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Sabean: 'We need to get Pablo's eating habits under control'



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Tue, 5 Jun 2012|

Brian Sabean joins Jim Kozimor on Chronicle Live to discuss the 6-1 homestand, he praises the whole pitching staff, and addresses Pablo Sandoval's issues.


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I Giants win some games right now so what do you sing your team what's different biker club. Well the big difference to a 61 and -- homestand that so we've had. Yourself away from 500 and then get while on the standings so low it's good that we're just going on the road for three games -- when answers and get back home. You guys just three games back in the -- as it mattered if they catch the Dodgers in the NL west before the all star break is there a mental thing there. You know I don't think the players think that way but you know management or the manager knows what's going on what we need to do that -- stay close to keep up with the team in front of us in the right now what Jason Neman maybe that's a good thing keep the pressure on them. -- -- -- the Giants have shown on this past eight game stretch is it all on the starting pitching as the offense then -- -- through this eight game stretch. By I think the bullpen from the unsung hero if you look at the close games in the fact that. We've had to -- Rome offer stretch casino restrictions one of the reasons in the offseason we decided to really protect that -- and though they certainly come through willow. Above and beyond the call of duty lately and we've scored enough obviously to win ball games not so it's important right now. I know one position on that infield has gotten a lot of attention second base for a while other people but areas would be the answer everyone waited for Freddy Sanchez. But as Brian Terry staking a claim to second base is in his the rest of the way. Well you would hope so because he's got that veteran experience to -- on World Series team that. I know butch who do -- he needs to do the deal -- him on the given day put he's he's really played nicely since gotten back from the arm injury. What about Freddy Sanchez is there an update on what he's got to do to get back. I don't have one I know he's taken some dry swings with the back still is an issue we'll see what happens though of the line once he gets in the baseball action. -- talk about your outfield you put together an outfield with Cabrera went to -- blog gulf but they exceeding your expectations what you thought they can do. When you decided to make that you're points while -- film. But I had to get them to say that Indian total because we don't know the blog was gonna make the team you let alone. Become the the leadoff hitter and and of course we've seen from. Cabrera we've gone as far as overall play is sorely needed -- especially with the the likes of Sanchez though and in San Paulo and not have enough. I -- -- contributing so well you know it really is good timing you know in all regards. Throughout the course of the season how much do you sit that's been a couple of months now. How much you sit down Bruce -- just talk about the makeup of the roster and what he has to work with them. And as you guys planned for the young upcoming months of the season how much you guys discuss what you have to work what. You know not a day goes by itself one on visiting in some form I -- to -- there and it before after a game and is usually a topic at hand. And it's been one of those years -- really it's been like -- for a couple years so. Though we're used to the dialogue and we're trying to think ahead it at all times for a switch you can control and then though really with might be available up the line but. It's more what you can control because that's the policy more -- day to day basis. Let's turn our attention of Pablo sent a ball is an off field investigation going on right now what can you tell us about where that stands. I have no idea it's a legal issue and I can and cannot common as a result all right now let's talk about the on field play -- bush is very critical. But Pablo sound of all and how he looked as he came back to start his rehab assignment. Where do you stand on on the weight issue with Pablo Sandoval right now. Well the weight is an issue of some of that may be it is the time away from the ball club per say in the fact that he was in the rehab mode with the hand. I think now that he's an a in this in a baseball mode where he's gonna do you know all the work any given day be in the ground balls and and regiment a running and also hitting on the field he's got a chance that. Get in better shape but I know the boat showed him some tough love the other day in which probably deserved. How much do you do the Giants scrutinizing guys rehab or or pre rehab assignment. -- -- around the ballclub and he's said he was -- with the club it really was hanging around it was in -- in the clubhouse he was so to sit there in the dugout during games. How much was he scrutinized during that time. I'm sure I'm not sure what -- you main cause. And why you on -- -- under the guise of golf clubs we were. -- working with him each day even though he wasn't on assignments so well. But you still responsible for what you do quoted the training table and that that's what we've got to get on the control is eating habits and -- seemingly -- tough to control. Where does he fit and is he still the third baseman for this club that I use them tough love from OG. He seemed it to say it was kind of a message to -- son all you've got to get ready but is he still at third base and for this team. Mile course he is but if he's not able to hold up his end though on the on the field defensively. I'm sure they're going to be scenarios that though and and especially early on because we don't know how. Profession he's gonna be right handed against left handed pitching that there is to get some Mo. Some reps there are more so later and again so he knows what he needs to do he he's a Smart kid he's just gonna get more focused. Do we know what club did you guys finalize his next step slow and rehab where's he going to be and how long he's going to be there. But he's at Fresno tonight and it's gonna be game to game I think Fresno has a day upcoming. Is going to be off from the schedule. Well we'll monitor that closely I don't know the we have to. Check off all the boxes -- especially the right handed box put I know in this Texas series we are gonna face some lefties so. I can guarantee where he's going to be at this weekend but he does need more at bats and evident by what. We Sar at the rehab games and see San Jose direction when they play in Stockton. Major League Baseball draft happened just the other day first round pick is Chris Stratton Mississippi State right handed pitcher. Giants fans wanna know about these guys because it's not like football the NBA so what can you tell us about Chris Stratton. Very lucky to get -- you know I think the draft it was very much in the eyes of the older and pick them draft. Seemingly a lot of high school just one early and I probably. I don't blame clubs because the lady you get into this you know after the first sixty picks which was the first day of the draft. I'm not sure high school kids are gonna be all that interest in signing. It was a run on position players and I think a guy like Stratton move down the board we had him -- tires so. When he fell on -- lap -- we -- very you know confident that he was the right pick for us as a kid with four pitches that should move fast. Pitch in a major universe your program in the SEC which is probably the best conference in all sports and college athletics. Boy you mention the fact that he's the college guys coming out to you guys put a quicker timetable psychology guy. As opposed to the high school kid who does his college experience kind of put a lot of faster track. Why you would hope so but there's no guarantee with that and everybody moves at their own pace dependent. How they acclimate to pro ball in and really what they're. First your experiences and and then though.

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