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Wed, 5 Jan 2011|

The San Jose Sabercats are back, and the owner and head coach join Greg Papa in studio.


Machine Generated Transcript

That they're not that it studio like two or three times in front of eleven now we have the boss. They owner of the cats David fried dual product of conversations culture Loria and doing great. And David -- before we talk about the new every -- and the boy you -- sport from what are your three arena bowl champion is -- his assist from 2007. Our third championship. That is very impressive. Very well designed we're gonna take shed that tell me about the league coming back you guys were away for one year how's the league to be different now and into 2011. Well the way the league is formed formulated now as a single entity type an environment where all the teams kind of share in the pool of resources. And actually the pool of players say get assign players and they are all. On the same pace scared schedule -- same pay rates are there everybody across the league so. What you can do for the players of facilities to the coaching. The the fans what makes a big difference and bring the players that put them the best product on the field. In the big guy that you get back obviously the head coach to earn a bit of free time readable champion but you got the quarterback back. Mark -- back tell me about mark going in the year eleven maybe the most accomplished player in the history your league coach. You know I'm excited about it you know when -- go back to Sacramento state the Hornets nation isn't happy because he played UC Davis and that's our big rival but. He's won a lot of games for a send he's one of the best ever play in the arena football. I was looking as your roster today always look at the wide receiving corps and he got a girl told her went to count. The weather Raiders and training camp a couple of years ago tell me about your offense sure you'll you'll you'll hope to have to. On leash with fury this year. You don't want the little ball around we have a lot of young receivers. Bobby dealer who was with the you know 49ers training camp yes Kevin Robinson's draft pick with the Kansas City Chiefs just to name a few. We have an offensive line that that we feel pretty good about Robbie power play for the Tampa Bay storm last year who played in the arena bowl. Along when Alice Harry and another guard type ballplayer. So we feel pretty good about our offense and you know in this league you have to score some points you should do. And we're gonna have a home opener against Spokane Dave on our Eric Comcast sports -- we're gonna have nine games in total -- about the deal you struck today -- signing with that Chad Griggs our -- tell us what the fans to look forward to -- the main thing is. Hitting the first game back on on on Comcast sports and -- march 11 Friday night. Be exciting we've got to. We -- still have a few tickets left but it is going fast it's going to be. A very exciting game to have number one -- -- -- I think the best fans and arena football. In that. Building again against the Spokane shock. Which probably has now the second best fans in arena football. They have fill their arena every night after it's pretty exciting brand have been nine road games. On Comcast sports as well and almost every game will be in HD if not all the games this year. Eighteen games and get eighteen teams -- each teacher conference and you're going to be in the national conference west just three other changes makes it a little bit easier for you Arizona Spokane and you -- also -- in here. In your west division I but the travel is gonna be exhausting for W -- 161000 miles you have to travel that your approach. You travel a lot but -- it doesn't matter my my theory is it doesn't matter. If you go on bikes a plane would -- do you -- suppan you're -- play football to -- electronics charter we'll take you to the front. I don't you have this team traveling in style -- country well we hope so with the Sharks currently -- -- there actually using the team charter now. Only are they are they've they've used to all of us last year. -- right at the time you guys kick off the NFL is probably get a lockout the players you're gonna start march 11 of the about a week before we're gonna have it. -- lockout in the NFL -- that could impact the business of your league with the NFL blocking their -- might my more people come watch you guys this year. I certainly outside the fans all home will know that arena footballers is built for them and that's the the best thing I think about arena football -- your right up close. And the fans are right there the balls are coming in the stands they keep the balls -- fly understands. We're just talking on the bus few minutes ago he knows how many balls he has go through all this season will throw a 160 balls into the stand. And it is amazing energy I was at your very last game -- away for -- guys -- the arena bowl and water is it like that throughout the entire league or just at the at the tank they HP pavilion commits an -- I think game and and people don't like football come and watch an arena football game and I was just love it assists so what's going on with the music balls are flying players are flying in the stands and basis agreed atmosphere. I gotta I gotta admit I go to watch the football a little bit but the -- kittens. Auditions were already held back in December I saw also gonna have a nice group this year yes. They aren't nice group we have almost under today through young women show up for the -- and I think we'll have a good crew great directors this year. From former 49ers and -- kittens cheerleaders and directors this year. I guess on this they were kids in front -- the left. Coach is a good looking guy but he's been like report that I can you bring me one of the -- kittens and later and they are we can get rewarded -- I think we can get a bunt and here gradually better than a couple of years for the three time arena bowl champion at. Back in business conditioning coach -- smiling. Pixie marks the eleventh look pick it up against bald head of the HP pavilion.

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