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Sun, 10 Mar 2013|

On the way out of the Atlantic 10, Temple looked ready to take one more trophy as a keepsake.

  1. nothing here. Yeah for legacy is a great opportunities. That the game yet he was that you Libya. Agree opportunity. this your temple and c'mon this is America especially happened fairly this tour as we've played our games there so I didn't come here have

  2. Whoever they put all them all the smaller got to put on 45 that guy's got to be aggressive. And that guy's got to force to temple forced issue. I thought David did a great job from the beginning of posting up getting his position and an attacking offensively

  3. got out of jobs and it. Yeah. We are defensive minded team we understand that's how we don't win ball games. Also. A temple team that spread the great shooters. Overall which is a very good basketball team that rebounds defends. In the next job on

  4. Sort of running game going if he is important week in week out running game those important. a part of a stolen car except at temple and you know we did we got a great game plan is as good defense. We're ready to was and again. To this we win this your

  5. answered it. As you watched this team progressed throughout the first month of the season. One good to play that way with temple I think one of the benchmarks to survive on five scoring we addressed that last year when not. Joseph the bills was put back

  6. Wyatt recognizes he's still a work in progress


    Fri, 4 Oct 2013

    Khalif Wyatt dominated at Temple , but the guard realizes he must improve his defense and his body in order to be a contributor in the NBA.

  7. command and control by an hour's talk about it he needs to get out there and do exactly what Tim Lincecum under control it. Temple the game throw strikes and get outs command and control another one of those guys who they've got to attend contract to possibly

  8. the world we got to come out we're going to be able excuse better early in the game. Start with that deal with the right temple . Atmosphere. I don't know what the result is I just know we can stores fast we need to. Play Smart you said it's. To

  9. and once you think you you think you've got a guy who pretty much figured out but once a whole different story. The quick temple has never go back and a lot of and has our Stanford players actually get calls and just didn't I so. I think that's that

  10. Wyatt joins Sixers: 'This is an unreal feeling'


    Sun, 15 Sep 2013

    After agreeing to terms with the Sixers Thursday night, former Temple Owl Khalif Wyatt signed his NBA contract Friday morning.

  11. he's compact to me that's a lot of power so. I'm not so. Who's got to play tough and physical. Challenges there. Temple on ours you know and keep it here where yeah. I mean unless there seems to be the the offices and on offense and and I was

  12. critical for us in the game to be able to. To get lined up to that temple . The no huddle and be able to achieve our assignments defensively ..... you really had the big key defensively is being in Lomax at temple . Yeah get eleven hats of all never play that's key and so

  13. Source: Sixers, Khalif Wyatt agree to deal


    Fri, 13 Sep 2013

    Former Temple Owl Khalif Wyatt and the Sixers have agreed to a deal, a source tells CSNPhilly.com.

  14. Diamond Girls: Donna Flannery


    Wed, 11 Sep 2013

    harder than they probably and you know. Every year they were asking that they are that there it through their deep in the Atlantic ten keep each other going. In there. I try to just keep him pumped up. If it's amazing is an opposition something's wrong

  15. Eagles trade Felix Jones to Steelers for Temple LB


    Fri, 23 Aug 2013

    The Eagles on Friday traded running back Felix Jones to the Steelers for pass rushing linebacker Adrian Robinson, a Temple product.

  16. five different pieces. The mr. Harvey are very. You stick with the run we are sort of judge in the pre season your out there Temple plays that you know has received so you know horoscope Peyton Manning is mean are you want to let's Mean monster there the

  17. though obviously lost to strengthen in the whole arm so. With four days in after east. You know just made his last aren't temple which was very rough form. It was signed to back off so and give him a break so you guys choose to start very seal on Wednesday

  18. Vogt: 'You make the defense stop you'


    Sat, 17 Aug 2013

    know we've brings his guys in the front knee he needs to sit back over the rubber a little longer self. And played against temple can get him in trouble sometimes I think when he's on he's he's awesome in he's been doing great. You've been doing

  19. that's happily this picture. They present a lot of challenges offensively. And awaited thing. Matchup their personnel. At temple offense. The things they do both in the running game man in the passing game so. It'll be a great test for us we're looking

  20. little too quick so I think you know wants us get a little tired it was just easier kind of keep the same same rhythm. Same temple going. It's very well. I don't know it's just I mean no one boy it off me he actually trust so. There's a story of