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Michael Crabtree: Leach Loved Pirates 4.30


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Thu, 30 Apr 2009|

The Chronicle's Steve Kroner finds that Crabtree's coach at Texas Tech had an affinity for pirates.


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We hear a lot about I don't Leach of Texas Tech what's the funniest thing most I think he had told you when your time. With the red Raiders. I'll let the funniest thing I've seen Israel go up and resolved as he got like a six foot fired in. Is crazy love fires.

  1. both those guys are ready and rules they can start practicing. This week so. We'll see yeah yeah I mean we'll see the red Raiders are practicing. Set you know spot where you it short. You yeah. Yes that was worth two. Two. Noted that first down there

  2. better. Critical on ourselves once again. And we have a big onus on ourselves and make sure we executed we actually Q on the red Raiders do we'll go. You have the opportunity to contribute as AM receiver to go to outlet passer if you think that helps put that

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  4. but the ball kinda carries idea to give us your assessment has played in this park it's a great stadium. Carolina. Texas Tech becomes what do you know the fans come on through a lot of support their team and a lot of energy in the stadium but

  5. Big twelve almost the same record here on a twelve against third little low warrior From Stoltz. But Tim Lincecum has a day to remember respective

  6. play playoff basketball. And being a great battle against a very good restaurants and had to airport at 2 PM eastern Texas . Tech . Vessel goes well so. It is what it is. At the end of the day. We talked about probably enough has given me given

  7. that boat it is good at putting extra effort to save this one. And from curry unbelievable. Watched his hustle and from the big twelve points in the first half Edwards back to back. lead back victory and he's more Bogut behind the back this time Jarrett

  8. leave the Bay Area why did you decide to leave and go to Texas Tech . Calm through this a great opportunity for me up play ..... a chance to meet some very interest in people here at Texas Tech . Who was your roommate. I'm home in my my Crabtree

  9. This past it's good when you are innocent mistake best games. Since we have played play that great so. Only to Texas Tech on torture this momentum going into this. Year so a But that is the problem but it meant you. And Italy technicals

  10. say so this is just an added layer. Certainly doesn't help his image. Especially when he comes from when you. But Texas Tech tech coming into the NFL and he was seen as a diva and all that so yeah it's it's and ice and it's it's a bad

  11. first couple years it was like this where is Michael Crabtree where is why he should have the Michael Crabtree thought Texas Tech this year Democrat just a direct. Crabtree showed up last ticket I last year's you're too he was always good you

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  13. So he's got a high powered offense that he learned from Hal mummy and his father spike dykes who was the coach at Texas Tech for awhile and he's gonna fit in well in a conference that likes to put up a lot of points but he's gonna give up

  14. up 416. And then late in the third quarter it's Avery finding his way through the defense some resulting in. And so that's a penalty as Lincoln with their feet consecutive big twelve title 55 to thirteen Adrian Ortiz leading the way.

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  17. the day after. Houston fires its offensive And this is all state playing its first division when they got this week Texas Tech . They're probably gonna get their asses beat. But for allegedly no one really big is it. Michelle where was quarterback

  18. the game started off like that that play out that they'll up here. Hot again we saw Chris Carter couple home runs in Texas Tech has Bob Melvin talked to you about how he's good use you guys is that sounds like it's it. It's going to be a

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  20. on five I thought it could be. What I six is when I knew that I had put myself in position to win that. Played well the big twelve holes but I that quick start but needed position. Right. for the fans Does that elevate your game a little I'd love that