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Dellavedova, Jones break down matchup with Purdue



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Thu, 15 Mar 2012|

Ray Ratto is in Omaha with Saint Mary's and compares this year's Gaels to the 2010 team that reached the Sweet 16.


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Senior insider ray rat island that reds the big picture first -- see this matchup. Well it's not -- going to be your classic Big Ten vs undersized opponent game in that Purdue is not. -- classic Purdue team. It's not a team it's just gonna knock people already get today at third rebound. Because they're really not built that way they're more perimeter team. They like to do more things with forwards and guards they run motion the way that Matt Painter has always run motion. Giveaway was at southern Illinois so in that way they're not really sort of that Michigan Ohio State. You know every player asked for shoulders type of operation it's going to be more of a game played out played at the edges and rather than the middle. Does it Randy Bennett when he's asked to describe Purdue we talked about USF isn't we've seen USF -- ago. We've kind of seen Purdue. Well I hate that. Hacked -- that a little bit today he he sort of established USF. As the best teaching tool for his players so that they wouldn't feel like there were going in completely on prepared. But they are a little bit different thing USF and that they still have sort of more size. And they have the one point guard Lewis Jackson. -- a tremendous penetrator he's smaller than -- delicate elbow but he did he can basically penetrate any defense you've got. And then he will kick it opted to people on the wings. USF it's sort of like that but not to the same extent so I think it was more teaching tool for his players that it was sort of helpful guide for the rest of. In the -- and you wrote about this side today too it isn't this is that a very different Saint Mary's team than that that Cinderella kind of team we saw just a couple years ago. With Omar -- this kind of a lunch bucket kind of team I think. What it is and that and it's also a team that works outside in rather than inside out. -- Sammy and what's so much of their offense two years ago. You know you kick it down low and then you let him do things his first two games in the NC -- -- tournament. Were real eye openers for people who thought -- that Saint Mary's assists in round. One guy and a bunch of shooting guards and it really was it that way except -- except when you stop prepared for Sammy and he went for thirty in both the first few games and didn't really get shut down until they faced Baylor in the in the regional semis. This team is more as I said it's it's outside and it's Matthew -- -- spotting up it's clinched the final spotting up. It's it's Rob Jones who's not a a classic back to the basket. Post player. So it really is a different team that way it's a different offense that's got a different personality because Sammy and with such basically. A standup comedian with a long shoes. This is a different team it. It's -- lose. But it's not. Hilarious and -- added this challenge and I I.

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  7. a time and you know every is different some new you know. Different called or stuff like that to me so whether. After the Purdue hasn't been home more difficult it yet. Well if it's you know it's it's more or. Breaks it. You know technique wise

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