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1.24: Senior Bowl -- The weigh-in



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Wed, 9 Oct 2013|

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The series. Strong words. Our -- and help you. You're. You know that's. And so we were. In position to do then. It's certainly do it. I think could be good if there was a you know kind of our criteria you knew love because of where you are finished. You know to from the AFC teams in the NFC. You know was was the hard -- team that year. Similar look to. Now stands to the Senior Bowl based on their finish or -- the Pro Bowl based on their finisher. Which is Super Bowl based on their finish -- there could be. Be something like that long I criteria I think to have longer discuss in one so I think that would be some everybody. We know Gordon and be fair -- and kind of arbitrarily. Assigned. -- Don't know maybe the we have some royalty and they did the the team played in the championship game. -- and at the maybe the team that. The third best record in the in the regular season as our next team next year just as as an example debt service. Set similarly how they do the Pro Bowl and senior we'll just thought just thinking out loud. At its. -- -- -- -- I said -- there's you know criteria every knew going in that that was the team that -- You're signed -- mean there's going to be teams are going to be -- -- box and it -- America popular thing in so that people wanna see so. Don't see it. Going away. Great extent your feet -- and do it. Of the world. Not productive that is for anybody concerned. You might have people you know a year from now something that it's on hard Max was Super Bowl there Richard B well I would -- and we -- -- You know it's an advantage here are guys who were. Green I don't know there's a yet figured out. -- given that a lot more time. That it needs to but. First three Jim Harbaugh its -- Think that. -- determined that it's not. I just haven't had that.

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  1. know to from the AFC teams in the NFC. You know was was the hard team that year. Similar look to. Now stands to the Senior Bowl based on their finish or the Pro Bowl based on their finisher. Which is Super Bowl based on their finish there could

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  15. It's time. Basically they've been He's got their kids it's it's it's. And it's you always make a point that you. He did all the way. Given me. Again. Next. Yeah getting getting good condition knows expects face it there's this. Theory. So it looks like this game. Were you mean with all the teams

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  20. t pass the physical after breaking your foot. At the Senior Bowl only watched a couple of days of practice but today was ..... those awesome Souza is a great day. Take it back to the Senior Bowl practices you arrive in mobile all excited about today