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10.13: Giants Workout- Aubrey Huff, RAW


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Sun, 30 Jan 2011|

Allen reveals what he did with his rental car when his star status went unnoticed.


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Multi team buses and taxis and that we took me around power it was all the -- And I don't know if it was my bullet. And he put. -- -- And we put the -- and see over the Raiders will be part. And the ladies well I don't care who you look at our united. Benefits -- Oklahoma Sooners coach -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There so we -- the car up. -- and it just really -- the simultaneously being looked to be. But just mental telepathy. At this thing well I don't or -- partner we let them back. And we ran -- locker room we lift there running -- is -- didn't look at.

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  1. 1.30: Marcus Allen on his Super Bowl XVII rental car

    and see over the Raiders will be part. And the ladies well I don't care who you look at our united. Benefits Oklahoma Sooners coach you know. There so we the car up. and it just really the simultaneously being looked to be. But just mental

  2. 12.31: Sun Bowl Postgame

    him in there some some tough looks. Oklahoma 's got a heck of defense. And our guys ..... legal ways to push in the back. By by Oklahoma 's governor and then I don't beautifully ..... The passing game wasn't as good as Oklahoma 's that was that was the difference

  3. 12.22: Jim Harbaugh on Chronicle Live

    five days before the game. Against Oklahoma and in what we'll see how it looks ..... game he may be able to play against Oklahoma on New Year's Eve. Maybe yeah we ..... way your offense will flow against the sooners . Court order to did you start the game ..... profession. And what he's been able to do Oklahoma . Has been. You know and its its its

  1. YSTL: How special is Terrelle Pryor?


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Philadelphia Eagles on Sundays and Jason Hunter. The Raiders base and it against lane Johnson the number four overall pick out of Oklahoma the right tackle the rookie Terrelle Pryor is running away from the pressure. Trent Cole and Well to me it's going to be

  2. It's split reps with a rookie quarterback Matt Barkley but the Smart money. It's unfold being under center Sunday. Sooners included. So get out there days. There a long week last week in. His most important thing is getting healthy and I lost

  3. Why. Being healthy. I will play Oklahoma do. Gotta win now like enough progress in positions where it's okay. Just cares he would give up move around the I'm just

  4. Why. Being healthy. I will play Oklahoma department and I'd got to win now like movie and now. We're blessed to be in positions where it's OK come on answer the question.

  5. Bulls can relate to Thunder's injury situation


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    The Oklahoma City Thunder are dealing with Russell Westbrook's knee injury and are moving on -- for now -- without him. That's something the Bulls can relate to.

  6. Mutual appreciation between OKC star Durant, Bulls coach Thibodeau


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    Kevin Durant likely won't be playing in a Bulls uniform any time soon, but that doesn't mean the Oklahoma City superstar and Tom Thibodeau don't have a mutual appreciation for each other.

  7. Hanging with Mr. Curry -- Part 4


    Tue, 22 Oct 2013

    Missed the last two Summers and and probably. And you know they sooners ' most about golf it's moves. Can only well. After looking ..... played pretty well was leading after day to. I came home the sooners are came back to hotel rooms like practicing in the room in

  8. always trying to guys get crunch can show me somebody didn't The Boston Red Sox had his son on the field it's pretty. Oklahoma you pick in the. Can drive the. That fourth goal was as dirty is the big areas play really. Year and he's nineteen I can

  9. What you do when. No they and they had a couple shifts where they came after us which titled obviously. Lost your face sooners on but other not. Seymour played well. On the penalty kill. All the one penalty kill which was the key to because of power

  10. know what Willis united seem to be be there put the ball. me and I sit out wound that. Let this guy catching me in Oklahoma has saying can't find them do whatever it takes in the end zone to help his team win and that's what I do.

  11. game him a lot to him even though he's in matter. Which gave it to us I think he's and I think you respond like we extra sooners fall. We very good pitcher going tomorrow presumably do. Well I was what pitchers do me. Seve was terrific years strikeouts

  12. obvious will be tough. When you're facing an elite scorer in the league. Do you see yourself like I got one guy that I'm in Oklahoma where you still plan and put different guys a guy like that Kevin Durant. It was a day where there was no one got it was probably

  13. 1-on-1 with Floyd 'Money' Mayweather


    Thu, 12 Sep 2013

    they were you ever were wishing. We're gonna look at him and him and I they were so good you got a good I'm sure all in Oklahoma city life. Are you kidding bet yeah give me the favor Kalamazoo possesses AFC kids and one still didn't work out. Let

  14. Then there. All of them always on the penalty and it was just. No nothing's going through. And oh yeah. Thousand. I And Oklahoma . Yeah got a lot of crap. You know what they does that well. More often noted in the perfect game. There me. Yeah I hear

  15. his home turf innings. You know what I had no choice but I don't care really and you really don't I used to wrestle for Oklahoma State. And across away from us was Iowa. guys and it's just it feels just the same and I find Birmingham before. F five

  16. he lose that what was that what was he doing with his That's the million dollar question. That Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City showed up to the scene sort of words in what will surely land them on the worst draft let's take a look. I've been

  17. person where did you give applicable pitch but he did and made his pitches and get out of same with. Santiago. The you've Oklahoma Monica back or anybody you the ball was crushed them. Then he gets in a jam with regroups and mean two great pitchers. I

  18. you come from. Whatever number one woes and plan allows missing and advancing to play a big road into. The third of four Oklahoma pose a big not only missing it and know where things playbook and coaches being even though it just won the stars. So I mean

  19. they have a couple decades. Moment on the donated you know and I'll. And talk to my content with the ball because moved to Oklahoma and anatomical. conflict. funeral called doesn't look good form because club in the past. That's more along you know

  20. right I do think you can scoreboard watching Angela especially when you're under 500 by a week you know coming into the the sooners three games under five. So they have very quietly that would be needed to do they need to keep put it on tomorrow mean to