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12.8: Larry Gautier on the Orange Bowl



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Sat, 15 Dec 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

Really do have Tom Brady senior that patriarchate studio. For a second time -- chronicle live at the first time with me and I'm so looking forward. To our conversation how are you -- I'm doing great and so fun to be here with you great I'm a little surprised you're here and not in Foxboro. You have not missed too many at times some games throughout his career going back to Ann Arbor in all the years in New England you've you've flying tomorrow on the -- I. In the -- though we this is this is about the first home game we've ever missed maybe the second. He and his eighteen or nineteen years we figured. This one -- just kind of sit back and enjoy it from home and kind of settle in and to see how we do on Sunday night. There you were there Monday for the a demolition of the Houston Texans but this is the 49ers. This is the change in the time grew up you know finalizing Joseph Montana. As -- why why and why did you pick this game -- this well. It's also the team the dog them twice in the year 2000 when he got drafted when they took. That cheer from Ozzie and I believed him retire substance though and if there are strong allegiance to the 49ers kind of went the date of the way of that draft and so word. -- die in the war forty niner fans. But when they don't play with that the Patriots to when the -- -- Patriots it's a little different deal you know we've all read about him growing up finalizing Joseph Montana. He was four years old when the they have the catch game was play the 1981 at. NFC championship game and shows great sort of Dwight Clark that he was actually at that game and. For you -- yet he's at Comerica we were there my wife happen to Galen and I were at in the stands and for the first half he was he was crying and he wanted to foam finger and the and if -- We finally got -- one in the second half and he there was it was pretty citing the -- you know we were were forty niner fan from mid season takes I think from 1969. To about 199495. And so we -- at every game we went you know we've we've go to the game we go home watch the game -- -- for five newspapers the next day so. We've always been a strong forty niner fan Tommy who walked the path with us all the way. And your son was quoted as saying he'd love watching me all the highlights that have -- he said he was very graceful play the position he always played it with a with a certain elegance and your son. Plays the position when you when you watch. Your son plays they remind you of -- Joseph Montana at all. Yeah a -- but Joseph is such a little bit more elusive then and a little obviously a lot more quick quick footed. But that there is a ploy he's in there there's there's kind of a majesty in the pocket if you will that happen. I thought I look at and I'm kind of amazed about it with all of the that the guys coming around them from every different direction he's pretty calm in there and and is looking for the receivers so and even at the line he's he's a very you have intellectual guy and as a result when he's analyzing what's going on. He Hamels with book with a lot of a lot of. -- -- Let let let let's go back to the early days and -- Serra high school in your son obviously played quarterback there but he was a terrific catcher he was drafted in the eighteenth round in 95 by the old Expos organization Washington Nationals now that people thought he would play. Football and college so he was drafted later it would have been a much higher selection had they thought he was serious about baseball we have not been. Yeah there we we were told that he probably would amend the second or maybe third possibly fourth round pick. And but he had committed to Michigan and then. It was a would've taken. A miracle to to have him budge from that commitment so that they he fell to the eighteenth round but. The Expos were still hopeful to get out what we're kind of -- catcher was because he's a big guy you don't see catchers normally. That -- is pretty throw I assume you've -- a second page -- -- PK did he was a he was a Benito Santiago fan promise made some disease running yeah he was Seau left handed power hitting right handed throwing catcher and very strong and very good Armon. Benito was it was a very very much of a favorite at that time so had he could pursued baseball could could he be that the Buster Posey of today what what -- been a Major League Baseball catcher. I don't know you know there's a lot of guys so -- out he. He was very very good did I think probably the one thing that you might. They have been lacking is obviously his foot speed and and you need that in baseball and he he wouldn't -- gotten too many doubles or -- It's taken a shot -- like a foot speed a couple of -- that come from mom or dad -- dad I think -- -- you have recently in my mind on very crucial because I think I -- tell me about go and do it Ann Arbor where we're Jim Harbaugh obviously who was a great player. He was a seventh string quarterback early on yeah he whenever there in that start on the live. He was a basis and I I frankly wanted to go to Berkeley -- transfer no I wanted to stay us hold our starter Berkeley and that was when -- Coach Gilbert's and was there and it they said hey you'll start as a sophomore junior or senior and a senior in. And but Michigan said hey you know you got to come back here and compete against the best to be the best I wanted to go to. To. To Berkeley and he said that I wanna go to Michigan which broke my heart by the way what was at times and -- talk after he went to Michigan that they were transferred to cal was at at Augusta a couple of years later he would he had gotten beaten out. Coach Carr. Decided to put. A brain greasy as a starter and so. Tommy thought that view is. He thought he was being treated quite as early as he wanted to. He wanted the job and so. He looked around but very shortly just said hey you know what I came here because if it is our oldest daughter had said if you gonna -- come to. A college make sure they have the sports -- shot washes out. You're gonna get a good college education and so we've been at the football didn't work out in a graduate of Michigan would've been too bad so. It did work out quite well they may 25 starts there went 25 is over in. So you obviously knew his draft place my card a 199 yes that they have that virtue I could tell that he was not taken earlier in the NFL draft is it just depended a motivating force for him throughout his career. Yeah I think it has been an end I think he's had I mean he had a lot of success in college a lot of success and had fabulous comeback since. We we regularly see on the football classic or ESPN classic. The Alabama. Michigan game in the Orange Bowl 2000. Mean he's just had a great -- a career that being said. When we're watching the draft. We're we're -- all over the place because we've had had some of the guys were picked in front of us had 47%. Completion -- Percentage rates at west Texas stayed there. You know the other guys that didn't have what appeared to be the resume that would. Indicate that they were pretty good go pretty high in the in the NFL draft. And as a result when he went and the second day in the last pick in the sixth round we. Were very disheartened and -- coast in New England where they have Drew Bledsoe result as the starting quarterback and your -- not he's the first string second string third string initially he was forced. Strain yeah and it wasn't so be the end of that rookie year that he moved up on the on the depth chart is -- -- a -- to 2001. And the Drew Bledsoe. Injury what what was your thought at that time because all of a sudden here's your son now he started off slow that here he's Owens who live Bledsoe that shirt and now he's a starting quarterback of the New England Patriots. Yeah. And we were thrilled I mean I'm not -- weren't thrilled that drew is hurt weird but weird. Thrilled with Tommy got a chance to play and it was. You know when he got there will when he was finishing up in Michigan. I -- I personally was just hoping that he would get drafted. That may be carry clip board for a year or two or three in the pros and then go along with his life and then the heat I mean he's probably the hardest working guy I would say this. Object of -- is hard working guy. As I've ever seen in sports and I've been told that by different people. And he. Through the the second years through the summer camps in the offseason workouts he moved from fourth and then they released Michael bishop -- and then Kerry moved ahead of Damon Huard and all of a sudden -- gets hurt and they moved Tommy in in and the people but first ball. Generally sixth round draft picks are kind of cannon fodder you don't expect much of that especially in the quarterback position. And when he got a chance to play -- I didn't have at that time I didn't have any doubt that he was gonna do very well. I did that I -- my knew he was as reporters he could have been and he was able to grow into the job. Yeah it is very first playoff game is the famous tuck game. And Dennis knowing that I know you were there it in my best for us we were and his college teammate to -- locker right next to Charles Woodson came on and how all these years later. They tell us the truth about that it did your son fumble that football yet you know what grade I gotta tell if it I've been listening to you refer ten years eleven years eleven years eleven win out I wanted to bring. -- crying towel for your Big Apple because for eleven years and I'm hearing you know whine and cry about the weather the tuck rule was actually a legitimate player -- I do think it was legit. That's absolutely. -- -- did fumble that -- he did they ever. Have they ever overturned -- the tough role to play and that's exactly that it changed the -- absolutely. Can so it was. Obviously. And tuck rule game and because of that you were in the the Super Bowl ring how we do we have I have finally struck -- the first Super Bowl ring after that of course you because set. Pittsburgh the next week going to be the Rams two in the Super Bowl he gave you. That that first Super Bowl ring. He did he gave it to me out right after he got it and I -- it was a pretty emotional time and I said Tommy I can't take your first Super Bowl ring too many injuries and he's at that point should have and I said up to you and I'll take the next one. And day you take this when you said dad you take this and I'll take an excellent parent. I I do like to cry talent and his oversized well you but I'd rather than. That's for the rolling it rightfully belongs to -- Congratulations to thank you and obviously you raise a great shot and -- forum. What is not play the Raiders -- niners are typically -- fierce and so I understand where do you watch the game on Sunday we're going to be at home wolf we'll have our daughters and in -- wife my wife and our grandkids some of murdering -- with us what a moment to watch your son play against the other team he grew up absolutely analyzing very special -- Montana.

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