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12.8: LOU/CAL -- Game Highlights


  1. Jerry Franklin0:28
  2. Berkeley0:07
Thu, 9 Dec 2010|

Louisville 77, Cal 57 -- Final.


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Now hosting the fourteenth ranked aztecs of San Diego State. Aztecs have not beat cal in Berkeley sense guess when -- 1940. What wind. Read that second half talent around down one harper -- -- in his way to put it off the glass and one. Now the two point lead after the freebie aztecs would answer apply for and a half but DJ gay from behind the yard. Aztecs up seven late in the half Billy white steal it from. Jerry Franklin you know what's going on your coast to coast to finish with the two and watched. ST up as -- as you up 515 moments later. It's a friend gay again this time this would step back triple the aztecs in 72% in the second half poor way to win 77 to itself.

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    the second half. Billy happily for the great lob passes to 738 aztecs on top few minutes later games coming back. Rob Jones it three he had five threes on the night 6253. Aztecs next possession. DJ Jumper 6453. San Diego and they going away

  1. sort of nobody Mientkiewicz time all two World Series champion up against the former number one pick in the entire draft. San Diego State in 2009. The heat seeking missile that is Stephen Strasburg Matt Cain your horse he got roughed up Thursday at Denver

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    excited about what you're gonna bring the the energy the high motor and things I got the tackling machine you were at San Diego State . But you were really penciled in to be a starter at the start the is Aaron that was Aaron shot acquired him last year

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    toed the company line. He said he was fine with that he understood it and that he was actually OK miles the rookie from San Diego State actually taking so every really out of it. There was to be had now coming in this week though the Jacksonville Jaguars

  11. field they only had two linebackers out there both those guys in nothing but energy and Philip Wheeler. And the rookie from San Diego State miles Burris so. These guys are becoming ball Hawks have been flying around you were getting pressure than you were getting

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    young man. Yeah fiercely. Such a pleasure to meet so helpful at that mom and it that there are taking the car anything he can possibly get just a great Omaha. Gotten to a San Diego State which is where my daughter went so very nice choice.

  13. have had two sacks not a bad day for the rookie on the other end of the spectrum there was linebacker miles Burris from San Diego State . By way of Sacramento. I he had his welcome to the NFL moment. When he was basically well put it lovely run over by Darren

  14. crazy so. Who have a lot of fun to deal come up black but in the NFL no job with guarantees and a highly decorated former San Diego State pass stick. Remains grounded when discussing his goals for the upcoming season mile to go right now as disappointed as

  15. Carolina early in the year around Thanksgiving. They beat cal three the other three schools in that conference Colorado State San Diego State New Mexico would draw in the tournament as well. So I think they can get past Colorado easily in the first round I think

  16. Earlier on in the season I think it was Smart by coach and in not to schedule as tough a non conference last year they lost to San Diego State and BYU to vote against the sweet sixteen. And also lost to Vanderbilt in Utah State and that really cost them. It had

  17. his second straight game. With the right foot or so we thought AFC champs and what 33 seconds to play. The game tied at San Diego State in the corner Oliver that they religiously about thought boy that's where we have. as a defensive stopper when he seconds

  18. very it's a difficult team. But indeed they have some you know early road losses at Missouri a blowout loss on a loss at San Diego State you know the but they're going to be very difficult to be home. The Stanford and cal matchups this year are going to

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    from that Tommy John surgery actually throw harder now He was reflect what they are 9899. A hundred when He was out of San Diego State is is it. Why it might He come back throwing actually his fastball harder than before Amanda. I don't know if it's

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    SDSU sophomore guard Chase Tapley (a Sacramento High grad) talks with Paul Gutierrez after the Aztecs quarterfinal win over Utah Thursday night in Las Vegas.