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6.20: Cal vs. Texas A&M tale of the tape



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Mon, 20 Jun 2011|

Get up to speed with the College World Series tale of the tape for Cal and Texas A&M.


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The cal Bears have the worst record of the eight teams left in the college World Series but -- they don't have stats for hard you remember that -- -- remember that already Aggies -- next they suffered a walk off loss to last year's national champion South Carolina the numbers game doesn't separate these two teams very much.

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  3. Big twelve almost the same record here on a twelve against third little low warrior From Stoltz. But Tim Lincecum has a day to remember respective

  4. ever seen. Yeah it's not calling that try to that Rudy Smith well. Check it out. All right and trifecta why you get the Aggies got that in his hand that the Britney heat buying this movie that's about aren't. And now wait we're all watching it

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  6. and mountains. And I went early. Longer than three. But now than you would wrecked on like there. Aren't that one winning and that's being a lot but Nady would go line. I didn't lock up Aggies are. And now in the three heat yes.

  7. that boat it is good at putting extra effort to save this one. And from curry unbelievable. Watched his hustle and from the big twelve points in the first half Edwards back to back. lead back victory and he's more Bogut behind the back this time Jarrett

  8. Support them in trying to Atlanta Stewart in only scored for the pointed that. The monarchs it could not eat hot seller I Aggies sent it over the blocker and down and eat that that was the final week night. Imagine what that pet Smart and met with the

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    when when ball can we do something we can only go on a 100% is indeed in the above average. That's a little bit more fun Aggies celebrate the World Series championship. I what your goal. Alone. The you got it almost word for it. Know the parade content

  13. as best I can just as much rest that can. Are there are a lot of adjustments from the college game to the pro game whether Aggies and take care your body does that mean. More reps in the weight room or fewer reps or different eating Howard Howard things

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  16. up 416. And then late in the third quarter it's Avery finding his way through the defense some resulting in. And so that's a penalty as Lincoln with their feet consecutive big twelve title 55 to thirteen Adrian Ortiz leading the way.

  17. every play that's what I did see out of him so that's why we were hard on him because he showed. Lack of effort that the Aggies have a coach bill McPherson they used to say I can get a duck out there. I can get a duck on the other side of fads come over

  18. s his fourteenth two goalies lead the majors and triple now on what is he meant to this team since you've been here the Aggies he's obviously you know at the top of the lineup and gets things going for us and fourteen triples that's a lie and obviously

  19. the rest tonight even need to global well also good friend. Saw a little bit about your night tonight three for 33 iron the Aggies scored two runs. And he's clearly looked comfortable in the batter's box I think if your timing back from your rehab stints

  20. I know. On Monday against the Jays in he's been fitted for what I heard was one split on that dominant you updated needed Aggies got multiple splits for everything he does today Yeah a little show and tell me and Randy Crawford this morning he told me that