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  1. you a but will. That's a handsome did you buy that new or used. You know what I did get the market it was a it was new Nebraska had a good I have got to read how they're gonna start and I'm Keep going some football guy and I Adrian let's talk about

  2. Dennard in court for probation violation hearing


    Mon, 16 Sep 2013

    Alfonzo Dennard is scheduled to appear in court Monday morning for a probation violation hearing in Lincoln, Nebraska .

  3. Big twelve almost the same record here on a twelve against third little low warrior From Stoltz. But Tim Lincecum has a day to remember respective

  4. Dennard DUI hearing rescheduled for Oct. 8


    Mon, 12 Aug 2013

    Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard received a continuance on his hearing related to his DUI arrest in Nebraska . It was rescheduled for Oct. 8.

  5. Report: Dennard hearing set for August 27


    Wed, 24 Jul 2013

    Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was in a Nebraska court Wednesday morning, disputing a suspicion of DUI charge from July 11.

  6. Patriots' Dennard arrested on suspicion of DUI


    Thu, 11 Jul 2013

    Cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, who was sentenced to 30 days in jail three months ago for assaulting a police officer, is arrested in Nebraska on suspicion of driving under the influence.

  7. And that's what you do win announcements can take again next thing this was hopefully this game the way we played in the Nebraska game series. For for the situation hopefully this give us some confidence for himself. Like your front of their last question

  8. that boat it is good at putting extra effort to save this one. And from curry unbelievable. Watched his hustle and from the big twelve points in the first half Edwards back to back. lead back victory and he's more Bogut behind the back this time Jarrett

  9. Dennard sentenced to jail, won't miss Patriots activities


    Thu, 11 Apr 2013

    Alfonzo Dennard was sentenced to 30 days in jail by a Lincoln, Nebraska judge on Thursday.

  10. way. You know what we look like old selves we battled. Always thought we got back into ball game that's that's so very Nebraska wolves in the best in the west right now for a reason. That and today I was very pleased with how we battled and competed

  11. Police officer testifies Dennard punched him


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    Lincoln, Nebraska , Police Officer Benjamin Kopsa testified that in April of last year he was in the process of arresting Dennard for getting into a fight with another man when Dennard began to get physical.

  12. Dennard's jury trial underway in Nebraska


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    Alfonzo Dennard's jury trial for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest is being held Monday. The cornerback faces up to five years in prison and a 10,000 fine if convicted.

  13. Dennard found guilty of assualting officer, resisting arrest


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was found guilty Wednesday of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest in Lincoln, Nebraska last April 21.

  14. good so far telephone here. And that. You know what are you that yeah I mean you grow up watching these guys in much and Nebraska . Coming here though for new years is when you listen to that to say and a watch how to go about the business. And what

  15. entire career has been really. We realized we. We've got to do commit. And the last about defense from day one is secured Nebraska . If you don't rebound the ball and go defense through its. Resale. We got a bunch of guys. Smaller guys big guys committed

  16. Murray, Georgia beat Nebraska 45-31 in Cap One


    Tue, 1 Jan 2013

    Aaron Murray threw five touchdown passes to set a Georgia bowl record, beating Nebraska 45-31 in the Capital One Bowl.

  17. HIGHLIGHTS: Lakers 118, Warriors 115


    Sun, 23 Dec 2012

    into this league with Kobe on the bench. Checks back and immediately right back didn't go with Dwight Howard for the LA big twelve nothing on their own leaderboard. Bryant working on the rookie Harrison Barnes. That's tough to guard anybody he nails

  18. vs physics calorie this is great old school football pac twelve vs Big Ten. When you watch Wisconsin put up seventy against Nebraska that Big Ten championship game what jumps out at you what concerns. What some sciences. Mindful. He looks great he's going

  19. up 416. And then late in the third quarter it's Avery finding his way through the defense some resulting in. And so that's a penalty as Lincoln with their feet consecutive big twelve title 55 to thirteen Adrian Ortiz leading the way.

  20. take what you can get. Yeah we were out we're out there and then we're on the road quite a bit as well we're one in Nebraska we go to University of Texas and so we're the road Warriors as well and and we we had to pick up the schedule and pick up