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Montgomery: 'Getting to play close to home makes sense to me'



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Mon, 18 Mar 2013|

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Congratulations just take me through your thoughts your players' thoughts as you there watching the brackets be rebuilt. Well from from -- respect -- scary when Oregon was given a twelfth. Because you know they won a tournament in. So you wonder you start to wonder in this could be Dicey a little bit most everybody kind of had us in. But you never know. There was a very many upsets this year so wasn't like a not a lot of people got knocked off the lines but. Getting to stay close to home. And the same for UNLV it's just it's just makes so much sense to me. Chad your people your fans your people fall -- -- long to be able to be involved potentially with the game and that that makes it more fun for everybody. I mean we can play Vegas in Maine and you know would have to travel everybody and it just doesn't make as much sense so. We've got very tough opponent and you were twelve so we're gonna get a five on fives are. There for a reason so we got to work cut out for so we played in tough earlier. They've. They lost most are middle of the game and they've added Jim -- since then. And there are very tough league play a lot of really good teams so. It's going to be a very very challenging game for us but I think the kids are excited about. How much do you look back on nineteen in December with the rebels and on talking to the players. The word revenge came off the map that's the analysts say that if I mean. I think that game. Was a game from an RPI standpoint there really could help this they were ranked at the time. And we had a chance to beat him and had we rebounded the ball to him we would have beat him in that would've changed a lot relative to the perception of us. I thought that in the Harvard game with the two games early on that had we gotten those are record would have been better we probably would've gotten in the top. You know 25 at some point and all that stuff just the perception of your program. Changes but we didn't sell. You get the tournament revenge is the last signature concerned about its. Do we have confidence affect we can play with them that we have played with a grain of the game was here and now it's on neutral court. The fact of the matter is we're gonna have to play as good a basketball we've played all year on have a chance and it's initial court. But very close to campus what are you anticipating from that crowd at HP pavilion and how does location. Play into the work week out on the court for you guys preparing for this game well it gives us more of a normal work week and we're gonna probably get -- bus Tuesday night. Just because we want to try to fight Wednesday morning traffic trying to get down there. And we've got obligations on Wednesday so it's pretty normal for us we'll get two good practices in -- be rested. Theoretically and this -- tickets are pretty much all been sold other than the teams that are now coming out I don't know how many people serve Q is boring but. I'll Montana's in the same bracket and of course all people Montana they'll root for us. Assault. It'll it'll be. It won't be neutral from that standpoint to not going to be avid rabid. Cal fans necessary but I think to lean toward us. And it either has had a great late season Ryan coming up that pac twelve though tough loss. Where is the mindset of this team probably be working on with your players because that's our mindset. We played really really well for seven games had some really nice wins. And then all of a sudden we just stopped defending. We we just didn't play -- is the the sense of urgency we need. And this has been a group that's had a difficult time with that you know they get comfortable when they think they're pretty good. And the reason we won those seven and Rose as we were playing when their backs to wall we have to get back to that mentality.

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