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Inside the Clubhouse -- Buster Posey dons catcher's gear

Fri, 1 Mar 2013|

Cole Dickerson scored 24 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to lead San Francisco to an 83-70 victory over San Diego on Thursday night.

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    make people proud of the University of San Francisco and hopefully we can do that yeah ..... baseball or was it academics the city of San Francisco combination of. Well I definitely ..... that unfortunately happened here in San Francisco . Being USF grad being at a great player

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  1. Bought it and that's on it was its turning point for What made it to be strong. Start on the It right now. That we're battling injury and three at bats. But nothing. Here on that three. Guys that you block it. when it really what's on what acts up and air in the same support and help me out.

  2. let's go back to the 49ers and most NFL coaches like to reveal zero. They feel it doesn't help their cause Jim Harbaugh subscribes to that period but. With this being a bye week and and the 49ers just won their fifth straight game coach was and the prepare pretty good mood on Tuesday and he took on

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    Carlton Fisk dons a fake beard in solidarity with the 2013 Red Sox as he and Luis Tiant throw out the first pitches prior to Game 6.

  4. The 49ers did not make any trades before Tuesday's trade deadline, with players returning from injury. In fact, only one trade was made, which made for a completely boring deadline, as per NFL usual.

  5. felony obstruction conviction. Bonds is legal team filed the request Monday with the ninety US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco . Three judge panel of the ninth circuit upheld bonds' conviction in September and the jury found him guilty in April of

  6. the area dot com. Good money CSN Bay Area dot com I'm Kate longworth and the Comcast sports net studios come catch up with your morning minute for Tuesday October 30 yet. It would victory Mondays throughout the Bay Area we began an Alameda where Dennis Allen met with the media after a big Raiders

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    Tue, 29 Oct 2013

    Former Giants slugger Barry Bonds made a longshot request of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Monday.

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    Golden State Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob said he's not concerned with the rising estimated costs for a new waterfront arena in San Francisco .

  9. It's fun CSN Bay Area dot com. Good morning I it all whereas with your morning made it from Comcast sports the end. The 49ers extend their winning streak to with forty to ten victory over the jags in Monday on Saturday did it on yesterday resting for two touchdowns and looking up but burning David

  10. Guess the one great pass defense in the end really wasn't for these DB and yourself to really keep heading in his receivers off kilter. The us was we just let a lot of man and we know we felt I would mess over the world with those guys we know that we can anybody. Kind of leads and let a lot of man

  11. Wasn't a surprise who are expecting foreigners to run against jags and the run defense that you open up with a career line and 43 yard catch her and a lot higher that plagued him about. We've actually been right from the play for a while unknown one at that. She'll literally that a great job

  12. What do you like best about the defense sit up there tonight it all my life that we stayed on Reyes know throughout the whole game updates you know last week we. No little complacent with a score of other guys comeback and this week we on it is. No way to score sixty minute game and made us proud

  13. Every says that to pay a fine for me a little bit late that lets visiting the defensive performance ceiling at the Jaguars cross fifty yard line once in the first half. What is really the key defense beginning Chad Henne and and that Jaguars offense. You know as this point physically that's been a

  14. He in his own. Yankees for me. You want these blogs was right he. One guy and a cut in two guys on the play and gave me an edge so. Office lined a great job route to a great captain edge. Made. We had talked about it. Correct. Yeah I think everybody would. Don't drop it and jagr on the easy passing

  15. I agree with. Yeah no I think it's great to be paranoid you know I think it's great to play and never. Never comfortable you know I always think about every worst case scenario. Before. So you don't have to react when it happened. Yeah we had a great game plan going in. And I were talking

  16. Montana: SF made 'terrible effort' to keep 49ers


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    The 49ers will leave for Santa Clara following the season, and Joe Montana believes more should have been done to keep the team in San Francisco .


  18. Palo as quarterback Keller Chris is on his way to Stanford next year the far. As of right across the street from his current school where he has thrown 72 touchdowns in over 6000 yards. If you want to play you might notice is like is Jersey most people. Might get upset by this but Stanford's future

  19. We knew what was gonna happen now official Tim Lincecum passed his physical in his two years 35 million dollar deal signed. The talk to reporters just about an hour ago and gave his reasons for wanting to stick around that. I'm done with this before I thought Buick and then you know personally I

  20. that that all remains to be easy 2017. Wind changed in the Atlanta Falcons let's keep on the topic of football here in San Francisco the highest paid quarterback. He's not even wanting to explain this one. Yet this deal pretty good we need to find a