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Tue, 13 Mar 2012|

Jordan Schwartz joins Jim Kozimor on Chronicle Live after picking 65 of the 68 teams slotted in the national tournament.


Machine Generated Transcript

Jordan Schwartz joins us here on chronicle live in Jordan. You're pretty good pick your final field of 68 how many of the sixty did you get right. Well that's good this year as there was last -- got 67 last year just 65 this year pretty disappointed in missing three teens. One of those teams with cal I didn't feel that they deserve to be in the field. We're gonna get into that just the second let's start with a positive side that Saint Mary's College here in northern California a lot of people jumping on that bandwagon. Are they get what they deserve the seventh seed. Yeah I think they deserved. Seven seed that's where I had them I think they have a tough matchup in the first round though going up against Purdue. You know seniors had a good year. They beat up on Gonzaga three times -- I'm really boosted their resume a great deal. They really do much out of conference though they lost to Baylor. You know they lost some other teams that they should've been out of conference so. I wonder if they can get past Purdue -- really do a whole lot outside the West Coast Conference to prove that they can be a good team from a great conference like the Big Ten. Tonight we'll ever won in northern California gonna watch that they're also gonna follow cal who's playing in that plane game -- first round game. But you say cal should even be there why is that what is it about the cal Bears that you don't like. Well they can beat anybody they didn't win any games against teams in the top fifty in any games against teams in the top sixty. Their best win was over Colorado which we've been been in the field having not won the automatic bid by winning the pac twelve tournament. And their best out of conference win was over Weaver state. Does that do anything for you I don't think so their best out of conference win on the road nobody. They beat anybody on the road that wasn't in the pac twelve that conference was terrible this year they were the tenth best conference. According to the RPI and all of the schools in the conference when a combined to nine and 43. Against the top fifty that's atrocious that he deserved more than one school. Jordan Schwartz hammering away at the cal bear faithful they don't like that at all all right. But on the NCAA tournament it is right for that success store the sleeper team what do you see is a sleeper potential and -- twelfth. Well I'm gonna take UNLV I know they're not that low there -- six seed. They're not a double digit seed but I think they can make a run to the elite eight out of the Mountain West Conference. Sort of stumbled a little bit to the finish line losing five of the last ten. But did beat Carolina early in the year around Thanksgiving. They beat cal -- -- three the other three schools in that conference Colorado State San Diego State New Mexico would draw in the tournament as well. So I think they can get past Colorado easily in the first round I think they can upset the three seed Baylor in the second round. And then I don't even know you will be there in the sweet sixteen it'll be -- -- in order game in my estimation and I think UNLV. Can beat them both and gets elite eight against Kentucky. Had at least made this and that has to do at the top two seeds all drop the NCAA tournament any of the 12 seeds in danger of getting knocked out early on. I think the one seeds are safe they're usually pretty much. Locked up to get to the sweet sixteen in a lot people are talking about Connecticut possibly playing Kentucky in the second round Connecticut defending champs. But I don't even know if they get past Iowa State in that 89 game. I looked down at Duke again at the two spot. And you know that's a team that has lost to a lower seeds seven of the last year is the only time they did -- -- when they won the national championship a couple of years ago over Butler. But this Duke Team has lost. A lot of games that you wouldn't expect them to lose losing three times at home Cameron indoor this year that's usually. As many times they lose that hole in a decade. They lost the Florida state fair they got crushed by Carolina in the finale of the regular season. And they lost to Miami at home as well so. Even though -- -- in Greensboro in the first round I think they can still go down to a Notre Dame team in the second round that beat a lot of good teams this year including thirteen. Jordan got 65 to 68 to give me your final four. And who cuts down the nets. Why I don't pretty much chalk other than Kansas I think Kansas gets there -- -- to -- beating Carolina. In that region and that I have with the other top seeds going -- Kentucky Michigan State and Syracuse and I Syracuse cutting the nets down. Beating Kentucky in New Orleans. -- cutting the nets down at the superdome like they did nine years ago in 2003. I'm a little bit biased they did go to school at Syracuse I think they're just such a deep team. That if somebody has an off night like Chris Joseph and scoop Jardine did during the big east tournament there's enough on enough of depth there enough guys on the bench. Like CJ fair Dion Waiters that can step up. Score a bunch of points and they play that patented 23 zone that I think can give Kentucky some troubles if those two teams were to meet up in the finals -- Patented homer isn't coming from the Syracuse grad. Jordan issue out of Michigan State grads on -- spartans all the way there's no I'm certainly not -- forwarded there Jordan Schwartz from the Bleacher Report thanks for joining us here chronicle live. -- --

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