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9.4: UCD/CAL Postgame- Keenan Allen



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  2. the Red Wings0:11, 0:28
  3. Stanford Cardinal1:34
  4. Bay Area1:33
  5. Johnny Dawkins1:39
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Fri, 18 Nov 2011|

Damon Andrews has your Morning Minute for Friday, November 18


Machine Generated Transcript

Then Kansas in the count guess -- that -- -- winter morning minute for Friday November 18 the Sharks drop the Red Wings by a final of five to two on Thursday night. Jumbo Joseph Thornton scored the go ahead goal in the second period. And Marc-Edouard -- tallied a career high four points. On the I didn't route to the Sox third -- of the last four days -- any salad in the net making forty saves and hold in the Red Wings scoreless. Five on five situations after the game coach Todd McLellan wasn't happy with the team's slow start but didn't mind the final result. We probably turn it around on the short out of colon worked our favor. Total momentum swing -- for us to regroup. In between Richards was also important we were scuffling on our heels. Petroleum played forties we stood around watched and any type of energy that we had left in us. Once we defending our zone we we didn't use very well spent more time line changing so. -- tough first period. Goaltender and his paycheck there. And his -- the shorthanded goal his chest were back into the game. Meanwhile on the diamond it's official the bow ties out and in comes the bear the commissioner. Bud Selig announced Thursday that MLB owners have formally approve the designation of Larry Bears to control person of the San Francisco Giants that means there. Is the designated frontman who is accountable to MLB for the operations of the 2010 world chance. Tonight on the mother -- -- college hoops action on Comcast sports net Bay Area Stanford Cardinal. Make the short trip to UC Davis to take on the Aggies in a -- Johnny Dawkins proved. Tip off 7 PM and as always we'll have full highlights for you once -- -- until 1030. Have a great Friday everybody.

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  1. 9.4: UCD/CAL Postgame- Shane Vereen

    Seeing you you like and they're more than we're working. little bit. Million other things going well. And that's really he has friends. just think it gives you can't see. Texans who plays. Yeah. There's enough live approximately bonus they look them. It's it's it's like Nancy used a little

  2. 9.4: UCD/CAL Postgame- Kevin Riley

    Here. This obviously he hit into the present during the day when you ask about yet you ask the question again and I kind of chuckled to myself on the night. He's pretty didn't. This is an absolutely flawless and his great vision field and does that he's got him a chance and they put annual. That

  3. 9.4: UCD/CAL Postgame- Mike Mohamed

    He's a real. He is definitely where they play covering tackles. He's going to present. Yeah he's it did today. It's no surprise. He's a great player and a hopefully we'll know really hurts your this year. Yeah. You know You know it is hard to tell this early into the season and the only joke. Real

  4. 9.4: UCD/CAL Postgame- Jeff Tedford

    For the most part. Kids played hard. And Ohio. What is this can't talk enough about it every interview. We talk about team. He's go to your room and I think he's okay he's a very good football player good. They first then. So where guys can agree always. And that he's just sort of hero and you know

  1. ever seen. Yeah it's not calling that try to that Rudy Smith well. Check it out. All right and trifecta why you get the Aggies got that in his hand that the Britney heat buying this movie that's about aren't. And now wait we're all watching it

  2. and mountains. And I went early. Longer than three. But now than you would wrecked on like there. Aren't that one winning and that's being a lot but Nady would go line. I didn't lock up Aggies are. And now in the three heat yes.

  3. Support them in trying to Atlanta Stewart in only scored for the pointed that. The monarchs it could not eat hot seller I Aggies sent it over the blocker and down and eat that that was the final week night. Imagine what that pet Smart and met with the

  4. 1-on-1 with Brandon Belt


    Wed, 20 Feb 2013

    when when ball can we do something we can only go on a 100% is indeed in the above average. That's a little bit more fun Aggies celebrate the World Series championship. I what your goal. Alone. The you got it almost word for it. Know the parade content

  5. as best I can just as much rest that can. Are there are a lot of adjustments from the college game to the pro game whether Aggies and take care your body does that mean. More reps in the weight room or fewer reps or different eating Howard Howard things

  6. San Jose State falls to Utah State 66-60


    Sat, 12 Jan 2013

    D.J. Brown led the Spartans (9-7, 3-2) with 16 points, but SJSU could not overcome Utah State, giving the Aggies a 13-game winning streak.

  7. Powell leads Stanford over UC Davis


    Tue, 18 Dec 2012

    Dwight Powell scored all 20 of his points in the second half in leading Stanford past UC Davis 75-52 Saturday.

  8. every play that's what I did see out of him so that's why we were hard on him because he showed. Lack of effort that the Aggies have a coach bill McPherson they used to say I can get a duck out there. I can get a duck on the other side of fads come over

  9. guys and an Not only is it going to be fun to watch on the field that you are a product of the Bay Area grew up here you're UC Davis You went TC game is. And that you grew up an eighty's fans they had a great run as well but how much fun has agreed to come

  10. s his fourteenth two goalies lead the majors and triple now on what is he meant to this team since you've been here the Aggies he's obviously you know at the top of the lineup and gets things going for us and fourteen triples that's a lie and obviously

  11. from anything and our mentality is and trust office. Roman didn't want me to reveal how many new formations he's creating UC Davis and Kilgore strains that will be sure to see more of them against Detroit. The Lions defensive front had four sacks in their

  12. the rest tonight even need to global well also good friend. Saw a little bit about your night tonight three for 33 iron the Aggies scored two runs. And he's clearly looked comfortable in the batter's box I think if your timing back from your rehab stints

  13. I fans and a preseason there. I'm the UC Davis School of Law are joined by special guest Robert. Guerrero who's preparing for on July 25. HP pavilion in San Jose gets also

  14. I know. On Monday against the Jays in he's been fitted for what I heard was one split on that dominant you updated needed Aggies got multiple splits for everything he does today Yeah a little show and tell me and Randy Crawford this morning he told me that

  15. 2.28: PHI/SJS pregame -- Joe Thornton


    Tue, 28 Feb 2012

    today in. He's gotten better as that's concerned it's they got you know real hard. Actually knocked down evening the Aggies yeah he wasn't he wasn't moving and you know we're you know the rest you know. There's no problem and feel you don

  16. 114-Jeff and Sean


    Thu, 23 Feb 2012

    he goes at the plate. makes catch me because they need to wheel championship first and athlete seasonal speaking of that. Aggies actually this years' time he'll the things they did by the losing to England as he did it in or was looking and saying you

  17. 1.27: Chronicle Live -- Mike Alessi


    Fri, 27 Jan 2012

    night you stadium. Should be a good race Bob banging so that here come on out should be great whether it's their seats in the Aggies at 5060000 people and that's the norm. I saw over the course seventeen races he doesn't draw. About 800000 people and

  18. 1.6. Urijah Faber on Chronicle Live


    Fri, 6 Jan 2012

    the book yet the book has some that are working on for a long time and that I was human development. Human development major UC Davis I've been pretty it's suspected and. What's. What's got you where I am today and in some experiences that taken from

  19. in. Yeah I decide to my coaching advice and just played. Play the and better room for his lord and got interception. And Aggies certainly stuck with it and realize I do about the health because he's on that last labors it looked like you. Heard some

  20. only see him he had a concussion on Sunday you're not I it's very difficult with that quick turnaround and also anti Davis UC Davis left with a right ankle sprain. He got back on the field for a player to within he he had X rays after the game I think