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11.29: Stanford vs. Pacific game highlights



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Tue, 29 Nov 2011|

Highlights from Stanford's 79-37 victory over the Pacific Tigers


Machine Generated Transcript

College -- back on the farm Stanford vs you'll see. Stanford on the third -- three advantage at all times there's there's some Tigers there the birds doubt they'll steal. The way. And Andy Cohen scored fourteen later in the first half step on -- nasty it's. And emphasis on the nasty. Spins up and under for the lay -- meanwhile sits on -- Arron right. At the open. Bryant had six times in the game game winding down it looks like Andy Brown who's coming up this third torn ACL surgery may get in the game. When he does that make it all the way to scorers table -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that Stanford wins seven -- now. That third -- Elsewhere around the -- court. Number 24 ranked California dismantles -- me state 73 to 57 -- 61 on the season Saint Mary's goes to form one. Four in the Weaver state over his 87 to seventy.

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  14. you got three Canadian teams I think that's great there's more games up in Canada. I mean it's a lot of passion out there. They division I look at it as basically the teams in the Pacific standard time Vancouver San Jose LA Anaheim.

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  16. had power right now. Las Vegas hasn't come out tomorrow Lakers I that the where is your favorite to win the the west the Pacific go to over the you think that they be over the Clippers even in their own division. All right Marc Spears I'm gonna go to

  17. Shaun king part of the program pro football talk on NBC is sent. You see it Monday through Friday at 5 o'clock eastern 2 Pacific time. Are you guys are doing the Raiders on this stage and I'm gonna think open with how difficult is it to narrow down

  18. tell you that. You know we made some mistakes too courtesy in the game and you know we. I don't description down. in the Pacific northwest run support was led Jim BA spelled so the Mariners an extra innings made I just think after Brandon Moss game tying

  19. suspect to me let's just on keep picking them. And at some of the Suns looked like he recruited an eighteen year old yeah. Pacific I mean didn't you our motto is on marathon Justin there's like JD Bruno is the I was your man there won't let me. I

  20. So and an excellent reporter an equivalent of a lot of music that I listen. Pacific . You still don't all of the things was was. And did you vote for walks. old and he runs because. Thank you cut. It. Spoke