A few hours later and none other than Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin -- we -- saying I really well call your boss. Online so eleventh right not all you know you have number tomorrow codes James Franklin. And it James Franklin right back again and give me all pertinent and about what you do where he graduated from why -- the USC's front. Who can fill in for you hash tags. It's always prepared a beloved. That is cool right Franklin had been abandoned me I love -- I absolutely agree with you on that when you and I are simply had to go. You know I love for Vanderbilt in their head coach. That is gonna do it for what's trending well taken Millen would mean that did not know we don't think everybody that's -- struggling.

  1. happen second period to once San Jose Sharks on the power play Patrick Marleau. It just get pucks towards the this is set play rebels he gets on this inside of that defender and Marleau put to read a mistake that reflect and write off the face to. Right now

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    Sharks a monopoly we in opener on Thursday they've faced the Coyotes and Mike Smith over the SEC senators Last seven times six or what they were shut out. 46 seconds in the so much for Italy's all the big smile is one of

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    re throwing gang problems of the staff as well. I'm the rebels are you able to talk to all over. The city staff to bring them ..... want my kids. To do with the move. These boys and girls. the rebels . offensive this. Consistent. I don't know what impact

  4. brings out the better and you know. I don't see I think Tim will will be up for the task of matchup with a CC sabathia was SEC stand for. Charles Carson yes a Carsten Charles There's. Sammy was supposed to pitch at the old Yankee Stadium the 2000 they

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    most of it open the door for the animal for food and proposals. it'll haunt you in the beginning. I don't know I believe rebels Right. Here. The missile Arsenal what do you so both of us monkeys it will always important people think it. Those we're

  6. are sort of acclimate themselves to you know. Game and likewise I come easier for you. It's like you know Tennessee in the SEC competition really helped me a lot. You know that plays really fast up there and you know it's really similar to the NFL play

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    football news report him. have saved Pearl Jam and yourself in protest favorite moment as professionals is playing second base rebels There's a perfect game. I wasn't play events like five you've in baseball. The richer public square up too little it

  8. autograph for some fans pointing to his right hand. And now this is it is in injury. That is cropped up in the past that Ole miss he had a right hand injury. twice with the 49ers previously he's the right and we don't know it's broken but even

  9. and everyday man is it crazy today about SEC football and Johnny football. That's ..... Sports past but. I don't know what SEC media day today. How do you compare himself ..... rumors surrounding that. and that he does SEC media days compared himself and Justin Bieber

  10. trending Yahoo! Sports everyone is talking about the Major League Baseball All Star Games funniest stuff over the website hustle SEC news. And NBA news is always there on top of it all so we got sports talk live with me your host and and what's in the box

  11. kind of answered that question today they got their Winger. It just came be mature via trades free agency so. That's the way SEC and I see things right now you think getting Joba Belsky sign an extension is probably now the top of their list moving forward

  12. with three owls. And any other interesting thing these teacher it's a network for the Mississippi State it. Rebels they printed rebels on a teacher I mean they're not are you look alike they are you have the same colors really. That's not

  13. players test positive or certain performances in. And coach talked about Baylor team. They're gonna be a little Volkswagen SEC Alabama Auburn or LSU Alabama were two really good programs are fighting each other. each other. In the offseason doesn't

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    home where at However will help you offensive line got horses and guys of their. When you. Speed they don't a good Ole miss him very well Dolphins lying on the fourth of this bit of knowledge because of the make moment yeah I gather this very

  15. ability they're gonna run really similar times. So I mean as far as actual speed no I mean it's similar when you play in the SEC either fast guys. Palm a little more instinctive little smarter. I'll actually get their natural quicker. That would be

  16. good today summer and so my really. Jump but tonight I guess has been the club well I don't think it's good pitchers Ole miss my mind tonight. Knows a a tough you know how to keep battling and not cloudless nights and should go through. Just

  17. opened eyes. Closed. Power is getting him. I think just be good speed up a lot more with the rest because it here but a select SEC prepared me for the speed that I'm seeing right now. You know there pretty normal to me. Your game translate from college

  18. times just Smart player little ticked act alike we talked about giving or that Beckett the back. But that passed by Joseph rebels if TJ Galley or even make it 32 did you say sickness that has what else he do what he does best finding open guys empty nets

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    The Ravens have started the usual rookie free-agent signings, and they grabbed a pretty good basketball player they'll try to convert into a tight end.

  20. scheme used to the speed of the NFL I mean he comes from the SEC here for all the time it is so fast there. NFL it's a different ..... lead though the highs of four there isn't. I come from the SEC and you know hopefully that prepared just like you say this is