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Shaw on Rose Bowl: 'This is where you want to be'



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Sat, 31 Aug 2013|

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Kevin Hogan took the pac twelve by storm in 2012 winning all find his starts including the Rose Bowl. And completing 72% of his passes along the way. But gone our primary target spurts to a low low and too well Hogan's new heroes. Relative unknowns rector could -- to Whitfield and -- The -- at the same as when guys and it -- process kind of guys and make the same way that you guys make accidentally. That's the understatement of the young season Stanford's returning true wide receivers have a total of 53 career catches. Ty Montgomery has fit the album. But since he returning tight ends have zero receptions among them. The offense just might for the first time in the David Shaw era skewed toward the guys on the outside. We have young Italians who we'll see where there in the next couple weeks. Berths in time that we've got young receivers that are ready to play sometimes attendance last year -- -- they stole the show on this here hopefully we can -- -- Cuba for the most part a system -- Aston and doing what works well. I think their receivers come in and this year. Really put on ourselves to try to elevate their game and try to help the passing game we have the personnel to two obviously you wanna. Utilize our -- wide receiver talent this year but also a great Thailand's credit doubling and keep them on in the game plans and and whatever can help us move the ball downfield. Fans may not be entirely familiar with the current crop of pass catchers but fortunately. The quarterback is remember about a year ago at this time Kevin Hogan was that roughly the same spot on the depth chart as a lot of these wide receivers and tight -- so they're already exists a nice comfort level among all parties. I tied down more balls of these guys than I did to some of the guys I started in the season last year. He's always had a -- -- for the younger receivers -- that's when he was -- discounting the end here. I definitely got a lot of work with Kevin last year ransom -- here's some victories we came up together you know when I first got here us houses with Hogan on aggregate a lot of reps together and I think that really translated and -- really helps. And our timing now and when you're trying to make good on a top five pre season ranking timing just might be everything. At Stanford Scott -- Comcast sports net.

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