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8.8: Chronicle Conversation -- Chris Mullin Pt. 2



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Tue, 9 Aug 2011|

Mark Jackson, Mullin's teammate at St. John's and the Warriors' coach, surprises Mullin by phoning in.


Machine Generated Transcript

Chris Collins freshman year. It's a jazzy averaged sixteen point six points a game He is undeniably the best player in the history of the program the point could be made it. Outside of little else indoor He may be the greatest player ever born in the city of new York and about some guidelines Billy Cunningham. I was very very good but Chris Mullin is great career. Culminating in the hall of fame on Friday certainly we're going to be doing in the Bay Area but they are really into this in New York so. Welcome back correct Chris -- in studio. Tell me about power memorial high school to the school that -- -- indoor went to. You went there first and then transferred away from curry school of America or what was that all about. I did there was a there was a big group from my neighborhood Brooklyn. That would go to power morals Irish Christian Brothers. School. Of my older brother rob went there. It was it was a -- those Boston too transit take at least an hour and a half to get there. I think the reason I went there. -- -- some all the brother went there if you have a sibling in the school hundred dollars off. And so that was a much thought process. When that was or did you go to your brother but the -- just kind of thoughts that the two trade -- -- -- help with the buzz that she get on the on the bus for nickel transfer free area. So imagine -- to transfer from from power. You can't -- and there's -- the -- to have that as part of at a good school field. My junior year He had a little different -- coaching philosophy. And ironically it was ironic at the same time the guys who coached me. In grade school I think Tom's requirements where -- -- ever knew. Got to cut the head coaching job -- -- it's -- I Charles Rhodes is a variant. It was a tough go low power has some great friends that scenario Ellen Barry rally -- have some different them to see them this week as well just following my good. My good Chinese friends from scratch our announcements -- finished fifth but it's you want to go is a variant playing power. In the playoffs which was a really intense game. And yes so it all worked out here so I got a great friends from power and Vernon I hit I hit over stops and -- did I hit all the boroughs. And then right to Saint John's University. The first time in that -- -- -- second you were twelve years old the basketball camp in the summertime you have -- again my older brother went to his camp. The first summer actually the first so much tried to go to camp I broke my wrist before in a week before. But to the following year was twelve years old and coaches camp. And unbelievably 36 years ago was you know and so coach has had a huge influence someone alive. You know tone of the game of basketball courts. Where. And it goes with those crazies weather's. Incredible energy -- to see them. I think he's 88 and I hope this doesn't get upset and I'm pretty sure he's 88. In great shape and Hilliard give your -- know where he'll see something in the Paper or hear something and call me. You know while this and he's he's right around arteries sharp as a weapon. I'm real excited that. You know he's going to be who want to walking up and introduced into all right. Packed and tell our audience about big east basketball at this time because I was going to Syracuse when you and Patrick crew were dominating. Georgetown and insane -- putting big east basketball on the map in due course postcards like it was a big big part of that it. Coach Thompson and coach -- time but should tell our audience about those early years. In the big east because you were -- the conference's player of the year three times -- your right. I've been here sixteen and a half of the sophomore. Junior senior year you changed the landscape I think the basketball in the nation in the eastern United States what was it like to play with those great players in the conference was just starting. But it just -- to start. They were probably the league might have been three years old maybe maybe seven years Oakland. Great teams Syracuse Georgetown BC and built in rivalries. That the conference was small enough and geographically. Those rivalries were real. Just great time though you know the the mastermind behind the Big East Conference was the guy that product exactly and you know they put together incredible TV package. That got national coverage the first real conference that's what congress have a national coverage. And just exploded and talk about the teams in the players Georgetown of course of Patrick Ewing. Villanova had a pick -- -- my good buddies. Who were on them you know they won 85 championship that He had mass and you know -- second base arm. Open down -- -- John -- is great coaches -- great for our players who exactly in. There was there was just an incredible time. You know and we really appreciate -- -- we got appreciated. Playing in the garden and the hype that was there for those games. But coach -- -- always told us because coach was around the garden we talked about what was -- And left because of the scandal with gambling. So when we would play there. You make it a point to let us know this this is special is this is not this was gone this was throwing that -- for -- while you're you're you're experiencing -- that's beautiful. And He would let us know that you know and it's a college wrestler at that time we would play. In front of sold out in the garden -- sold our game. The next day the next. You know you're better than yeah -- at that time yeah it was really dominate the time it was just the time the Yankees were -- that you whose fortunes of the city I mean. And a from anyone a -- you want to. There really got -- and there was a lot of foreign. And an -- 853. Big east schools went to the final four you want to play and Georgetown a losing in the nationals and the funny couldn't -- Georgetown in the usually you lost to him three times when He was the play of your point guard. Trust the electronic -- a hotline. We're gonna bring and the current head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Mark Jackson joins us mark first of all welcome to chronicle Greg Papa in studio talk about the the very first time you met mr. Chris Mullin mark. Of -- -- contribute true. Rick while we're at -- Pedroia we should've won the national championship. But He all the actual the south course. Ellis should on the -- -- book. I tell you honestly the first. I've met Chris Paul -- Kyle Moyer there's a lot of high school in New York City and Brooklyn. We went -- and division He went as -- -- And down hurt so much a bottle. But it didn't do it justice -- part -- played a game of basketball allowed muted Green because. And I and a similar way out of the give it. It was great quickness explosiveness of jumping ability athletic ability but. See you really made it an answer or are you can be about Leo on the law and argued about -- in the land. Would not have a great chips a bit and tremendous knowledge and obviously of the leadership about. Mark we all know about Chris being a gym red and you were yourself or do you use that term GM a technician. To describe -- what was the difference between a gym rat and a -- technician. I can speak firsthand because valid gym rat. My entire life while watching the game of basketball in the park and playground in the gym. I -- what I did not become a -- technician. Until I got the Saint John's University or what crips and the jail I learned out of Jacob banner at the time in the gym. Were going to change situations golf. And individualized visualizing. God defending me and Illinois Florida became eager because the night before. We have bought them up and how old imagination what we would make it low and if I had not know. Chris -- I would not be a professional basketball player I learned out of -- -- technician Eddie made my life and my game so much about. Mark. You always certain you've always had sneaky quickness. And deceptive. You've always seen them play before it happens. Unselfish great leader but I would appreciate -- call to tell you comment on here Hernandez was a little sneaky move by you. My idea -- -- we don't don't don't let our guard let me. -- little shocked because they are told we're working on a child you. You have to get out of sort of out of there but oh yeah I know they're well not aware the relationship -- tell you what. The guy that's deserving of all of strain. -- -- -- -- -- not just in the basketball player but multiple only have a person alone I'm extremely proud and honored true true -- no matter the person an answer to watch him grow from day one. -- until they don't next week is going to be very excited a lot of people let noted god I'm not on my trial. Mark are you going to be at the they -- Ramadan on Friday night. You don't employ every surprise. Well you know honestly I don't know he's got some birdies on my list from 98 and -- sneak yeah cuts and bruises on the high school list of tolerance -- You got your teammates that it's a list he's on the war realists. Knew that usually. And -- and I've played with. Form and with a lot of offering players. Here I think Tim and Mitch our offense our partners. Mark Jackson Reggie Miller and Indiana. Offering words no question about it and more -- we we go so far back. So -- our basketball -- together we're family we're way beyond basketball teammates. And down. But we with our bonds was like this right away. It was a mess up I was a shooter and if we got along just perfectly and I do think -- I do agree. If you on the floor. And would we would did you board cut to Q a little bit more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And people last go outside you know did use Europe's that you don't win it in NBA ring air of course I don't think it doesn't keep you up at night. Marcus and we did we came really close with the -- as we almost beat the league as we him. 95 that the ball and we went in the national championship when it's all said and done. When you get a call like this when you're close friends. Those whistles were so there are said that before but now when it's been all send on its way over -- friends like Mark Jackson and it is that we get back there we go -- reunion. And I -- went CU mark right now and -- mark and I know they're gonna do great here is the coach. I'm so excited for you. And look -- watching whatever this thing gets settled budget to go under just far we talked a lot about. We talked for years Obama being a head coach He has all the experience. He's gonna do just farm is going to be the the Bay Area is looking. They don't know what the game into this so what you are Mark Jackson the coach. That's what sort of got -- the Bay Area be changing my fifth thank you so much anti American appreciated. Thanks so much congratulations from all love you man I example. What are you going to coaching -- watching you play and you would have been a brilliant coach did you ever consider. No you -- as soon -- I retired the first -- -- to do was get out our schedule. The food and more so than. And then the physically and it was just really go off their schedule. Announce our got into the front office stuff. At some point you know London you know -- fifty Hebron. A lot of my instincts off from the coaching from the court itself and works its way up. They are as we as -- you're older you can write to them some of things but initially. I want to be home a little bit and I'm not travel as much or maybe maybe later on -- -- may -- having uttered about they're very young man nobody 474848. Before little forty together how old were you what He joined the Warriors. When the I was drafted 21 point.

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