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Thu, 3 Feb 2011|

SJSU's football head coach MacIntyre joins Greg Papa after National Signing Day.


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On national signing day. San Jose state spartans -- sixteen career high school seniors fourteenth from California to from a Arizona combine that with the seven mid year transfers that I have 23. New football players -- what I -- the good of the head coach about Joseph gray the young quarterback from god and a LA way Dorsey High School welcome back to chronicle -- -- bring it Mike MacIntyre busy today three yesterday coach -- you guys do. Hotel like we did really well we fill a lot of needs and we were looking for speed and. And more -- us on our on defense and offers a front with the likely got that we were hot search of a great quarterback and. We deathly select we got one and Joe gray from Dorsey High School. There in LA. 31 touchdown passes last years his senior threw for over 3000 yards now. Originally the word was he was gonna join you had -- Steve up so occasion up at the university. Of Washington how did you lure him away from the pac ten school coach. Well we've been recruiting him for awhile he came to our summer camp -- like team. And I just -- recruiting hard and now he decided that came wanna visit our place and really like didn't likes our young receivers you know we had. Three receivers and made -- all -- and freshman all lack and then we had. -- -- -- -- freshman all American so I think he saw the future that and all three of those young men are from LA. Joseph gray -- have a chance to -- next year and start as a freshman Soria. He will give be given the opportunity come in and compete to start yes Tom. And I never tell young man is definitely gonna come in and start he has to come in improving compete but we feel like he has the tools to be able to come in and compete as a young man and. And have a chance to maybe be a four year starter mentioning got fourteen from California to from the state of Arizona talk about the young man Tony. Popular that she was a Bay Area kid yes Tony how this phone -- Catholic he's. Big young man now is an all state player there -- 62 280. Put too well get well together right now he's ready to go and so hopefully he'll be able to see some action this year force enough. -- a big battle of Los a lot of mountain west schools in the black schools for him. Should tell me about the obstacles you had during this recruiting season with the current status of the Western Athletic Conference was that brought up by a lot of the recruits that. A lot of these prominent schools like Boise and Fresno we're leaving the conference where's this conference going to be added a couple of years from now. I yeah so was brought up some but you know the way the landscape of college football right now is. You know if you're choosing a school -- -- of the conference is this point in time you're making a bad choice because it's gonna keep changing for a while to it settles in here a few years and so our young man hopefully they chose to come to our school because they love it they wanna be successful here and I love the Silicon Valley. -- tell me about what this conference is gonna look like it's going to be very different the company years' time she got new schools coming in Denver and but Texas Tech will be coming in Texas San Antonio. Joining that your your program obviously you just stayed -- tech Idaho and New Mexico State how does that change the way you recruit people and the way you compete on the football field not going up against that it -- that you have -- most recently and I got a whole new -- -- school story about. Well I think the competition still going to be very very good. But we don't recruit any different you know we're there's only seven schools in California that played major college football where one album so. We're gonna recruit California hard recruit Arizona hard. And we'll still get a lot of good football players ought to go around so where are jobless to beat the teams are put on front of us. And the other more games you win the more successful will be and I think boys he's a great example of that I think TCU's a great example that they -- in. Conference's for a while I guess that people that respect as much and they won so it's our job to win and when you win it takes care of itself. Eric coach -- -- NFL background I gotta ask you one question about the game. Coming up on Sunday -- alike factors and Steelers and Super Bowl 45 coach well IA I think the quarterback for the Packers some Aaron Rodgers as hot I think they'll have a good chance to win and then plus some. I'm cheering hard for the Packers because James Jones they're great receivers -- San Jose state grad and each comes back here and trains every summer around our guys and -- -- Our our young men -- campus right now are excited to watch James hopefully I'll bring back a Super Bowl ring and show it to only comes back this summer. They already runs that nine A-Rod don't drop the ball James dropped a couple of the -- for just got to catch one in Super Bowl. 45 coach -- congratulations on yesterday good luck this season thank you very much appreciate it.

  1. those and coupon and keep on experiment on the leader tournament. You know in Charlotte along those guys and that played into TCU and so. That we had to be better and be better there. I mean absolutely no and Brady's you know there's not really. A

  2. instance does that. You know that's just not that they can change in a heartbeat. If you can't you know into mountain west around. But for me. You know get those early runs is always accession post season you know allows our hitters have

  3. bar. I don't think anybody really in the building would argue with that right now I mean given the talent they have TCU CBI TCU and everybody saying. I mean that's that's generally the expectations so I get there and obviously try to win at

  4. program as we we charge on in the Mountain West Conference really exciting time ..... raised 2013 season moving up to the Mountain West Conference. That the schedule ..... mention before first year in the Mountain West Conference you also had six nationally

  5. her Angel a couple of them. You averages I mean do you have to do with that guy running down their easy isn't simple blood TCU . He's he takes this as seriously. Which that's another reason for we've been successful is our third base does more homework

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  9. pitchers to. Make an impact on this team mom I'm more than happy to do it humble words from the two time first team all mountain west linebacker. Whose skill on the field. We're cultivated from an early My dad is college football player Northern

  10. theirs and it's not. Like we have to go out there to six twos and sixty threes. This is this is a US open and a you know that TCU to hang around for you got a good start to through the first six and because anything can happen on the last three holes I think

  11. personally that they're actually having an impact. 90% of the frogs natural habitat has been to strike the entire San Francisco ..... We've seen a lot of indication that dried out and Matt as the frogs do attacks greens and then when you drain the water there strike

  12. Perez got the license and the and the opportunity. So I mean. Don't focus what we'll focus on the when we get out there and TCU plays football better. Then you'll understand if we didn't. If those guys are getting better every day to get better

  13. low there six seed. They're not a double digit seed but I think they can make a run to the elite eight out of the Mountain West Conference. Sort of stumbled a little bit to the finish line losing five of the last ten. But did beat Carolina early

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  15. played. So that they still Washington golf isn't it. Tremendous amount of skills and size to go with and make him. Which TCU re integration Douglas injury do you plan to continue its apparently it is or do you see him putting him. I don't pictures

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  19. Baalke on Jones, the safety from TCU .

  20. what if New England stays at the pick and marking off the board I'd like a little surprise here in the bowl the quarterback at TCU to come in. Tom Brady is not getting any younger and other things New England don't wanna hear what you eventually have to